Campus Life in Ram Govind Institute Of Technology, Koderma- Hostel, Sports

Campus Life in Ram Govind Institute Of Technology, Koderma

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Hostel Detail

Room-1 Room-2 Room-3 Room-4
AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea
Boys 6 33 8 71 6 71 10 151
Girls 27 194 10 98 14 206 7 118

Library Detail

Programme No. of Titles No. of Volumes No. of National Journals No. of International Journals
Engineering 2815 17729 32 514

Laboratry Detail

Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Analog Electronics LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateClass A, B,c, Ab, Power Amp, Schmitttrigger, Alu, Emitter Follower, Push Pull Amp, Oscillator, Ujt F
Applied Td LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate4 Cylinder Engine, Boillers
Automatic Control SystemElectrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateMultimedia Pc,matlab Software,
Automobile LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHydraulic Dynamometer, Leaf Spring, Clutch Box, Gear Box, Tranmission System, Car(contessa) Up78-j-7
Basic Electronic LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateBjt Baising Ckt,ujt Char,mosfet Char,opamp Traikit,2 Stage Transitor,jfetchar,regulated Power Supply
Bee LabElectrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDc Seriese Generator,oc On 1&3phase Transformer,inductionmotor,thevenin's&nortonsckt,superpossionckt
Building Material And Construction LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateVicat's Apparatus, Le-chatelier's, Auto-clave,compressive Testing Machine,is Sieve For Time, Etc.
ChemistryFirst Year/otherEngineeringUnder GraduateFlasks, Pansky Mortten App,measuring Cylinder, Puppet,balance
Coa LabComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateP4 Computers(no.30)
Communication LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateFsk,psk,pwm,ppm,fm,am,pcm,ssb,tdm,fdm,pre&de Emphasis,sampling Theorm Two Stage Rc Coupled Amplifier
Dbms LabComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateP4 Computers (no.30)
De LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateLogicgates,mux,demux,opamkit,counter,7segmentdecoder,encoder.
Digital ControlElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder Graduate12pcs,matlab,p-spice Software
Dsp LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateUniversal Digital Microcontroller Starter, Seven Segment Card For Cc & Ca,universal Analog Trainer
Electrical Machine Lab-1Electrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateOc & Sc Tester,one & Three Phase Transformer,induction Motor,dc Shunt Motor,etc
Electrical Machine Lab-2Electrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSynchronous Machine And Single Phase Induction Motor,scott Connection,hopkinson's Test,etc.
Electrical WorkshopElectrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateMultimeter,voltmeter,ammeter,wattmeter,rheostate,techometer
Electronic Work ShopElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateFmreceiver,microphone,soldering,dmm,dc(choke,fan,camera),ctvkit,airheater,ics,diodestransistors
Engg. Mech. LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateCo-efficient Of Friction, Jack, Spring Stiffner
Engineering Geology LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSample Of Rocks,sample Of Minerals,mode Of Formation Of Rocks,folding Models-monocline Fold,etc.
Environmentol Engineering LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDig. Turbidity Met., Dig. Conductivity Met.,digital Ph Met.,dig. Tds Met.,dig. D.o. Met., Noise Met.
Field SurveyCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDumpy Level With Tripod,auto Level With Stand,theodolite With Tripod,plane Table With Stand Etc.
Fluid Mechanics LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateBernoullis Equation, Metacentric Apparatus
Fluid MechinaryMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduatePelton, Reciprocating Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Hydralic Ram, Francis Turbine
Hmt LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHeatexchanger,tc,compositewall,fin,emissitivitymeasurement,laggedpipe
Hv Testing LabElectrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateMegger, Surge Impedance,lightning & Switching
Instrumentation LabElectrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSilsbee's Method,phantom Loading,powerfactormeter,nulldetectionpannel,transformeroiltesting,falcon D
Internet LabComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateP4 Computers(no.30)
Kom,dom LabsMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateOldham Coupling,invertion Of Four Bar Mechanism
Language Lab-1Computer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateP4 Computers(no.30)
Language Lab-2Computer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateP4 Computer(no.30)
Manufacturing Tech LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateLathe, Drilling, Grinding, Gas Welding
Microprocessor LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder Graduate8085.8086trainerkit,usart,8051,tempcontrol Interface,simulators,regulated Power Supply,tempreture Co
Microwave LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateGunnpowersupply,vswr Meter,gunn Oscillator,pin Modulator,isolator,variable Attenuator,slotted Line,
Modelling & SimulationElectrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateMatlab Software,4pc
Mos-i,mos-ii LabsMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateUtm,torsion Testing
Network Theory LabElectrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateTelligen's Theorem Kit, Pi & Tee Network Kit, Filter Design
Networking LabComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateP4 Computers(no 30)
Operating SystemComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateP4 Computersc (no.30)
PhysicsFirst Year/otherEngineeringUnder GraduateSpectrometer,newtons Ring App, Optical Bench, Sodium Lamp Trans,ballastic Galvanometer.
Power Electronics LabElectrical And Electronics EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate1-phase(bridge Rectifier,voltage Controller,parallel Inverter,seriese Inverter)chopper,commutator,fa
Project LabComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateP4 Computers(no.30)
Rac LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateVapour Compression Cycle
Structural Analysis LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDefle. Beam Appr., 3 Hinged Arch, 2 Hinged Arch, Curved Member Appr., Verification Of Clerk's Maxwel
T.d. LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateOtto, Diesel Cycle Engine,
Transportation Engineering LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateAggt. Crush. Test, Los Angeles Abrasion, Penetration Testion, Ductility Test, Flash & Fire
Vlsi LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateCkt And Layout Of Transmission Gate,bridge Rectifier,half-adder,nand Gate,nor Gate
WorkshopMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateFitting Smithy, Foundry, Wellding, Carpentry,


Autonomous institute and ISO 9001:2008 certified Courses affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidhyalaya Collaboration with Humboldt University, Berlin for research purpose Recognized center for ME/M.Tech/Ph.D. work of DAE scientists Identified as Centre for National Doctoral Fellowship Conducts National and International conferences, seminars and workshops Offers Government and institutional scholarships

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0 # Aarush Older than three months
Hii, I have completed 12th with arts, plz suggest me courses after 12th in arts and respected colleges in Koderma as well
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0 # Jagan Older than three months
There are lots of career option after 12th in arts like you can go for journalism, fashion designing, hotel management, interior designing courses, etc, here find some journalism colleges and fashion designing colleges in Koderma ,
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0 # counselor-PriyaP Older than three months
@Shubham Kumar - Admission Procedure: Candidates seeking admission in undergraduate courses should be 10+2 passed with minimum 50% marks in physics, chemistry, mathematics and English.
Candidate should qualify the Jharkhand Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (JCECE) is conducted by JCECE Board / AIEEE.
Contact Details: Ram Govind Institute Of Technology Address: Mahuvan, P.O. Karma,
humri Tilaiya, Dist. Koderma, Jharkhand - 825409 E-mail:
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0 # Shubham Kumar Older than three months
My cat rank in Jcece is 6113
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0 # Vishu Older than three months
may i get addmission in your collage or any jharkhand eng. collage through aieee.
my aieee rank is 262372 .
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0 # Guest Older than three months
hi Gudiya,
the engineering streamsavailable are:
Computer Science and Engg.
Electronics and Communication Engg.
Electrical and Electronics Engg.
Mechanical Engg.
and hostels have the provision of internet
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0 # Guest Older than three months
i want to take admission, but give more information about ur streem? is there hostel facility is abilable with internet cconnection??
i am waiting your reply.
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