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World College of Technology and Management, Gurgaon

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Farukhnagar (kherakhurrampur) Gurgaon (haryana) - 122506, Gurgaon, Haryana
Affiliated FromMaharshi Dayanand University
Bechlor/MastersBachelors & Masters
Established In2007
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]
Full Time Rs. 60,000 Annually 3 Years
Bachelor of Computer Applications [B.C.A.]
Full Time Rs. 60,000 Annually 3 Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Automobile Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Civil Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Computer Science And Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Electrical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Electronics & Communication Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Information Technology
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Mechanical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] {Lateral} - Automobile Engineering {Lateral}
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 3Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] {Lateral} - Civil Engineering {Lateral}
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 3Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] {Lateral} - Computer Science & Engineering {Lateral}
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 3Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] {Lateral} - Electrical Engineering {Lateral}
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 3Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] {Lateral} - Electronics & Communication Engineering {Lateral}
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 3Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] {Lateral} - Information Technology {Lateral}
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 3Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] {Lateral} - Mechanical Engineering {Lateral}
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 3Years
Master of Technology [M.Tech] - Civil Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 2Years
Master of Technology [M.Tech] - Computer Science And Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 2Years
Master of Technology [M.Tech] - Electronics And Communication Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 2Years
Master of Technology [M.Tech] - Mechanical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 2Years
Master of Technology [M.Tech] - Software Engineering
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 2Years
Master of Business Administration [MBA]
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 2 Years
Master of Computer Applications [M.C.A]
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 3 Years
Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM]
Full Time Rs. 90,000 Annually 2 Years
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 4125 18200 75 35
Mba 725 5083 66 45
Mca 626 2501 66 45
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  2. > To check the list of present faculties of this college, please check the website of this college.
Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Dr. Abhimanyu Upadhyay - Professor
Dr. Laxmi Naran Rohiila - Asst Professor
Dr. Mridula Garg Singla - Asst Professor
Dr. Narendra Singh Ece Director
Dr. Narendra Dutta Kaushika Civil Professor
Dr. Neeta Bachheti Applied Professor
Dr. Prakash Kumar Pathak - Asst Professor
Dr. Pramod Kumar Ece Professor
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Katare Applied Physics Associate Professor
Dr. Shamta Chugh - Asst Professor
Dr. Sweta Sharma Applied Professor
Dr. Syed Faizul Islam - Asst Professor
Miss Preeti Lather - Asst Professor
Mr. Aamir Khursheed Khan Civil Lecturer
Mr. Abhay Kumar Shah Electrical Asst Professor
Mr. Achin Achin Manufacturing Asst Professor
Mr. Ajay Kumar Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Ajay Vikram Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Ajay Kumar Dagar Ece Associate Professor
Mr. Aman Malik Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Amarendra Kumar Choudhary Management Associate Professor
Mr. Amit Tiwari Production Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Amit Tyagi Manufacturing & Automation Asst Professor
Mr. Anand Kunal Mech Lecturer
Mr. Anil Kumar Sarkar - Asst Professor
Mr. Ankit Sethi Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Ankit Tyagi - Asst Professor
Mr. Arko Bagchi Computers Asst Professor
Mr. Arvind Kumar Ece Lecturer
Mr. Avishek Kumar Construction Engg & Mgmt Asst Professor
Mr. Awneesh Kumar Tripathi Ece Lecturer
Mr. Bhupender Aujla Finance Lecturer
Mr. Bijender Singh Engg. Mechanics Asst Professor
Mr. Binayak Parashar Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Daulat Ram Ece Lecturer
Mr. Deepak Kumar Cse Associate Professor
Mr. Deepak Mehrotra - Asst Professor
Mr. Deepak Sharma - Asst Professor
Mr. Deepesh Kumar Thakur Applied Asst Professor
Mr. Desh Deepak Mech Lecturer
Mr. Devendra Kumar Thermo Lecturer
Mr. Devendra Singh Mech Asst Professor
Mr. Durga Gagwari - Asst Professor
Mr. Gaurav Gupta Electrical Machine Asst Professor
Mr. Gurdeep Singh Grewal Mech Asst Professor
Mr. Harjinder Singh Transportation Asst Professor
Mr. Hemant Kumar Computer Science Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Himanshu Sharma Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Hosiyar Singh Power Electronics Asst Professor
Mr. Islam Khan Cse Lecturer
Mr. Jatinder Kumar Thakur Ece Associate Professor
Mr. Jeetendra Kumar Tiwari Applied Asst Professor
Mr. Kamal Batra - Asst Professor
Mr. Kishori Sharan Mathur Ece Associate Professor
Mr. Kuldeep Bhardwaj Ece Lecturer
Mr. Kuldeep Singh Computers Lecturer
Mr. Kumar Mohit Applied Lecturer
Mr. Lal Pratap Verma Cse Lecturer
Mr. Lalit Sharma Ece Lecturer
Mr. Madhavendra Singh Gautam Mech Lecturer
Mr. Malasani Gopi Chand Water Resources Asst Professor
Mr. Manish Kumar Production Asst Professor
Mr. Manoj Kumar Applied Lecturer
Mr. Manoj Kumar Cse Lecturer
Mr. Mohammed Farooq Khan Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Nadeem Gulzar Shahmir Structure Asst Professor
Mr. Narender Kumar Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Naresh Kumar Applied Lecturer
Mr. Navin Kumar Sharma Mathamatics Asst Professor
Mr. Neeraj Herdaniya Ece Associate Professor
Mr. Neeraj Kumar Mech Lecturer
Mr. Nirmal Kumar Dhir Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Omprakash Prajapati Computer Aided Design Asst Professor
Mr. Palani Samy Samy - Associate Professor
Mr. Prabhat Kumar Mech Lecturer
Mr. Pranshu Shrivastava - Asst Professor
Mr. Prashanta Paul Mechincal Asst Professor
Mr. Praveen Kumar Sharma Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Prince Kumar Sharma Eletrical Asst Professor
Mr. Pritam Singh Mechincal Design Asst Professor
Mr. Purushottam Kumar Computer Application Asst Professor
Mr. Pushpraj Pal Ece Lecturer
Mr. Puspesh Yadav Fm Lecturer
Mr. R C Sharma Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Rajesh Yadav Ece Lecturer
Mr. Rajesh Babu Gautam Applied Lecturer
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Yadav Image Processing Associate Professor
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Kaushish As Asst Professor
Mr. Raman Kumar Pathak - Associate Professor
Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Mechnical Asst Professor
Mr. Ravinder Singh Electrical Asst Professor
Mr. Ravinder Kumar Anand Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Ravinder Singh Dabas Applied Lecturer
Mr. Renu Devi Math Asst Professor
Mr. Rohit Parashar Networking Asst Professor
Mr. Rohit Singh Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Sachin Kumar Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Kumar - Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Marketing Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjeev Chug Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Sharma Kishore Kamal Ece Associate Professor
Mr. Shlok Singh Soil Mechanics Asst Professor
Mr. Sonveer Singh Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Subhash Chand Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Sudershan Kumar Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Suhas Devram Supe Construction Engg. & Mgmt Asst Professor
Mr. Sumit Jangra Ece Lecturer
Mr. Suneel Kumar Ece Lecturer
Mr. Surendra Kumar Suman Mech (iped) Asst Professor
Mr. Suresh Pal Physics Asst Professor
Mr. Swaran Singh Arora Mech Professor
Mr. Tushar Agarwal Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Vickey Nandal Materaial Science Asst Professor
Mr. Vijay Mudgal Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Vijay Vijay Applied Asst Professor
Mr. Vijay Shankar Gupta Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Vikas Kumar Electrical Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Vinay Kumar Sharma Mechnical Associate Professor
Mrs. Alpana Agarwal Mgmt Lecturer
Mrs. Anjali Gupta Civil Lecturer
Mrs. Anju Bala Civil Lecturer
Mrs. Asha Dahiya Cse Associate Professor
Mrs. Bharti Gupta Cse Lecturer (sr Scale)
Mrs. Devi Beloni Lourembam Ece Lecturer
Mrs. Divya Doraya Cse Lecturer
Mrs. Jagjit Kaur Mca Lecturer
Mrs. Jatinder Loomba Mgmt Associate Professor
Mrs. Madhavi Awasthi Ece Lecturer
Mrs. Mamta Khiley Tholia Ece Lecturer
Mrs. Meenakshi Dhawan Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Milan Kumari Cse Lecturer
Mrs. Minakshi Dahiya Mgmt Associate Professor
Mrs. Mittal Shikha Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Monika Dhariwal Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Mukta Airon Cse Professor
Mrs. Napoor Batra Mgmt Lecturer
Mrs. Neha Choudhary Cse Lecturer
Mrs. Nivedita Aggarwal Mgmt Lecturer
Mrs. Parul Mishra Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Pooja Sapra Cse Associate Professor
Mrs. Pragati Shukla It Lecturer
Mrs. Priyanka Gaychand Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Punam Rani Applied Lecturer
Mrs. R Usha Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Razi Roohi Ece Lecturer
Mrs. Reshu Agarwal Cse Lecturer
Mrs. Rimika Kapoor Mech Asst Professor
Mrs. Sanehlata - Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Sarika Chaudhary Cse Lecturer
Mrs. Saroj Dagar Mani Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Shikha Mishra Ece Lecturer
Mrs. Shobha Rani Arangi Civil Lecturer
Mrs. Simmi Jain Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Sonal Bhugra Civil Lecturer
Mrs. Sonal Mittal Applied Lecturer
Mrs. Swapnaja Despande Ece Lecturer
Mrs. Sweta Dixit - Asst Professor
Mrs. Vaishali Arya Cse Lecturer
Mrs. Vanika Kalucha Mgmt Lecturer
Mrs. Yogita Kinha Ece Lecturer
Ms. Aastha Kalra Cse Lecturer
Ms. Abhilasha Rakesh Bhardwaj Cse Asst Professor
Ms. Amita Arora Marketing And Finance Asst Professor
Ms. Anu Sharma Finance Asst Professor
Ms. Anuja Sharma Computers Asst Professor
Ms. Anupriya Kaushik Cse Asst Professor
Ms. Anuradha Yadav Marketing Asst Professor
Ms. Aparajita - Cse Lecturer
Ms. Aqib Mohi Udin Civil Lecturer
Ms. Archana Augustine Cse Lecturer
Ms. Archana Dubey Saxena Applied Asst Professor
Ms. Ashima Arora Ece Asst Professor
Ms. Bhavna Sehgal Ece Asst Professor
Ms. Deepika Kalra Mba Asst Professor
Ms. Deepti Goyal Human Resource Asst Professor
Ms. Ellora Kalita Civil Asst Professor
Ms. Eshita Jain Marketing And Finance Asst Professor
Ms. Farah Shaki Electronics Communication Asst Professor
Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Narula Applied Lecturer
Ms. Heemani Avasti Mba Asst Professor
Ms. Heena Mehta Cse Asst Professor
Ms. Himanshu Dogra Cse Asst Professor
Ms. Irfan Majeed Khan Civil Lecturer
Ms. Isha Dahiya Finance Asst Professor
Ms. Ishita Arora Civil Asst Professor
Ms. Ishita Madan Cse Associate Professor
Ms. Jagriti Gaba Applied Asst Professor
Ms. Kanchan Gupta Mca Asst Professor
Ms. Kunika Kunika Mgmt Asst Professor
Ms. Leena Sharma Applied Asst Professor
Ms. Monika Bhat Electronics Asst Professor
Ms. Monika Dudeja Cse Asst Professor
Ms. Munesh Sangwan Ece Lecturer
Ms. Neha Arora Ece Lecturer
Ms. Neha Chauhan Mgmt Asst Professor
Ms. Neha Goel Physics Asst Professor
Ms. Neha Kohli It Lecturer
Ms. Nisha Arora Applied Asst Professor
Ms. Nisha Devi Math Asst Professor
Ms. Pooja Khosla Ece Asst Professor
Ms. Pooja Rani Mgmt Lecturer
Ms. Pragya Singh Math Asst Professor
Ms. Preeti Singh Mech Lecturer
Ms. Preeti Thareja Computers Asst Professor
Ms. Preeti Yadav Cse Lecturer
Ms. Priya Shrivastava Chemistry Asst Professor
Ms. Priya Shukla Mm Soft Asst Professor
Ms. Priyanka Singh Ece Lecturer
Ms. Reena Aggarwal Ece Asst Professor
Ms. Richa Bala Ccn Asst Professor
Ms. Richa Saluja It Asst Professor
Ms. Ritika Makhija Ece Asst Professor
Ms. Rupal Satija It Asst Professor
Ms. Sakshi Rishi Applied Lecturer
Ms. Seema Dudeja Ece Lecturer
Ms. Shalini Chandravanshi - Asst Professor
Ms. Shalini Kansal Chem Asst Professor
Ms. Shikha Singhal Applied Lecturer
Ms. Shilpa Saharan Cse Lecturer
Ms. Shilpa Vats As Asst Professor
Ms. Shweta Sharma Mca Asst Professor
Ms. Shweta Yadav Applied Asst Professor
Ms. Smita Yadav Applied Asst Professor
Ms. Sonali Kumari Ece Lecturer
Ms. Sonia Batra - Asst Professor
Ms. Sonia Mahi Applied Asst Professor
Ms. Stuti Gupta Software Asst Professor
Ms. Sujata Chauhan Math Asst Professor
Ms. Sumeet Kaur Cse Lecturer
Ms. Supriya Gupta Literature Asst Professor
Ms. Swati Garg Ece Lecturer
Ms. Sweta Agarwal Ece Lecturer
Ms. Tanisha Manchanda Applied Lecturer
Ms. Urvashi Bakshi Cse Lecturer (sr Scale)
Ms. Urvashi Dahiya Ece Asst Professor
Ms. Vinita Singh Marketing Asst Professor
Ms. Vipula Wajgade It Asst Professor
Ms. Yogita Dharival Patil Ece Asst Professor
Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Adv Embeedded LabPost GraduatePic,8051,pwm,temp,motion,pressure, Development Kit
Aec LabUnder GraduateWbo,lak,cro,fg,dm,mps
Analog LabUnder GraduateCro,fg,dm,dk,tk,fetk,scrk,at,plt,rcca
Applied Chemistry-iDiplomaMc,fh,tts,tt,bk,kripp,br,
Applied Chemistry-iiDiplomaMc,fh,tts,tt,bk,kripp,br,
Applied MechanicsDiplomaCrane,jeck,lemina,crab,
Applied Physics-iDiplomaSc,sp,tm,dc,prism,sg,
Applied Physics-iiDiplomaCl,sc,sp,tm,dc,prism,sg,
Basics Of ElectronicsUnder GraduateCro,fg,dm,dk
Chemistry LabUnder GraduateCm,rvm,pm,hao,db,ab,du,wb,hp,dsm,dc
Communication LabUnder GraduateCm,rvm,pm,hao,db,ab,du,wb,hp,dsm,dc
Concrete LabUnder GraduateFtm,cfa,vm,wb,st,bap,bm,ba,lf,va,do,wb,bm,ctm,s6bsfa,s5gisca
Control System LabUnder GraduateAcsmtk,dcsmtk,matk,st&rt,dcpsct,cnt,smcwmi,pidcmptot,dcst
Data Comm LabUnder GraduateLan Trainer,data Comm Trainer, 16qpsk,16qam
Digital Comm LabPost GraduatePcm,rvm,pm,hao,db,ab,du,wb,hp,dsm,dc
Digital Electronics LabUnder GraduateDt,lgb,md,4-bc,ffb,sbc,brc,sr
Dsd LabUnder GraduateComputer, Fpoia,cpld
Dsp LabUnder GraduateComputer-pc,matlab
Edc LabUnder GraduateCro,fg,dm,dk,tk,fetk,pcscrk,t,d,
Ee LabUnder GraduateBodi,slm,dphm,dcm,ddom,wb,wb,hktw,cktw,sktw,doktw,ftktw
Eeletrical WorkshopUnder GraduateSmps,ups,inverter,dvm,rps, Fan,tube, Motor
Electrical Machine LabUnder GraduateInduction Motor,slip Ring Ind Motor,genrator,alternator
Emec+ew LabUnder GraduatePlrtspt,pocsctspt,psst,pfpospt,pmcodcsg,oscdcsm,pfltdcsm,pfltpim,t,mgs,dsmlm,dcsmcb,pila,r,pfmwm,llt
Emi LabUnder GraduateLvdttk,ldrtk,rtdtk,tck,pk,cp,pes,ms,ipu
Esd LabUnder GraduatePic,8051,pwm,temp,motion,pressure
Et LabUnder GraduateCro,fg,eksn,pfnl&brtim,pfltspt,pfmpam&3vmm,pltondcsg,mgs,im,sprl,tpv,spr,cc,am,am,am,vm,vm,vmwm,wm,m
Fluid Mechanics LabUnder GraduateCptr,ija,admlpf,asl&tfp,ca,fca,avsl
Geotechnology LabUnder GraduateRda,casgnm,aspt,dcpta,sls,hoe
Information Tech LabDiplomaComputer,moniter,internet,mouse,ups,keyborad
Kinematics Machines LabUnder GraduateIvm, Slider Crank,belt Friction App., Sh,bevel,worm, Epic,rev, Diff Gear,jack
Machine LabUnder GraduateTransformer 3ph,auto Transformer,shunt Motor, Swinbures,ward Leonard, Tachometer, Generator, Sumpner
Material LabUnder GraduatePolish, Furnace,etching Agent,tong, Inj. Moulding Machine
Microprocessor LabUnder Graduate8085tk,8086tk,smif,smt,pssm,ppisc
Microwave LabUnder GraduateKbmtb,gbmtb,fa,mdc,tpc,x-bc
Network Theory LabUnder GraduateCro,function Gentrator,dvm,digital Trainer Ups
Nt LabUnder GraduateFg,dmm,mdf,bpbsf,2pnp,tps,srlcc
Pcb LabUnder GraduateUv Expousre, Flim Maker, Dryer, Oven, Artwork Table
Phy. Lab-iUnder GraduateNres,fbas,ptgl,sm,mi,trp,le,pt,dbk,fqpak,facma,pccs,
Phy. Lab-iiUnder GraduateCfbs,hrsk,hrls,csca,e/mrm,sagak,pcpk,hcsck,jdek,bhcs,ip,bgsc,amk
Power Electronics LabUnder GraduateSk Diode, Igbt,gto,scr Pulse Transformer,dc Motor,ac Motor
Power Gen LabUnder GraduateBoiler,volex, Valve, Gauge,heater,turbine,acomp,cond.
Sa LabUnder GraduateTha,uba,ecba,pfa,csb,avcmrt,epdba,dta,cma,thaa,bc&sa
Satelite LabUnder GraduateSatelitte Kit
Satellite LabPost GraduateSatellite Kit,cro,dvm,tv,dvd Player,recorder
Soil Mechanics LabUnder GraduateSrmm,gsas,lld,pld,fdk,cm,pa,ucst,dsa,tta
Soml LabUnder GraduateUt Machine, Hardness Tester,flywheel Beam, Weight
Survey LabUnder GraduateAl,dl,vth,ptb,pc,sc,mc,mc,tl
Transportation LabUnder GraduateAit,laatm,data,fpfpc,r&ba,dtmeo,acvp,uap,madg,stv,ss
Vlsi LabPost GraduateVlsi Software,30 Pc
Workshop Practice-iDiplomaLathe,hex,hm,drill,saw,scale,welding,paint
Workshop Practice-iiDiplomaLathe,hex,hm,drill,saw,scale,welding,paint
Workshop TechnologyUnder GraduateLm6,lm4,ws,pem,dm,g,mi&t,rm
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Diploma2nd Shift27
Diploma2nd Shift7
Diploma2nd Shift7
Diploma2nd Shift61
Post Graduate1st Shift27
Post Graduate1st Shift84
Post Graduate1st Shift7
Post Graduate1st Shift61
Post Graduate1st Shift1
Under Graduate1st Shift8
Under Graduate1st Shift27
Under Graduate1st Shift84
Under Graduate1st Shift7
Under Graduate1st Shift25
Under Graduate1st Shift6
Under Graduate1st Shift61
Post Graduate1st Shift12
Post Graduate1st Shift9
NRI Seats1
Placement Cell ExistYes
Placement Companies:
World College of Technology and Management (WCTM), approved by AICTE & affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University was established with the sole motive of imparting quality education with emphasis on both technical and theoretical aspects. Established in the year 2007it is spread across 18 acres of lush green piece of land.

•The prime focus of the college is on in depth education, continuous monitoring and evaluation through tutorials. regular lab classes and expert lectures from pioneering institutes such as IIT Delhi etc.
•Besides curricular activities, sports and excursions from an integral part of the college curriculum. Utmost effort are placed to provide world class teaching learning environment with modern pedagogy and most advanced technical infrastructure.

Why Join World College of Technology and Management

•Promoted by a group of Ex-IITians
•Excellent Placement of outgoing batches in 61 companies
•Aesthetically designed state-of-art infrastructure in 18 acres lush green campus
•Experienced & competent faculty with Industry Background M.Tech / Ph.D
•Regular Workshops, Seminars, Presentations by Experts & corporate trainer
•IT Enabled Smart Classes
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
Dr. Narendra SinghAnti-Ragging CommitteeDirectorWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Bijender AhalwatAnti-Ragging CommitteeShoWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
VijayAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeshildarWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
HansrajAnti-Ragging CommitteePress ReporterWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Dr. Pramod KumarAnti-Ragging CommitteeRegistrarWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mrs. Anju BalaAnti-Ragging CommitteeHod CivilWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Dr. pramod kumarAnti-Ragging SquadAcademicsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mrs. Pooja SapraAnti-Ragging CommitteeHod CseWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Dr. S.S. AroraAnti-Ragging CommitteeProfessorWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mr. M.S. GautamAnti-Ragging CommitteeHod MechWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mr. Manoj DabasAnti-Ragging CommitteeSport OfficerWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mr.Raj KapoorAnti-Ragging CommitteeParentsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mr. Charan SinghAnti-Ragging CommitteeParentsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Prakshi SharmaAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Preeti SehrawatAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Deepak ChauhanAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mr. K.S. MathurAnti-Ragging SquadAcademicsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mrs. Anju BalaAnti-Ragging SquadAcademicsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mrs. Soanl BhugraAnti-Ragging SquadAcademicsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Dr. Neetu SinghAnti-Ragging SquadAcademicsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mrs. Pooja SapraAnti-Ragging SquadAcademicsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mr. Ajay KumarAnti-Ragging SquadWardenWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mrs. Preetima JainAnti-Ragging SquadWardenWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mr. Ankit PhogatAnti-Ragging SquadStudentWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
Mr. Pawan KumarAnti-Ragging SquadStudentWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
AartiAnti-Ragging SquadStudentsWctm Gurgaon12-Dec-12
NameDr. K.P.S. Mahalwar
Appointment Date09-Jan-13
DepartmentDept Of Law
AddressDept. of Law, MDU Rohtak

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Address: Farukhnagar (kherakhurrampur) Gurgaon (haryana) - 122506, Gurgaon, Haryana
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Name:Dr. Narendra Singh
Joining Date:05-jan-09
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Teaching Experience:5 years
Research Experience:22 years
Industry Experience:0 years
Type of Association:Regular
Name:Dr. Narendra Singh
Address:9709,c-9, Vasant Kunj, South Delhi, Delhi, Delhi, 110070
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Name: Amma Chandravati Educational & Charitable Trust
Address: 9709,c-9, Vasant Kunj
City: South Delhi

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