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Himachal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kangra

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Hiet, Shahpur(at Vidyanagar), Distt. Kangra(hp), Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
Affiliated FromHimachal Pradesh University
Established In2010
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Specialized InLocal Body
Male Teachers18
Female Teachers3
Total Teachers21
Male Staff20
Female Staff2
Total Staff22
University TypeTechnical/Polytechnic
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Automobile Engineering
Full Time Rs. 66,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Civil Engineering
Full Time Rs. 66,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Computer Science And Engineering
Full Time Rs. 66,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Electrical And Electronics Engineering
Full Time Rs. 66,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Electrical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 66,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Electronics & Communication Engineering
Full Time Rs. 66,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Mechanical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 66,000 Annually 4Years
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 2100 12665 53 28
  1. > This is the list of full time faculties, part time faculties and guest faculties of this college.
  2. > To check the list of present faculties of this college, please check the website of this college.
Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Dr. Ashoka Ar Gowda Ce Professor
Dr. Krishankumar Nadarjah Me Professor
Dr. M Varatha Vijayan Me Professor
Miss Aakriti Mahajan Ece Lecturer
Miss Akansha Sambyal Cse Lecturer
Miss Akriti Kashyap Ece Lecturer
Miss Akriti Singh - Lecturer
Miss Akshita Kumari Ece Asst Professor
Miss Ankuj Bala - Lecturer
Miss Babita Koundal Ce Lecturer
Miss Bandana Bharti - Lecturer
Miss Deeksha Bharti Ece Lecturer
Miss Disha Bhatnagar Electronics Lecturer
Miss Disha Thakur Civil Asst Professor
Miss Gargi Parashar Ece Asst Professor
Miss Geetanjali Thakur - Asst Professor
Miss Geetinder Saini Cse Asst Professor
Miss Indu Dhiman Ece Asst Professor
Miss Jyoti Kumari Cse Asst Professor
Miss Jyoti Verma - Lecturer
Miss Kajal Verma 0 Lecturer
Miss Kalpana Kumari Ece Asst Professor
Miss Kamini Devi Electrical Engg. Asst Professor
Miss Maneela Sharma Computer Science Asst Professor
Miss Manshri Pathania Cse Lecturer
Miss Meera Thakur Physics Lecturer
Miss Monika Dogra Cse Lecturer
Miss Monisha Thakur Ee Lecturer
Miss Mukti Chauhan Software Engineering Asst Professor
Miss Nitika Sahani Ece Asst Professor
Miss Nivedita Chopra Computer Science Engineering Asst Professor
Miss Preeti Singh Ece Asst Professor
Miss Priyanka Choudhary - Lecturer
Miss Rajni Pathania - Lecturer
Miss Renu Kumari Ece Lecturer
Miss Romita Bhardwaj Ee Lecturer
Miss Ruchika Katoch - Lecturer
Miss Samriti Patial Civil Lecturer
Miss Sarita Kumari Civil Lecturer
Miss Sarita Kumari Civil Engineering Lecturer
Miss Saundrya Kumari Ce Associate Professor
Miss Seema Devi Managment Lecturer
Miss Shailja Bhatia Ce Lecturer
Miss Sheena Choudhary Ece Asst Professor
Miss Shikha Supehiya Ce Asst Professor
Miss Shivani Devi - Lecturer
Miss Shivani Verma Cse Lecturer
Miss Shweta Dogra Cse Lecturer
Miss Sonika Dogra Cse Asst Professor
Miss Swati Sharma - Lecturer
Mr. Abhishake Dutta Electrical Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Abhishek Bhattacherjee Computer Science Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Abhishek Dhalaria Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Abhishek Dhiman Cse Lecturer
Mr. Abhishek Dwivedi Applied Mathemetics Associate Professor
Mr. Abhishek Saini - Lecturer
Mr. Abneet Kuamr Me Asst Professor
Mr. Akhilesh Kumar - Lecturer
Mr. Akshay Korla Mechanical Engg. Lecturer
Mr. Akshay Korla Me Lecturer
Mr. Aman Gupta - Lecturer
Mr. Aman Thakur Cse Lecturer
Mr. Amit Kumar Electrical Engg. Lecturer
Mr. Amit Kumar Cse Lecturer
Mr. Amrik Singh Ce Lecturer
Mr. Anil Kumar Ee Lecturer
Mr. Anil Kumar Ce Asst Professor
Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta Ce Asst Professor
Mr. Ankaj Kumar Singh Ece Lecturer
Mr. Ankit Sharma - Lecturer
Mr. Ankit Sharma - Lecturer
Mr. Ankush Saini - Lecturer
Mr. Ankush Thakur Ce Lecturer
Mr. Archit Kumar Vias - Asst Professor
Mr. Arjun Kumar Ce Asst Professor
Mr. Arvind Pathania Ee Asst Professor
Mr. Ashish Kumar - Lecturer
Mr. Ashish Kumar Dogra Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Asif Munir Networking Lecturer
Mr. Atul Chambiyal Electrical Lecturer
Mr. Atul Choudhary Me Asst Professor
Mr. Atul Gautam Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Avnish Thakur - Lecturer
Mr. Baveet Kumar Thakur Mechanical Engg. Lecturer
Mr. Baveet Kumar Thakur Me Lecturer
Mr. Chander Kumar Ee Lecturer
Mr. Deepak Kumar Ece Lecturer
Mr. Dharamveer Singh Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Dinesh Kumar - Head Of Dept
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Chemistry Lecturer
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Dogra Ece Lecturer
Mr. Dushyant Kaistha - Lecturer
Mr. Gokul Sondhi Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Gorav Dhiman Ece Lecturer
Mr. Harish Kumar Dogra Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Harnam Singh Mechanical Engg. Lecturer
Mr. Harsh Bhadiar - Lecturer
Mr. Himanshu Khandka Marketing Lecturer
Mr. Ishan Sharma Ce Lecturer
Mr. Ishan Tank - Lecturer
Mr. Jatinder Kumar Me Lecturer
Mr. Krishan Verma - Asst Professor
Mr. Kumar Anesh Ce Lecturer
Mr. Manjul Sharma - Lecturer
Mr. Manoj Kumar Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Manu Sharma Ce Lecturer
Mr. Mohan Lal Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Mohit Mahajan Marketing Head Of Dept
Mr. Mukesh Kumar - Lecturer
Mr. Naveen Kumar Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Naveen Kumar Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Neeraj Dhiman Cse Lecturer
Mr. Neeraj Marwaha Ece Associate Professor
Mr. Nikhil Dasgotra Me Lecturer
Mr. Nischal Koundal - Lecturer
Mr. Nivesh Dhiman It Lecturer
Mr. Pankaj Dhiman Me Asst Professor
Mr. Pankaj Rana - Lecturer
Mr. Pankaj Verma Physics Asst Professor
Mr. Prabhakar Kumar Ce Asst Professor
Mr. Prince Munjal Ee Asst Professor
Mr. Raghav Katoch Electrical Engg. Lecturer
Mr. Rajeev Thakur English Lecturer
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Ce Lecturer
Mr. Rajesh Manhas Me Lecturer
Mr. Rajinder Kumar Sindhu Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Rajjat Sharma Me Lecturer
Mr. Rajjat Sharma Mechanical Engg. Lecturer
Mr. Rajneesh Kumar - Lecturer
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Ram Gopal Sharma Material Science Asst Professor
Mr. Ranjeet Punia Manufacturing Technology Associate Professor
Mr. Ravinder Krishan Singh Bharij Electrical Lecturer
Mr. Rishi Kumar Ce Lecturer
Mr. Rishi Kumar - Lecturer
Mr. Rishi Mahajan Mathematics Asst Professor
Mr. Rishi Sharma Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Rohit Bahri E.c.e Lecturer
Mr. Sachin Katoch Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Sachin Kumar - Asst Professor
Mr. Sachin Kumar - Lecturer
Mr. Sagar Sharma Me Lecturer
Mr. Sahil Chaudhary Electronics Engg Lecturer
Mr. Sahil Choadhary Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Samrat Singh Patial Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Kuamr Me Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjeev Sharma Eee Lecturer
Mr. Sanjeev Singh It Lecturer
Mr. Sarvjeet Kumar - Lecturer
Mr. Shailendra Chauhan - Lecturer
Mr. Shashi Kant - Lecturer
Mr. Shashi Kant - Lecturer
Mr. Shiv Rattan Awasthi - Lecturer
Mr. Shivinder Kumar Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Shubham Sood - Lecturer
Mr. Simran Chambiyal Electronics And Commn. Asst Professor
Mr. Somesh Dhiman Me Lecturer
Mr. Sourabh Singh - Lecturer
Mr. Sourabh Guleria Singh - Lecturer
Mr. Tarun Sharma Communication Asst Professor
Mr. V D Mehta Mehta - Associate Professor
Mr. Varun Dohroo - Lecturer
Mr. Vijay Chaudhary Computer Science And Engg. Lecturer
Mr. Vijay Rana Ce Asst Professor
Mr. Vikas Sharma - Asst Professor
Mr. Vikram Chaudhary Mkting Associate Professor
Mr. Vikram Nayier Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Vilas Hans - Lecturer
Mr. Vilas Hans - Asst Professor
Mr. Vineet Kumar Ee Lecturer
Mr. Vinod Kumar Me Lecturer
Mr. Vishal Sharma Ce Asst Professor
Mr. Vishvjit Singh Ee Lecturer
Mr. Vivek Dixit Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Vivek Kumar - Lecturer
Mr. Vivek Sharma Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Yog Raj Rana Software Tesgting Lecturer
Mr. Yogesh Jamwal E.c.e Lecturer
Mr. Yugal Kishore - Lecturer
Mrs. Anupama Dhanna - Lecturer
Mrs. Kamini Devi Ee Asst Professor
Mrs. Ritu Mankotia Commerce Lecturer
Mrs. Sheetal Sharma - Lecturer
Mrs. Sunanda Kumari Librian Other
Mrs. Swati Kaistha Chemistry Lecturer
Ms. Kumari Shailza Chemistry Lecturer
Ms. Mridu Rana Ece Lecturer
Ms. Preeti Singh Ece Asst Professor
Student Hostel Intake180
No of Seprate rooms for Girls2
Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Analog ElectonicsUnder GraduateRc Uji , Npnanp
Analog Electronic LabUnder GraduatePower Electronics Trainer Board, Analog Trainer Board, R-c Coupled Amplifier, Feedback Amplifier Ps
Auto Cad LabUnder GraduateAutocad Software 30 Coputer System
Baisc Electrical LabUnder GraduateKcl & Kvl Kit Rlc Series Kit Rlc Parallel Kit Function Generator Ac/dc Load
Basic Electronics LabUnder GraduateC.r.o 20 Mhz "scientech" Model 801 Multimeter Digital Waco 38 Function Generator 1 Mhz "scientech
Basic Mechanical LabUnder GraduateLancashire Boiler Scarls's Apparatus Torsion Apparatus Calibration Of Pressure Gauges
Bimedical Engineering LabUnder GraduateBimedical Engineerng Lab Equipments
Chemistry LabUnder GraduateDigital Balance Spectro Photo Meter Saybolt Viscometer Ph Meter Muffle Furnance
Communcation System And Electronic Circuit Simulator LabUnder GraduateAm Transmitter Trainer, Fm Modulation-demodulation Trainer, Function Generator, Cro-30mhz,20mhz
Communication System LabUnder GraduateComunication System Lab
Compiler Design LabUnder GraduateCompiler Design Equipment
Computer LabUnder GraduateUps, Monitor(tft), Cpu, Keyboard, Printer, Mouse, Wirless Router, Swithch
Control Engg. LabUnder GraduateControl Engglabequipment
Control Of Enng LabUnder GraduateNon Corrlible Air Tight Contain Electric Over Equipmenyt
D.c.sUnder GraduateVicat Appareatus Cube Mould
Data Structure LabUnder GraduateUps, Monitor(tft), Cpu, Keyboard, Printer, Mouse, Wirless Router, Swithch
Digital ElectronicsUnder GraduateVertication Clipping
Digital Electronics LabUnder GraduateDigital Trainer Board, 4-bit Shift Register, Ditital To Analog Converter, Adder, Subtractor.
Dyanmics Of Machine LabUnder GraduateWatt And Porter Equipment
Electrical MachinesUnder GraduateDc Machines,digital Techometer,single Phase Resistive Load,generator
Electrical Measurment And Measuring InsrumentsUnder GraduateDc-sauty's Bridge,wein Bridge,inductance Bridge
Electronic Design LabUnder GraduateElectronic Design Lab
Electronics Measuring & Instrumental LabUnder GraduateLvdt Trainer Kiet, Ldr With Build Power Suppl, Thermocouple With Power Supply
EmmiUnder GraduateLvdi
Fluid Macanics-iiUnder GraduateKaplan Turbmi
Fluid Machine LabUnder GraduatePelton Turbine Trancis Turbine
Fluid Mechanic LabUnder GraduateJet On Vanes Appratus,reynods Number Appratus,metacentric Height Appratus, Forced Vortex Appratus
GeotechUnder GraduateCrushing Strength Machine
Heat Power Engine LabUnder GraduateBomb Calorimeter, Impulse Turbine Model, Cooling Tower Condenser
Ic Engine LabUnder GraduateTwo Stroke And Four Storke Petrol Engine
Industrial ElectonicsUnder GraduateScr Diac Triac
Kinemation Of MachineUnder GraduateKinemation Links Pairs Chain And Machine
Manufacturing Practices-iiUnder GraduateSlip Gauges Circular Shigat Micrometer Equipment
Mat LabUnder GraduateVisual Programing Lab
Materaial Science LabUnder GraduateMuffler Furnace, Grinding M/c, Microscope.
MatlabUnder GraduateUps, Monitor(tft), Cpu, Keyboard, Printer, Mouse, Wirless Router, Swithch
Meaursment And Control LabUnder GraduatePlamimeter Prenuseequiments
Microprocessor LabUnder GraduateMicroprocessor
Multimedia LabUnder GraduateComputer Graphis Lab
Multimedia System LabUnder GraduateMultimedia System Lab Equiments
Nacp LabUnder GraduateData Structure, Oops Lab
Numeric Analysis & Computer Programming LabUnder GraduateUps, Printer Cpu, Tft,keyboard Mouse
Object Oriented Programming LabUnder GraduateUps, Monitor(tft), Cpu, Keyboard, Printer, Mouse, Wirless Router, Swithch
Operting System LabUnder GraduateOperting System Lab Equipment
Pc LabUnder GraduateHard Ware Equipment
Physics LabUnder GraduateSpheso Meter Basas Michelson Interfero Meter Sodium Lamp With Power Supply B-h Curve Kit C.r.o
Power Electronics LabUnder GraduateScr Study Unit,cro,r-rctriggering Unit,dc Motor
S/w Gear & Protection LabUnder GraduateS/w Gear Protection
Sad ProjectUnder GraduateComputer Printer
Strength Of Material LabUnder GraduateHydraulic Machine, Vicker Hardness Testing M/c Impact Testing M/c, Universal Testing M/c
Structural Mechanics LabUnder GraduateCurved Member Apparatus,three Hinged Arch.apparatus,digital Weighing Balance
Structure And AnalysisUnder GraduateCantileverbeam Curved Member
Surveying LabUnder GraduateGhat,tracer,box Sextant,clinometer Compass,electronic Theodolite
T&dUnder Graduate3 Ammeter,3voltmeter Kit
Workshop & Manufecturing PracticesUnder GraduateLathes M/c, Grinding M/c, Welding M/c, Cop And Drag Boxing,chisel,drilling M/c, Milling M/c,
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Diploma2nd Shift29
Diploma2nd Shift15
Under Graduate1st Shift29
Under Graduate1st Shift15
Under Graduate1st Shift26
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 40 33 0 0
Room-2 0 0 0 0
Room-3 45 27 15 28
Room-4 0 0 0 0
  • Himachal Institute of Engineering and Technology is one of the prestigious institute for education located at Kangra.
  • It was established in 2010.
  • It is affiliated with Himachal Pradesh University.
  • According to Krishnakumar Nadarajah, head of the college, sports and extracurricular activities are as important as education.
  • They are offering many facilities for students overall growth like sports, library, industrial visit, T.V room etc.
  • In Himachal Institute of Engineering and Technology, well-educated faculty members are available for different courses to guide the students, like Dr. ASHOKA AR GOWDA, Dr. KRISHANKUMAR NADARJAH, Dr. M VARATHA VIJAYAN, Miss AAKRITI MAHAJAN etc.
  • You can also find the more information about this college at their website http://www.hiet.co.in
  • You may check or write the reviews of Himachal Institute of Engineering and Technology over here.
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
ANTI RAGGING SQUADAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingStudents06-Aug-14
ANTI RAGGING MONITORING CELLAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeachingStudents13-Sep-12
ANTI RAGGING SQUADAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingStudents13-Dec-12
ANTI RAGGING SQUADAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingStudents08-Aug-13
ANTI RAGGING EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeachingStudents28-Aug-15
ANTI RAGGING SQUADAnti-Ragging SquadTeaching/studentStudents28-Aug-15
CommitteeGrievance Redressal
Appointment Date08-Aug-14

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Address: Hiet, Shahpur(at Vidyanagar), Distt. Kangra(hp), Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
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Name:Krishnakumar Nadarajah
Joining Date:04-jan-16
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Teaching Experience:16 years
Research Experience:0 years
Industry Experience:0 years
Type of Association:Regular
Name:Mr. Yograj Rana
Address:Hiet Shahpur(at Vidyanagar) Kangra, Kangra, Shahpur, Himachal Pradesh, 176223
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Contact No: Click to View
Fax No: Click to View
Name: Dhauladhar Education Society
Address: Hiet Shahpur(at Vidyanagar), Distt. Kangra(hp)-176223
City: Kangra
State: Himachal Pradesh
Website: Www.hiet.co.in

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