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TME Societys JT Mahajan College of Engineering, Jalgaon

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Jivramnagar, Nhavi-marg, Mssk, Faizpur, Tehsil - Yawal, District - Jalgaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Affiliated FromNorth Maharashtra University
Bechlor/MastersBachelors & Masters
Established In1994
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Civil Engineering
Full Time Rs. 69,300 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Computer Engineering
Full Time Rs. 69,300 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Electronics & Telecom Engineering
Full Time Rs. 69,300 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Mechanical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 69,300 Annually 4Years
Master of Engineering [M.E] - Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Full Time Rs. 101,124 Annually 2Years
Master of Engineering [M.E] - Mechanical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 101,124 Annually 2Years
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 12094 50100 48 20
  1. > This is the list of full time faculties, part time faculties and guest faculties of this college.
  2. > To check the list of present faculties of this college, please check the website of this college.
Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Dr. Bimlesh Kumar Sinha Auto, Machine Design, Principal
Dr. Aba Madhukar Patil Electronics Professor
Dr. Gopal Mitharam Talele Quadratics Differential Equati Associate Professor
Dr. Kiran Gopal Patil English Asst Professor
Dr. Kishor Bhaskar Waghulde Design Engg. Associate Professor
Dr. Milind Motiram Patil Design Engg. Associate Professor
Dr. Punamchand Murlidhar Mahajan Electronics Associate Professor
Miss Aarati Sunil Gajare E & Tc Asst Professor
Miss Bhavana Chandrakant Bendale E&tc Asst Professor
Miss Hinal Sharadd Wani - Asst Professor
Miss Jayashri Gopal Kolhe English Asst Professor
Miss Jayashri Krishna Nemade Mathematics Asst Professor
Miss Kavita Sunil Firke Computer Engineering Asst Professor
Miss Kirti Pradipkumar Chaudhari English Asst Professor
Miss Mamata Atmaram Bhangale Mathematics Asst Professor
Miss Mohini Sharad Chaudhari Information Technology Asst Professor
Miss Nikita Dhanraj Rane E & Tc Asst Professor
Miss Pallavi Ashok Patil Chemistry Asst Professor
Miss Prafullita Manohar Patil - Asst Professor
Miss Prajakta Khemchandra Waghulde - Asst Professor
Miss Priyanka Kundan Jawale - Asst Professor
Miss Rajashri Pravin Mahajan E & Tc Asst Professor
Miss Rashmi Anil Chaudhari - Asst Professor
Miss Rashmi Chandrakant Chaudhari - Asst Professor
Miss Rashmi Jivan Bhole - Asst Professor
Miss Ratnamala Dinkar Chaudhari Electronics Asst Professor
Miss Ravina Santosh Patil - Asst Professor
Miss Rekha Gopal Talele Computer Asst Professor
Miss Rita Ravindra Chaudhari E& Tc Engineering Asst Professor
Miss Sapana Anandrao Fegade Information Technology Asst Professor
Miss Seema Narendra Banot Electronics Asst Professor
Miss Snehal Chandrakant Talele Chemistry Asst Professor
Miss Switi Prakash Jain Structure Asst Professor
Miss Teena Anil Narkhede - Asst Professor
Mr. Abhay Baliram Nehete Telecommunication Asst Professor
Mr. Amit Sanjiv Mahajan Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Ashok Jitendra Singh Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Bhushan Arun Chaudhari Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Bhushan Rajendra Chaudhari - Asst Professor
Mr. Bhushan Sunil Jawale - Asst Professor
Mr. Bhushan Suresh Bhangale - Asst Professor
Mr. Chetan Dhanraj Zope Microwave Asst Professor
Mr. Chetan Vasant Chaudhari Information Technology Asst Professor
Mr. Devendra Rama Panchpande Environment Engg.,e.c.e. Associate Professor
Mr. Dhananjay Santosh Waghulde - Asst Professor
Mr. Dhiraj Balu Patil Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Dinesh Dnyaneshwar Wankhede - Asst Professor
Mr. Dipak Ashok Warke Thermal Science Associate Professor
Mr. Dipak Ravindra Nemade Compter Science.&engg.,ss Asst Professor
Mr. Dnyaneshwar Khemachandra Kirange Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Girish Dharma Bonde Electronics&tele. Asst Professor
Mr. Gopal Eknath Chaudhari Production Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Harishchandra Vasantrao Parmar Computer Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Hemant Dnyandeo Chaudhari Cad/cam Asst Professor
Mr. Hemant Premraj Bendale Mathematics Asst Professor
Mr. Hemantkumar Govinda Sarode - Asst Professor
Mr. Hitendra Sunil Jawale Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Jeevankumar Baliram Bhole Envioronment Engg. Associate Professor
Mr. Jtendra Kishor Patil Civil Engineearig Asst Professor
Mr. Kanchan Subhash Bhagat Comunication Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Khilesh Meghashyam Kolhe - Asst Professor
Mr. Kishor Suryabhan Sarode Advanced Production Systems Workshop Supdt
Mr. Komal Rajendra Rane - Asst Professor
Mr. Kudan Vijay Bendale Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Kundan Khemchandji Chaudhari Mechanical Engineer Asst Professor
Mr. Lalit Dnyandeo Chaudhari Envioronment Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Lalit Nivrutti Bhangale Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Mahesh Manohar Borole Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Mangesh Rajendra Walke - Asst Professor
Mr. Manish Gunesh Bhandari Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Manish Kamalakar Phalak - Asst Professor
Mr. Manojkumar Chandrakant Fegade - Asst Professor
Mr. Mayur Padit Kasar Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Mohan Dnyandeo Patil Applied Physics Asst Professor
Mr. Narayan Tulshiram Talele Physics Associate Professor
Mr. Narendra Bhagwat Patil Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Nilesh Ashok Patil - Asst Professor
Mr. Nilesh Devidas Chopade - Asst Professor
Mr. Nilesh Digambar Bendale Computer Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Nitin Pandit Narkhede Civil Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Nitin Pandit Phirake Mechanical Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Nitin Sudhakar Patil Electrical Power System Asst Professor
Mr. Nivrutti Dnyandeo Narkhede Mathematics Associate Professor
Mr. Omprakash Khemchand Firke Electronics & Tele. Asst Professor
Mr. Pankaj Gautam Mahajan - Asst Professor
Mr. Pankaj Suresh Deshmukh Computer Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Parag Bhanudas Mahajan Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Parag Dilip Wani - Asst Professor
Mr. Piyush Anil Chopade - Asst Professor
Mr. Piyush Suresh Patil Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Prakash Pralhad Thombare Thermal Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Prasad Vasant Patil - Asst Professor
Mr. Pushpak Chandrakant Talele - Asst Professor
Mr. Rahul Chandrakant Bakshe Electronics And Telecomm Asst Professor
Mr. Rahul Sunil Patil - Asst Professor
Mr. Rajnikant Malviya Civil Engg. Associate Professor
Mr. Rakesh Shashikant Bhangale E/tc Asst Professor
Mr. Ramkrishna Hari Patil Computer Science & Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Ravindra Choladas Patil Cad/cam Asst Professor
Mr. Ravindra Deoram Patil Production Engineering Professor
Mr. Sachin Shashikant Patil - Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Pitambar Hivarkar Production Engineer Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Vitthal Patil Control & Instrument Associate Professor
Mr. Sharad Ramkrishna Pachpande Electronics & Telecomunication Asst Professor
Mr. Sunil Ichharam Kolhe Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor
Mr. Tushar Devidas Garse - Asst Professor
Mr. Tushar Satish Waykole Computer Science & Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Vidyasagar Chandrashekhar Chaudhari - Asst Professor
Mr. Vijay Liladhar Firake Machine Dsign Asst Professor
Mr. Vijay Tanhaji Narwade Civil Engg Lecturer
Mr. Vikas Vishnu Mahajan Physical Education Other
Mr. Vivek Girish Bendale - Asst Professor
Mr. Yashawant Rajaram Bhole Organic Chemistry Associate Professor
Mr. Yogesh Vasudeo Gajare - Asst Professor
Mr. Yogesh Vilas Kolhe Computer Science & Engg. Asst Professor
Mrs. Sushama Sudhakar Patil Computer Science & Engg. Asst Professor
Ms. Archana Rupchand Chaudhari - Asst Professor
Ms. Rakhi Nivrutti Narkhede Computer Engineering Asst Professor
Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Computer Lab-iUnder GraduateEpson Lcd Projector
Computer N/w LabUnder Graduate-
Computer Lab-vUnder Graduate-
Computer Organization And MicroprocessorUnder Graduate-
Cnc Machine ToolsUnder GraduateCnc Lathe & Cnc Milling
Control EngineeringUnder GraduateReal Time Dso,process Control Simulator
Computer Lab-viUnder Graduate-
Dynamics Of Machinery And TribologyUnder GraduateClutch & Break Lining Test Rig, Hydrulic Dynamometer, Friction Wear Test Rig,
Electro MechanicsUnder Graduate-
Electronics LabUnder GraduateDigital Storage Oscilloscope
Engg. Mechanics-iUnder Graduate-
Engineering Chemistry-iUnder Graduate-
Engineering Metallurgy And MechatronixUnder Graduate-
Engineering Physics-iUnder Graduate-
Enviornment Engg.Under Graduate-
Experimental Stress AnalysisPost GraduateResearch Polariscope, Stress Freezing Oven, Strain Guage Rosette Apparatus
Fitting ShopUnder Graduate-
Fluid MechanicsUnder GraduateTilting Flume ,francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Hyd. Accumulater Intensifier And Press
Foundri ShopUnder Graduate-
Geo Technical EngineeringUnder GraduateDirect Shear Test , C.b.r. Test , Plate Load Test
Geology LabUnder Graduate-
Heat TransferUnder Graduate-
I.c. EngineUnder GraduateKerosine Engine, Variable Compresion Petrol Engine, Petrol & Diesel Engine, Rotary & Recipro. Com.
Computer Lab-ivUnder Graduate-
Machine ShopUnder GraduateLathe ,univ.milling ,slot ,sarface Grinr ,redial Drill ,hori.milling Capst Lathe,tool, Cnc Machine
Measerment & MetrologyUnder GraduateGear Rolling Tester, Eddy Current Tester, 3d Co. Mea. M/c, Tensometer
Computer Lab-iiiUnder GraduateP-510 Enterprise Server
Microwave Engg.Under GraduateMicrowave Oven, Dual Trace Cro
Computer Lab-iiUnder Graduate-
Pg Research LabPost Graduate-
Pg LabPost Graduate-
Cad-iUnder GraduateLcd Projector, Vpn Connection
PowerUnder Graduate-
Professional CommunicationUnder Graduate-
Computer Lab-viiUnder Graduate-
Computer Lab-viiiUnder Graduate-
Refrigeration And Air ConditioningUnder GraduateVapour Abso. Refe. Test Rig, A.c. Test Rig., Ice Plant, Cooling Tower
Research LabPost Graduate-
Plumbing & MasonryUnder GraduateSheet Rolling & Bending Machine,press Break Machine
Smithy ShopUnder Graduate-
Software ApplicationUnder Graduate-
SurveingUnder GraduateMicro-optic Thedilite, Electronic Distomate, Total Station Rts 63632s
Testing Of Materials & Transportation LabUnder GraduateUniv.tes.machi,ctm200t Motorizes 3 Load Gauge,loss Angles Abrasion Testing Machine,vibrating Table
Vlsi LabUnder GraduateVlsi Lab Package
Welding ShopUnder GraduateWelding Generator
Engg. Mechanics-iiUnder Graduate-
Civil Computer CenterUnder Graduate-
Civil Engg. Model RoomUnder Graduate-
Cad-iiUnder Graduate-
Basics Of Mechanical Engg.-iUnder Graduate-
Basics Of Mehanical Engg.-iiUnder Graduate-
Communication LabUnder GraduateWobbuloscope, Dso, 1gh Spectrum Analyser, Satellite Communication Trainer
Carpentary And Pattern MakingUnder GraduatePlanning Machine
Painting And Sheet MetalUnder Graduate-
Engineering-iiUnder Graduate-
Engineering Chemistry-iiUnder Graduate-
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 4 9 0 0
Room-2 64 12 24 12
Room-3 96 16 80 15
Room-4 0 2010 0 0
Placement Companies:
  • TME Societys JT Mahajan College of Engineering is one of the prestigious institute for education located at Jalgaon.
  • It was established in 1994.
  • It is affiliated with North Maharashtra University.
  • For campus placement, a decent number of companies are visiting the campus like Ericsson India Pvt Ltd,Hero Honda Motors,infosys,l&T INFOTECH,Quest Global,CMS,Tech Mahindra,Phoenix Maritime ServicePvt. Ltd.
  • According to Bimlesh Kumar Sinha, head of the college, sports and extracurricular activities are as important as education.
  • They are offering many facilities for students overall growth like library, personality development classes, industrial visit, T.V room etc.
  • In TME Societys JT Mahajan College of Engineering, well-educated faculty members are available for different courses to guide the students, like Dr. BIMLESH KUMAR SINHA, Dr. ABA MADHUKAR PATIL, Dr. GOPAL MITHARAM TALELE, Dr. KIRAN GOPAL PATIL etc.
  • You can also find the more information about this college at their website
  • You may check or write the reviews of TME Societys JT Mahajan College of Engineering over here.
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
Dr. Gopal Mitharam TaleleAnti-Ragging SquadFacuty ( Dept.)College13-Feb-15
Dr. Bimlesh KumarAnti-Ragging CommitteePrincipalPrincipal J.t.m. College Of Engineering, Faizpur11-Jul-15
Dr. M. M. PatilAnti-Ragging CommitteeFaculty (student Welfare)College11-Jul-15
Dr. A.M. PatilAnti-Ragging CommitteeFaculty (discipline Committee I/c)College11-Jul-15
Ms. Switi P. JainAnti-Ragging CommitteeFaculty In Civil Engg.College11-Jul-15
P.V. ChaudhariAnti-Ragging CommitteeNon-teaching StaffCollege11-Jul-15
Raju KumarAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent B.e.(mechanical)Student B.e.(mechanical)11-Jul-15
Miss Pradnya Rajendra RaneAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudent B.e. (mechanical)Student B.e. (mechanical)11-Jul-15
Narendra Vishnu NarkhedeAnti-Ragging CommitteeSocial WorkerSocial Worker11-Jul-15
Kiran ShindeAnti-Ragging CommitteeA.p.i. Faizpur Police StationPolice Department11-Jul-15
Sharad Jivram MahajanAnti-Ragging CommitteeGoverning Council MemberCollege11-Jul-15
J.B. BholeAnti-Ragging CommitteeFaculty (staff Representative)College11-Jul-15
Dr. K.B. waghuldeAnti-Ragging CommitteeFaculty (rector New Boys Hostel)Rector, New Boys Hostel11-Jul-15
T.D. GarseAnti-Ragging CommitteeFaculty (rector Old Boys Hostel)Rector, Boys Hostel11-Jul-15
Yogesh Vilas KolheAnti-Ragging SquadFaculty (computer Engg.)College13-Feb-15
Miss Rupam SinhaAnti-Ragging Committee(rector, New Girls Hostel)Rector, New Girls Hostel11-Jul-15
NameA.M. Patil
ProfessionE & TC Engg. Dept.
CommitteeGrievance Redressal
Appointment Date13-Jul-15
AddressJ.T. Mahajan College of Engineering, Faizpur

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Address: Jivramnagar, Nhavi-marg, Mssk, Faizpur, Tehsil - Yawal, District - Jalgaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
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Name:Bimlesh Kumar Sinha
Joining Date:09-apr-09
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Teaching Experience:23 years
Research Experience:7 years
Industry Experience:0 years
Type of Association:Regular
Name:Dr. Bimlesh Kumar Sinha
Address:Principal Quarter, J.t. Mahajan College Of Engineering, Faizpur, Jalgaon, Faizpur, Maharashtra, 425524
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Name: Technical And Medical Education Society
Address: Jivram Nagar, Nhavi Marg, Mssk, Faizpur Tahsil - Yawal
City: Jalgaon
State: Maharashtra

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