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Law Colleges in Anantapur are chosen by students, who have great interest towards a profession as a lawyer. At the UG level, the law course in Anantapur is called as LLB. The duration of Law Course in Anantapur is generally three years and only after graduation, you can take admission in LLB course. Most of the top law institutes in Anantapur follow seminars, moot courts, practical training programs and tutorial work as part of the course. These classes are conducted to provide better practical experience to aspiring lawyers in Anantapur. There are many law colleges which are famous for their education are like , Anantapur Law College. In the case of 3-year course, candidates must possess a degree from a recognised institution along with law entrance exam score in Anantapur. Candidate can get education from some best colleges having good reviews by students like Sree Vijaya Nagar Law College.
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Law Colleges in Anantapur | Institutes

When it comes to admission to Integrated LLB courses in Anantapur, most colleges consider the CLAT Score of applicants. If a student takes up the CLAT examination and applying to CLAT colleges in Anantapur he should be 12th Passed with 45%-55%. After that he should apply to the law colleges in Anantapur that accept CLAT score. If a candidate wants to do Graduation and LLB, he/she can choose a 5-year integrated BA-LLB or BBA-LLB course in Anantapur. In the case of 5-year course, admission is generally based on merit secured in higher secondary along with entrance exam score. When it comes to the career in law in Anantapur, Mr Mukesh Maheshwari, a career expert suggests that law degree holders can practice on their own by setting up a small home office in Anantapur. Otherwise, they can also apply to top corporates, who are in need of legal help in Anantapur.

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