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Rkdf School Of Engg, Indore

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Indore-dewas Bypass Road Arandia , Indore, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Affiliated FromDevi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya
Bechlor/MastersBachelors & Masters
Established In2006
Total Students240
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Male Teachers7
Female Teachers5
Total Teachers12
Male Staff9
Female Staff2
Total Staff11
University TypeState Public University
Institute TypeAffiliated College
Business Administration
Full Time र 64500 Annually 2 years
Exam Accepted: EdCET
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-madhya-pradesh.htm
Full Time र 55100 Annually 4 years
Full Time र 55100 Annually 4 years
Exam Accepted: EdCET
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-madhya-pradesh.htm
Full Time र 55100 Annually 4 years
Exam Accepted: EdCET
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-madhya-pradesh.htm
Electronics & Communication
Exam Accepted: EdCET
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-madhya-pradesh.htm
Full Time र 55100 Annually 4 years
Information Technology
Exam Accepted: EdCET
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-madhya-pradesh.htm
Mechanical Engineering
Full Time र 55100 Annually 4 years
Civil Engineering
Full Time र 20000 Annually 3 years
Mechanical Engineering
Full Time र 20000 Annually 3 years
Computer Science Engineering
Full Time र 69500 Annually 2 years
Cyber Security
Full Time र 69500 Annually 2 years
Structural Engineering
Full Time र 69500 Annually 2 years
Full Time र 55100 Annually 3 years
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 2880 18375 66 39
Mba 530 3575 14 7
Mca 545 3680 15 8
  1. > This is the list of full time faculties, part time faculties and guest faculties of this college.
  2. > To check the list of present faculties of this college, please check the website of this college.
Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Dr. Ram Kumar Shikkenavis Electrical Principal
Dr. Santoash Pawar - Principal
Dr. Dheerendra Bhatnagar Computer Science Professor
Dr. Narendra Jain Computer Science Professor
Dr. Narendra Kumar Dube Chemistry Professor
Dr. Neeraj Bhatnagar Electronics Professor
Dr. Nilesh Deo Computer Science Professor
Dr. Rekha Rathore - Asst Professor
Dr. Ritu Jain Electrical Professor
Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahu Chemistry Asst Professor
Miss Ankita Papriwal Control System Asst Professor
Miss Arpita Agrawal Nil Lecturer
Miss Bhavini Janjire Nil Lecturer
Miss Deepika Bhenia Nil Lecturer
Miss Deepti Sirottya Nil Lecturer
Miss Divya Kushwah Nil Lecturer
Miss Gyaneshwari Gendar Nil Lecturer
Miss Itee Shrivastava Electrical And Instrumentation Asst Professor
Miss Kiran Bhuriya Digital Instrumentation Asst Professor
Miss Kopal Uprit Nil Lecturer
Miss Latika Menohtra Computer Science Asst Professor
Miss Monika Arya Nil Lecturer
Miss Neha Vaishampayan Nil Lecturer
Miss Pallavi Joshi Nil Lecturer
Miss Pooja Bhole Nil Lecturer
Miss Pooja Bindal Nil Lecturer
Miss Poornima Rawat Nil Lecturer
Miss Preti Tapal - Asst Professor
Miss Priya Bhargav Nil Lecturer
Miss Purva Sharma Nil Lecturer
Miss Raisa Ansari Physics Lecturer
Miss Rajkumari Ritolia Computer Science Asst Professor
Miss Romi Jain Nil Lecturer
Miss Ruchi Vijaywargiya Nil Lecturer
Miss Samiksha Gupta Computer Science Asst Professor
Miss Sarita Tayde Computer Application Lecturer
Miss Shally Franicis Nil Lecturer
Miss Shilpa Lakhania Computer Science Asst Professor
Miss Shubhangi Joshi Civil Asst Professor
Miss Surbhi Mehta Computer Application Lecturer
Miss Toshi Mishra Nil Lecturer
Miss Varsha Shrivavtava Nil Lecturer
Mr. Aakash Vyas Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Abhishek Chaturvedi Computer Application Lecturer
Mr. Abhjit Bhuibhar - Asst Professor
Mr. Ajay Patidar Computer Science Asst Professor
Mr. Ajitab Mahal Kari Nil Lecturer
Mr. Akshay Pratap Singh Jadon Nil Lecturer
Mr. Alok Joshi Computer Science Asst Professor
Mr. Amber Trivedi - Asst Professor
Mr. Amber Trivedi - Lecturer
Mr. Amit Dhakad Computer Science Asst Professor
Mr. Amit Lohia Information Technology Professor
Mr. Anand Thorat Nil Lecturer
Mr. Anand Verma Computer Science Asst Professor
Mr. Anil Gupta Finance Lecturer
Mr. Anil Sahu Nil Lecturer
Mr. Anil Upadhyay Nil Lecturer
Mr. Ankit Gupta Ce Asst Professor
Mr. Ankit Jain Computer Science Asst Professor
Mr. Ankit Pal - Asst Professor
Mr. Ankit Pandey - Lecturer
Mr. Ankush Mahajan Computer Application Lecturer
Mr. Arif Khan Computer Science Asst Professor
Mr. Arpit Solanki Computer Science Asst Professor
Mr. Arun Pawar Me Asst Professor
Mr. Arvind Kumar Shrimali Mechanical Enginering Asst Professor
Mr. Ashok Kumar Naik Nil Lecturer
Mr. Atul Gehlot Mba Asst Professor
Mr. Bhavesh Rote Me Asst Professor
Mr. Bhupendra Premsingh Thakur Nil Lecturer
Mr. Bhupendra Singh Rajput Nil Lecturer
Mr. Chaitaniya Singh - Asst Professor
Mr. Chandan Bharti Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Deependra Sharma Me Asst Professor
Mr. Deepesh Gehlot Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Deepika Sawle - Asst Professor
Mr. Devesh Patel - Asst Professor
Mr. Dharmendra Yadav Digital Communication Asst Professor
Mr. Dharmraj Kanade - Asst Professor
Mr. Dilip Rathore Ex Asst Professor
Mr. Dinesh Bhayal Nil Lecturer
Mr. Dinesh Sharma Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Ganesh Kori Microelectronics & Embedded Te Asst Professor
Mr. Ganesh Kumeawat Me Asst Professor
Mr. Gangaram Mourya Drt Asst Professor
Mr. Gaurav Dekate Ex Asst Professor
Mr. Gaurav Vaghela - Asst Professor
Mr. Gautam Yadav - Asst Professor
Mr. Gopal Prajapati Compuer Science Asst Professor
Mr. Gourav Kumar Soni - Lecturer
Mr. Harendra Singh - Associate Professor
Mr. Hari Saran Sahu Mechanical Enginering Lecturer
Mr. Harsahal Dosi Nil Lecturer
Mr. Hemant Pal Computer Application Lecturer
Mr. Himanshu Joshi Nil Lecturer
Mr. Huzefa Badshah Nil Lecturer
Mr. Inder Singh Nil Lecturer
Mr. Jagdeesh Saini Nil Lecturer
Mr. Jairam More Nil Lecturer
Mr. Javed Khan Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Jitendra Chouhan Nil Lecturer
Mr. Jugal Kishor Keer Nil Lecturer
Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Joshi Nil Lecturer
Mr. Kundan Meshram - Asst Professor
Mr. Kundan Meshram Civil Lecturer
Mr. Lokesh Solanki Nil Lecturer
Mr. Mahendra Singh Nigwal Computer Application Lecturer
Mr. Manoj Patidar Mba Asst Professor
Mr. Mayank Chajjed Nil Lecturer
Mr. Mayank Chourasiya - Associate Professor
Mr. Mukesh Kadela - Asst Professor
Mr. Mukesh Kumar Nil Lecturer
Mr. Mukesh Sahu - Asst Professor
Mr. Narendra Kayasth - Asst Professor
Mr. Narendra Patidar Physics Lecturer
Mr. Naresh Upadhyay - Lecturer
Mr. Navneet Purohit Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Neelesh Solanki Ex Asst Professor
Mr. Neelesh Kumar Chourasia Nil Lecturer
Mr. Neeraj Mishra Computer Application Lecturer
Mr. Neeraj Shende Me Asst Professor
Mr. Nikhil Parashar - Asst Professor
Mr. Nilesh Kureriha Embedded System Asst Professor
Mr. Nishant Agrawal Nil Lecturer
Mr. Nishant Kirar Me Asst Professor
Mr. Nuzhat Sardar Physics Asst Professor
Mr. Omprakash Shukla Nil Lecturer
Mr. Pankaj Dashore Computer Engineering Associate Professor
Mr. Pankaj Sharma Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Pawan Joshi Nil Lecturer
Mr. Pawan Kumar Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Piyush Mahajan Ce Asst Professor
Mr. Prakash Atulkar Nil Lecturer
Mr. Prakash Girwal Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Pralad Neema Nil Lecturer
Mr. Pranab Patel Ex Asst Professor
Mr. Prashna Gupta Nil Lecturer
Mr. Prateek Dubey Nil Lecturer
Mr. Prateek Khera Computer Application Lecturer
Mr. Premlal Jagati Administration Business Lecturer
Mr. Pritam Singh Bakariya Optical Fibre Comm. Asst Professor
Mr. Pritesh Dubey - Asst Professor
Mr. Puneet Bhanwar` - Lecturer
Mr. Pushpendra Mishra Nil Lecturer
Mr. Pushpendra Singhg Mba Asst Professor
Mr. Rahul Meshram - Asst Professor
Mr. Raj Singh Chandelak Mathematics Lecturer
Mr. Rajendra Solanki Electronics & Communication En Professor
Mr. Rajesh Kumar - Asst Professor
Mr. Rajul Khare Structrual Engg. Professor
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Mba Asst Professor
Mr. Ramanjeet Bhatiya Nil Lecturer
Mr. Rasav Parsai Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Rashmindar Singh Waliya - Asst Professor
Mr. Ravi Kateeyare - Asst Professor
Mr. Ravi Neema Mba Asst Professor
Mr. Ravindra Rai Nil Lecturer
Mr. Rituraj Singh Rathore Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Rohan Sahi Me Asst Professor
Mr. Rudresh Joshi Computer Application Lecturer
Mr. Rupendra Singh Tanwar Mechanical Enginering Asst Professor
Mr. Sadique Mohammad Physics Asst Professor
Mr. Sandeep Kaurav Administration Business Lecturer
Mr. Sandeep Patidar Electrical Asst Professor
Mr. Sandeep Verma Nil Lecturer
Mr. Sanjay Bhadoria Computer Application Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Bhandole Iem Asst Professor
Mr. Shailendra Thoke Nil Lecturer
Mr. Shankar Pulate Me Asst Professor
Mr. Sharad Tiwari Nil Lecturer
Mr. Sheetesh Sad Embedded System Asst Professor
Mr. Shivhariprasad Goutam Nil Lecturer
Mr. Shovit Khare Nil Lecturer
Mr. Siddharth Kasliwal Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Somesh Ahirwal Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Sonam Gangrade Mathematics Asst Professor
Mr. Sourabh Bhadoria Nil Lecturer
Mr. Sudhir Sawarkar Electrical Lecturer
Mr. Sudhir Singh Chouhan Information Technology Asst Professor
Mr. Sumit Pahwa Structrual Engg Asst Professor
Mr. Sumit Patil Ex Asst Professor
Mr. Sunil Aglecha Mba Asst Professor
Mr. Tarun Soni Nil Lecturer
Mr. Tushar Khadkodkar Nil Lecturer
Mr. Umesh Bharti Nil Lecturer
Mr. Vaibhav Rathore Me Asst Professor
Mr. Vijay Verma Computer Science Asst Professor
Mr. Vinay Dashore - Asst Professor
Mr. Vinod Prajapat Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Vishal Choudhary Nil Lecturer
Mrs. Archana Agnihotri Communication Lecturer
Mrs. Kajal Bhagat - Asst Professor
Mrs. Ratanlata Gupta Computer Application Lecturer
Mrs. Sangeeta Singhai Maths Lecturer
Ms. Ankita Shukla Electrical Lecturer
Ms. Deepika Pathak Computer Application Asst Professor
Ms. Hemlata Yadav Electrical Lecturer
Ms. Jaishree Dhoriya Chemistry Asst Professor
Ms. Kiran Dhangar - Asst Professor
Ms. Madhubala Mishra Finance Lecturer
Ms. Mayuri Rao E&tc Asst Professor
Ms. Neha Agrawal Nil Lecturer
Ms. Neha Sharma Hr Lecturer
Ms. Nirupa Jaiswal Mba Asst Professor
Ms. Nisha Gupta Computer Application Lecturer
Ms. Pooja Muchhal Administration Business Lecturer
Ms. Poonam Tomer It Asst Professor
Ms. Prachi Gour - Lecturer
Ms. Prachi Jain - Asst Professor
Ms. Richa Malviya Administration Business Lecturer
Ms. Ruchika Pawar Nil Lecturer
Ms. Sabreen Fatma Mb Asst Professor
Ms. Shalini Mishra Finance Asst Professor
Ms. Sheela Singh - Asst Professor
Ms. Shuchi Dubey Nil Lecturer
Ms. Sunayana Thoke Communication Skill Asst Professor
Ms. Swati Sharma Finance Lecturer
Ms. Vandana Chauby Chemistry Asst Professor
Ms. Varshali Jaiswal Computer Science Asst Professor
Ms. Vibha Kumari - Asst Professor
Statutory BodyUniversity Grants Commission
Management NamePrivate Un-Aided
No of Seprate rooms for Girls1
Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Analog & Digital Comm.Under GraduateDcl-5,modulation,fm Genrator Etc
Assembly Language LabPost GraduateP-iv-15, Dual Core, 250 Gb Hard Disk, 1gb Ram
Basic Civil Engg. LabUnder GraduateTheodolite With Stand , Dump Level With Stand,compass With Stand,ranging Rod,tape Diff. Length
Basic Electrical Engg. LabUnder GraduateTransformer Single Phase,three Phase Singlephase,induction Motor,d.c Motor,generator Rheostat
Basic Electronics LabUnder GraduateCro Power , Supply Zener Diode,pn Junction Etc.
Bme LabUnder GraduateBabcock Wilcocks Boiler,cockron Lanchashire Boiler, Locomotive Boiler,ii Stroke Petrol Engine
Comm. LabUnder GraduatePam-ppm-pwm Modulation & Demodulation Trainer, Digital Comm. Trainer (st-2101) Etc.
Control SystemUnder GraduateBode Plote Kit, Typer Zero,one,two
Cp-iUnder GraduateP-iv-15,dual Core-10, Ram 256 Mb, Monitor ,printer ,o/s ,window
Cp-iiUnder GraduateP-iv-15,dual Core-10,ram-256 Mb Monitor,printers,o/s
Cp-iiiUnder GraduateP-iv-15,dual Core-10,ram-256mb, Monitor,printer,hdd-80gb
Cp-ivUnder GraduateP-i15,dual Core-10, Ram-1 Gb, Monitor,printer,hdd-80gb
Cp-ixUnder GraduateP-iv-15,dual Core-10,ram-1gb,monitor,hdd-80gb,o/s,linux,unix,windows-xp
Cp-vUnder GraduateP-iv-15,dual Core-10,ram-256gb,monitor,printer,net Sql
Cp-viUnder GraduateP-iv-15,dual Core-10,ram-256gb,monitors, Printers,jdk1.5
Cp-viiUnder GraduateP-iv-15,dual Core-10,ram-256gb,monitor,printers,o/s Linux,unix
Cp-xUnder GraduateP-iv-15,dual Core-10,ram-256gb,monitor,printers,flash,oracle9i/10i
Dcs-nas-im LabUnder GraduateLogic Gates, Universal Gates,code Conversion,ecoder/dcoder Etc
Edc I LabUnder GraduateHalf Wave Rectifierkit ,fullwave Rectifier Kit,clliping Circuit, Cllamp Circuit,zener Diode
Electrical InstrumentationUnder GraduateBridge,maxwell Bridge
Electrical Instrumentation LabUnder GraduateCurrent Transformer, Potetial Transformer,energy Gate Ballastic Galvanometer
Emec Ii LabUnder GraduateSynchronus Machine Sychron Oscope
Emec-i,emec-iiUnder GraduateInduction Motor , Synchronus Motor
Fluid Mechanics LabUnder GraduateHead Loss Water In Pipe,co. Of Discharge Venturimeter Etc.
GeologyUnder GraduateDiff. Types Of Stone
Me LabUnder GraduateForce Tables,universal Force Table,cal. Of Cofriction , Diff Types Of Gears
Microprocessor LabUnder GraduateM/p 8051
Microwave Anteena T.v LabUnder GraduateAntina Trainer,microwave Bench Test,color T.v Trainer,black & White T.v Trainer
Network Analysis LabUnder GraduateZ-parameter,y-parameter,abcd-parameter,cascade Conn. Abcd
OfcUnder GraduateTrainer Kit, Optical Cable
Pg Research LabPost GraduateP-iv-15, Dual Core, 250 Gb Hdd, 1gb Ram
Power Electronics LabUnder GraduateSilicon Control,rectifier,ujt,bjt,mosfet Phase Control Rectifier Etc.
Power System LabUnder GraduateAcsr Cable, Insulator Pin Type, Insu. Suspension Type,z-parameter,underground Cables, Etc
Som LabUnder GraduateTensile Teting, Machine,impact Testing Machine,,compression Testingmachine
Switching & ProtectionUnder GraduateOver Current Protection,relay Over Voltage Etc.
T.v RadarUnder GraduateColor T.v B/w T.v
Thermodynamics LabUnder GraduatePetrol Engine & Diesel Engine,gas Turbune On Braton Cycle,jules Apparatus Etc.
Vlsi S/w LabUnder GraduateVlsi Trainer Kit,power Supply ,pc
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Post Graduate1st Shift3
Post Graduate1st Shift3
Post Graduate1st Shift2
Post Graduate1st Shift8
Post Graduate1st Shift9
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 27 10 25 10
Room-2 25 10 20 10
Room-3 25 10 5 10
Room-4 12 10 5 10
  • Rkdf School Of Engg is one of the prestigious institute for education located at Indore.
  • It was established in 2006.
  • It is affiliated with Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya.
  • According to Dr. Tapan Maitra, head of the college, sports and extracurricular activities are as important as education.
  • They are offering many facilities for students overall growth like sports, fully Wi-fi campus, industrial visit, Swim Club etc.
  • The fees for admission in this college is around 91200.
  • In Rkdf School Of Engg, well-educated faculty members are available for different courses to guide the students, like Dr. RAM KUMAR SHIKKENAVIS, Dr. SANTOASH PAWAR, Dr. DHEERENDRA BHATNAGAR, Dr. NARENDRA JAIN etc.
  • You can also find the more information about this college at their website http://www.rkdfgroupindore.org
  • You may check or write the reviews of Rkdf School Of Engg over here.
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
DR.SANTOSH PAWARAnti-Ragging CommitteePrincipalRkdf School Of Engineering05-Dec-15
SDM INDOREAnti-Ragging CommitteeSdmRkdf School Of Engineering05-Dec-15
TI LASUDIYA THANAAnti-Ragging CommitteePolice OfficerLasudiya Than Indore05-Dec-15
MR. TAHIR ALIAnti-Ragging CommitteeSocial WorkerAstha Foundation Education Society05-Dec-15
MR. SANJAY SINGH BHADORIAAnti-Ragging CommitteeAssstant ProfessorRkdf School Of Engineering05-Dec-15
Dr. Dhanraj VermaAnti-Ragging CommitteeAssistant ProfessorRkdf School Of Engineering05-Dec-15
MR. GULSHAN KAPOORAnti-Ragging CommitteeCaoEngineering05-Dec-15
Mr. Rashminder Singh WaliaAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst ProfessorEngineering05-Dec-15
Mr. Sunil Kumar BhattaAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst ProfessorEngineering05-Dec-15
Mr. Vishal PatidarAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfessorEngineering05-Dec-15
Ms. Poornima KapoorAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfessorEngineering05-Dec-15
Mr. Ravi KateeyareAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfessorEngineering05-Dec-15
Ms. Vinita VaishnavAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfessorEngineering05-Dec-15
Mr. Nikhil RathoreAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfessorEngineering05-Dec-15
CommitteeGrievance Redressal
Appointment Date05-Dec-15

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Address: Indore-dewas Bypass Road Arandia , Indore, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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Name:Dr. Tapan Maitra
Joining Date:03-oct-08
Email: Click to Write Email
Contact No: Click to View
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Teaching Experience:28 years
Research Experience:5 years
Industry Experience:5 years
Type of Association:Regular
Name:Mr. Gulshan Kapoor
Address:Indore-dewas Bypass,gram Arandiya, Indore, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 452016
Email: Click to Write Email
Contact No: Click to View
Fax No: Click to View
Name: Ayushmati Education And Social Society
Address: 202 Ganga Jamuna Complex Zone 1 Mp Nagar Bhopal
City: Bhopal
State: Madhya Pradesh
Website: Www.visionbharat.com

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