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Top Engineering Colleges/ Universities in Shimla

Students who are from the science background, mostly prefer engineering as a career in Shimla. According to professors of engineering colleges in Shimla, engineering is the application of practical knowledge in order to invent or innovate anything. For taking admission in the best engg colleges in India, students of Shimla are required to pass the engineering entrance exam such as JEE Mains, JEE Advance. Some engineering colleges of Shimla conduct their own entrance exam, and some admit through JEE score. Many engineering institutes in Shimla have good reviews by students like Bells Institute of Management and Technology, Bells Institute of Management and Technology. As there are various branches for Bachelor of Technology, B.Tech like Computer Science(CS), Electrical, Mechanical, etc. Students should choose the branch of engineering in Shimla, according to their passion, interest, skill set as recommended by Mr Mukesh Maheshwari, Career Counselor. If you are keen interested in developing software, colleges in Shimla for b tech with CS branch may be the good career option. Here you can find the list of best government and private B.Tech colleges like , University Institute Of Infor. Tech, Himachal Pradesh University.

B.Tech Colleges in Shimla

Mostly parents and students give more weightage to B.Tech course in Shimla rather than B.Sc, B.Com. B.Tech is a professional course and offers good job opportunities in Shimla. The top B.Tech colleges in Shimla provide best facilities with good faculty. These technical institutes in Shimla also try to provide the best placement to the students, according to Mr Mukesh, students should try for Entrepreneurship as well after 2-3 years of experience. IITs, NITs, IIITs are the top choices of the students, but the candidates who have not selected for the same can explore other good engineering universities in Shimla.

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0 # Lakshay 2017-04-12
Hello, I am from Shimla, tell me What is the employment opportunities in Aerospace Engineering from IITs?
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0 # Jagan 2017-04-13
'Aerospace Engineers design, develops and test aircraft, space vehicles and missile, etc. Aerospace Engineers passed out from IITs usually get placed in HAL, DRDO, Space research organisations, airlines and aircraft industries, any candidate can choose this branch from all over India including Shimla. After engineering you can go abroad for further studies , get engineering universities in USA.'
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0 # Himmat 2017-03-07
Hii, I belong to Shimla, plz tell me that What is the difference between engineering and science?
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0 # Shruti 2017-03-08
'Hello, good to hear that you are from Shimla, Science is the knowledge which is based on observed facts and tested truths that can be validated to other people, while Engineering is the creative application of scientific principles which is used to plan, build, manage, or work on systems to maintain and improve our daily lives.'
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0 # Vaibhav Older than three months
How many types of engineering specialisation are there also tell me the good engineering college in Shimla
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0 # Pallavi Older than three months
'There are many specialisations, but some major are Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical, Civil (General and Structural), Aerospace, Agricultural, Chemical, Biomedical, Control Systems, Environmental, Fire Protection, Industrial, Manufacturing, Geotechnical, Mining, Nuclear, Petroleum, etc., and some good engineering colleges are , APG Shimla University ; University Institute Of Infor. Tech ; Bells Institute of Management and Technology'
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0 # Harikiran Older than three months
I want to do engineering with mechanical branch, what is the scope, and also suggest me the good colleges in Shimla
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0 # Lakshay Older than three months
I belong to Shimla, have passed B.Tech from Electrical branch and unable to get job from last 2 years. What should I do?
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0 # Aarav Older than three months
Hello I am from Shimla, let me know What are the skill sets required for Engineering and tell me about entrance exam of engineering
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0 # Priyansh Older than three months
Hello, I am from Shimla would like to know, What are the areas of focus for Engineering admission tests?
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