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When it comes to hiring teachers, most schools these days look for candidates from B. Ed colleges in Tiruchirappalli. When it comes to career in B.Ed, most candidates wish to be teachers in Tiruchirappalli. The reason for this is that teachers in Tiruchirappalli are given great respect. The duration of this course is two years, earlier it was 1 year in Tiruchirappalli, but now it is extended by NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education). To take admission in top B.Ed colleges of Tiruchirappalli, applicants must have completed their graduation or post-graduation with at least 50% of marks. Not only Bachelor of Education is important to be a teacher in Tiruchirappalli but the candidate would have to clear exams like CTET, REET, TET, etc. Mr Mukesh Maheshwari, a career expert in Tiruchirappalli suggest that not just teaching position, candidates passing out of the best B. Ed College in Tiruchirappalli, can also become education officers and counsellors. In addition, B. Ed holders in Tiruchirappalli can also start their own school on a small scale basis and then can develop the school. There are many B.

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0 # s.sivanesan Older than three months
I am finished maths with 77%.CAN I JOIN UR CLG
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0 # palaniappan Older than three months
Hi, I finished my Under Graduation. Please inform me the best B.Ed Colleges in Tiruchirappalli.
Regards, 999 466 86 53
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0 # chidambaram Older than three months
I had finished B.A. Sociology. I like to do B.Ed in sociology. kindly send me list of Colleges which offer B.Ed. in sociology in Kanyakumari District and other district
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0 # banumathi Older than three months
i want b.ed., course in correspondance for trichy. so i request you to inform about the colleges
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0 # kumaraguru Older than three months
I want to do B.ed in trichy.
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0 # kavitha Older than three months
i have finished BA economics. is it possible to study B.Ed with that qualification?
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0 # vidhya Older than three months
I finish my ba course 2012-5. how it possible i joining B.ed .
please more details age limit ,fees, place give clearly details.
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0 # Anitha Older than three months
Respected sir/ mam this is anitha frome chennai i have done
B A history when r u distriputed the application pls send me mail id . thank you , yours kindly Anitha,
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0 # deepa maheshwari Older than three months
@Rajkumar M
The Distance B.Ed Programme of Bharathidasan University Thiruchirapplli aims at enhancing the professional competencies and skills of the teachers working in Elementary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools. It admits the students only through open competition by following the Government Educational Admission Norms. There are 1000 students studying in the I and II year of this programme at present. The CDE conducts B.Ed. classes through 5 PCP centres in Tamil Nadu.

The PCP Centres for the programme:


Vinayaga College of Education,

Malliga Nagar, Pallavaram,

Chennai – 600 117. Ph : 044-22662500/01/02/03

Mobile : 94435-91021


RVS College of Education,

Kannampalayam, Sulur, Coimbatore – 641 402.

Ph : 0422 -6451389, 2687877

Mobile : 98942 – 32455
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0 # Rajkumar M Older than three months
Hi Frnds,
I like to study B.ed courses. Can u give a list of colleges in TRICHY surroundings. They have any irregular colleges, because i m working i cant come.

Rajkumar M.
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Top 10 BEd Colleges in Tiruchirappalli | B.Ed

When it comes to admission to B.Ed Colleges in Tiruchirappalli, most of the institutions make it compulsory that the applicants must be degree holder. Not just UG holders, but also PG holders apply for B. Ed institutes in Tiruchirappalli. Bachelor of Education is a compulsory qualification for teachers these days in most of the high schools in Tiruchirappalli. When a candidate, takes up M. Ed in Tiruchirappalli, after B. Ed, the scope for placement in higher secondary schools is brighter. One of the important skills to become a teacher is good communication skill, such that concepts can be explained to students in Tiruchirappalli with ease.

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