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Top engineering colleges in Mumbai, which is one of the four metropolitan cities in India, attracts students from across the globe. The city is the home for IIT Bombay, which was established in the year 1958. With nearly 60 years of experience in the arena of education, this institution stands as the mentoring institution for many new IITs established in the country recently. When looking into the list of colleges in Mumbai that are known to provide the best education in engineering stream, IIT, without any doubt finds place in the list. But, IIT is not the only best institution for engineering in the city as it is the home for many other top-rated institutions for engineering education. You might be thinking, what other institutions forms part of the list of best engineering colleges in the city. Before actually getting into the list, it is better to get a fundamental understanding about the city and its educational arena:

About Mumbai:

The city of Mumbai, which was officially called as Bombay until the year 1995 stands as the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. Furthermore, the city holds the name of being the 9th most populous city in the entire world. With this much population, this city should surely be the home for top engineering colleges in Mumbai, isn’t? In addition, it is the second most populous city in the entire nation. Furthermore, this is the wealthiest city in the country with the highest GDP and the city is the home for a number of millionaires and billionaires in the country as compared to any other cities. So, getting educated from one of the Top colleges in Mumbai is a real pride as the city has many other specialties in its favor. The city is denoted by many nick names like Hollywood of India, Gateway to India, City of dreams and City of seven islands

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Top 10 Engineering Colleges Mumbai

What you need to know about IIT, Mumbai?

If you are planning to apply to one of the top colleges in Mumbai for engineering, you should of course be aware of some details about one of the premier institutions in the country operating from this city for long and it is IIT, Mumbai. The branches of B. Tech on offer in this institution for B. Tech course are materials science, metallurgical engineering, mechanical, engineering physics, electrical, computer science and engineering, civil, chemical and aerospace engineering. In addition, the institute also offers dual degree course B. Tech and M. Tech, but as against computer science and engineering in the list given about, dual degree is offered in energy engineering and dual degree is offered in all other branches listed above. This institution forms part of the List of colleges in Mumbai for engineering that provide standard education for the future engineers.

When talking about Top engineering colleges in Mumbai, it is important that you should be aware of the admission procedure followed in the institution and of course you might be aware of the fact that in the case of IIT, it is JEE and for other institutions, you are recommended to check the appropriate website. Getting B. Tech/B. E qualification from one of the best engineering colleges in Mumbai, without any doubt will add weightage to your resume when it comes to competitive job arena.