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When it comes to rating any institution in the city as one among the top engineering colleges in Kolkata, parents and students should be aware of the fact that an institution is rated as one among the best colleges not just with the academic records. The reason is that any college is rated as one among the top colleges on the basis of many other factors besides academics. For instance, placements made by the institution in the past, infrastructural facilities provided for the professors and students, extracurricular participation of the students, competence of faculty members and the importance the institute holds at the national level are few to mention factors. So, when comparing engineering colleges in Kolkata, it is better not to arrive at the decision on the basis of any one or two of these factors. It is important that overall evaluation should be done. Before getting into the top colleges list, let us gather some details about the city:

About Kolkata:

The former name of the city was Calcutta and the city is the capital of the state of West Bengal. The port of Kolkata is the oldest port in the country and the city is located on the banks of Hooghly River and the city is also considered as the important, cultural, commercial and even educational center in the Eastern part of the country. When we are planning to get into the list of top engineering colleges in Kolkata, it becomes important to analyze about the educational arena in this city. When it comes to school level education in this city most of the schools are religious in nature and there are both government and private operated schools in the city that follows 10+2+3 pattern of education. When talking about higher education, the University of Calcutta that was established in the year 1857 holds the pride of being the first modern university in the entire southern Asia region.

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Engineering Colleges kolkata

Collegiate education:

When talking about universities in this city, not just University of Calcutta, but also the Bengal Engineering and Science University is also one of the oldest institutions and it holds the pride of being the second oldest institution for engineering in the country and it is located in Howrah. As an institution of national importance, this institution was converted into Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology. So, this is something worth to mention here as parents and children looking for the best Engineering colleges in Kolkata should be aware of the presence of such an institution in the city. Jadavpur University in this city also offers education in engineering stream. IIM, Kolkata and West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences are other worth to mention institutions for higher education in the city. When it comes to admission to the top engineering colleges in Kolkata, most of the institutions take JEE (Mains) score into consideration and students are recommended to check the details with the appropriate institution to which they plan to apply.