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Brahma Valley College Of Engineering And Reaserach Institute, Nashik

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Brahma Valley Campus,anjaneri, Trimbakeshwar., Nashik, Maharashtra
Affiliated FromPune University
Established In2009
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Full Time र 77500 Annually 4 years
Full Time र 77500 Annually 4 years
Full Time र 77500 Annually 4 years
Electronics And Telecommunications Engineering
Full Time र 77500 Annually 4 years
Mechanical Engineering
Full Time र 77500 Annually 4 years
Masters In Engineering And Management
Full Time र 77500 Annually 2 years
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 2426 8912 47 16
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  2. > To check the list of present faculties of this college, please check the website of this college.
Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Ajay Vitthal Dhumal Mechanical Lecturer
Amol Yashwant Wadghule Mechanical Lecturer
Ashwini Hemant Harne Hr Lecturer
Bhagyashri Fakira More It Lecturer
Bhushan Kashinath Bari Mechanical Lecturer
Chetan Namdeo Patil Mechanical Lecturer
Chetana Ashok Gharate Mathematics Lecturer
Dinesh Bhika Bhadane Mech Lecturer
Ikramuddin Qiyamuddin Mohmmad E&tc Lecturer
Kavita Ramdas Wagh It Lecturer
Lalit Dineshkumar Bardiya Finance Lecturer
Manish Anantarao Deore Mech Lecturer
Mayur Vitthal Kumbharde It Lecturer
Mitali Ashok Kelar - Lecturer
Nikhil Diliprao Borste Mech Lecturer
Nivedita Bhalerao Patil Comp Lecturer
Rahul Bhaskar Mahale I.t Lecturer
Rahul Bhimraj Mandlik Cse Lecturer
Shweta Suresh Patil Geology Civil Lecturer
Swapnil Suresh Patil Mech Lecturer
Swapnil Suresh Patil Mech Lecturer
Vaishali Nanaji Aher Library & Information Science Other
Vandana Sampat Bhor Mba Lecturer
Varsha Balkrushana Bagul E&tc Lecturer
Veena Santaram Mulge Comp Lecturer
Vikhona Balkrishna Neha Marketing Lecturer
Vinay Ravindra Varude Mech Lecturer
Vivek Dilip Badgujar Cse Lecturer
Yogita Uttamrao Shinde Physics Lecturer
Dr. Vaishali Prabhakar Sonawane Chemistry Lecturer
Miss Ashwini Gorakshanath Chine - Lecturer
Miss Ashwini Yuvraj Bhamare Computer Science Asst Professor
Miss Dipika Subhash Bhamare Maths Asst Professor
Miss Jyoti Satwaji Gawali - Lecturer
Miss Kajal Sunil Patil - Lecturer
Miss Kavita Suresh Kumavat Computer Lecturer
Miss Monali Sampat Shinde - Lecturer
Miss Monali Shashikant Patil - Lecturer
Miss Monika Babaji Murkute - Asst Professor
Miss Neha Vasant Sonawane - Lecturer
Miss Nutan Ashok Dheringe E&tc Lecturer
Miss Pradnya Suhas Kubal Cse Lecturer
Miss Pratiksha Bhaskar Jadhav - Lecturer
Miss Priya Jagannath Shirsath Electronics & Telecommunicatio Lecturer
Miss Priyanka Prakash Kakade E&tc Asst Professor
Miss Ritu Sunil Bhavsar - Lecturer
Miss Sayali Bhaskarrao Patil - Lecturer
Miss Shruti Ashok Koparde Marketing Lecturer
Miss Sonia Girijashankar Upadhyay - Lecturer
Miss Trupti Nilesh Kharche Human Resource Lecturer
Mr. Kiran Shivaji Shivade - Lecturer
Mr. Abhishek Jamunaprasad Tripathi - Lecturer
Mr. Ajinkya Parag Patil Cad Cam Asst Professor
Mr. Amit Kumar Mahendra Jha - Lecturer (sel Gr)
Mr. Ankit Binay Sheel Ankit Kumar - Lecturer
Mr. Ankush Ramdas More - Lecturer
Mr. Apoorva Namdeorai Pakhdhane Marketing Mgmt. Asst Professor
Mr. Avinash Ukhardu Bonde - Lecturer
Mr. Bhushan Govind Pawar - Lecturer
Mr. Devdatta Bharatsing Bagul - Asst Professor
Mr. Dhananjay Nilknath Hire - Lecturer
Mr. Dilip Dayaram Patil Mech Lecturer
Mr. Dipak Vinayak Medhane - Lecturer
Mr. Durgesh Devchand Pagar - Lecturer
Mr. Firoj Umraobhai Pathan - Asst Professor
Mr. Gokul Rameshwar Jeughale - Lecturer
Mr. Hemant Dattatray Sonawane Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Jayesh Yashwant Patil - Asst Professor
Mr. Kapil Eknath Ghuge - Lecturer
Mr. Kaustubh Uddhav Saraf Civil Lecturer
Mr. Ketan Govind Patel - Lecturer
Mr. Kiran Parasharam Mahale Mathematics Lecturer
Mr. Krishna Madhukar Dumbre Civil Lecturer
Mr. Mahendra Ashk Pawar - Asst Professor
Mr. Mahesh Babusha Shirurkar - Lecturer
Mr. Mangesh Subhash Wadatkar Electronics Lecturer
Mr. Md Imaduddin Mdqiyqmuddin Md Imaduddin - Asst Professor
Mr. Nitin Bhausaheb Aher - Lecturer
Mr. Pankaj Liladhar Patil - Asst Professor
Mr. Pradeep Ravindra Pingale - Lecturer
Mr. Prasad Rajendra Petkar - Lecturer
Mr. Rahul Gokul Thorat Mba Head Of Dept
Mr. Raman Shyamsundar Singh - Lecturer
Mr. Sagar Bhaskar Dhokale - Lecturer
Mr. Sagar Dnyaneshwar Jundare - Lecturer
Mr. Sagar Maruti Kande - Lecturer
Mr. Sagar Ramesh Jadhav - Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Vilas Shardul - Lecturer
Mr. Sanket Prabhakar Joshi - Lecturer
Mr. Santosh Yashwant Khalkar - Lecturer
Mr. Subhash Satish Patil Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Suyog Yashwant Gaware - Lecturer
Mr. Tabish Sharif` Shah - Lecturer
Mr. Tushar Ashok Bora - Lecturer
Mr. Vaibhav Bhagwanrao Maske - Lecturer
Mr. Varsha Shubhash Gawahne - Lecturer
Mr. Vidyasagar Shantaram Gawali Heat Transfer Lecturer
Mr. Vishal Bhausaheb Gavali - Lecturer
Mr. Yuoraj Prabhakar Patne - Lecturer
Mrs. Jayashree Dilip Bhoj Data Mining Asst Professor
Mrs. Jayashri Hitendra Patil - Lecturer
Mrs. Meenal Rajendra Dusane Electrical Lecturer
Mrs. Nilima Kiran Paturkar Electronics & Telecommunicatio Lecturer
Mrs. Sayali Ashok Jawale - Lecturer
Mrs. Supriya Namdeo Dighe Mathematics Lecturer
Mrs. Utkarsha Ramesh Deore Civil Lecturer
Ms. Chaitali Ramesh Shewale - Lecturer
Ms. Chaitrali Ashok Salunke - Lecturer
Ms. Dipali Suresh Bedse - Lecturer
Ms. Janki Bapusingh Pardeshi - Lecturer
Ms. Kavita Sukhdev Rajput - Lecturer
Ms. Madhuri Bhausaheb Patil Computer Lecturer
Ms. Manisha Babanrao Thakare - Lecturer
Ms. Mayuri Subhash Palde - Lecturer
Ms. Monika Babaji Murkute - Lecturer
Ms. Pooja Madan Singh - Lecturer
Ms. Pratibha Sunil Nikumbh - Lecturer
Ms. Priyanka Bhupendra Tandale Electronics Lecturer
Ms. Priyanka Rajendra Vispute - Lecturer
Ms. Rajeshwari Arun Purohit - Lecturer
Ms. Rashmi Vikram Sonawane - Asst Professor
Ms. Savita Uttam Khairnar - Lecturer
Ms. Sneha Rajendrarao Bire - Lecturer
Ms. Vidya Tulshiram Thakare - Lecturer
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Post Graduate1st Shift60
Under Graduate1st Shift14
Under Graduate1st Shift3
Under Graduate1st Shift6
Under Graduate1st Shift29
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 25 15 20 15
Room-2 100 20 25 20
Room-3 50 25 50 25
Room-4 0 0 0 0
  • Brahma Valley College Of Engineering And Reaserach Institute is one of the prestigious institute for education located at Nashik.
  • It was established in 2009.
  • It is affiliated with Pune University.
  • According to Chandrashekhar Patil, head of the college, sports and extracurricular activities are as important as education.
  • They are offering many facilities for students overall growth like Laboratory, hostel facility, industrial visit, Swim Club etc.
  • In Brahma Valley College Of Engineering And Reaserach Institute, well-educated faculty members are available for different courses to guide the students, like AJAY VITTHAL DHUMAL, AMOL YASHWANT WADGHULE, ASHWINI Hemant HARNE, BHAGYASHRI FAKIRA MORE etc.
  • You can also find the more information about this college at their website ; www.
  • You may check or write the reviews of Brahma Valley College Of Engineering And Reaserach Institute over here.
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
PROF. CHANDRASHEKHAR K. PATILAnti-Ragging CommitteeEducationBrahma Valley College Of Engineering & R. I.23-Jun-12
PROF. SURJIT A. AHIRRAOAnti-Ragging CommitteeEducationBrahma Valley College Of Engineering & Research Institute23-Sep-12
DR. SONAWANEAnti-Ragging SquadEducationBrahma Valley College Of Engineering & Research Instittute23-Jun-12
MR. PADMAKAR MORADEAnti-Ragging CommitteeMedia RepresentativeSakal News Paper23-Jun-12
PROF. CHANDRASHEKHAR PATILAnti-Ragging SquadPrincipalBrahma Valley College Of Enginnering & Research Institute23-Jun-12
MAHALE POOJA ARUNAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentBrahma Valley College Of Engineering & Research Institute23-Jun-12
GIRASE JAYDEEPKUMAR SUNILAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentBrahma Valley College Of Engineering & Research Institute23-Jun-12
CommitteeGrievance Redressal
Appointment Date26-Dec-12

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Address: Brahma Valley Campus,anjaneri, Trimbakeshwar., Nashik, Maharashtra
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Name:Chandrashekhar Patil
Joining Date:26-mar-12
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Teaching Experience:17 years
Research Experience:0 years
Industry Experience:3 years
Type of Association:Incharge
Name:Mr. Rajaram Pangavhane
Address:4,krishnavihar Apt., Behind Hotel Yahoo,sharanpur Road Nashik., Nashik, Nashik, Maharashtra, 422002
Email: Click to Write Email
Contact No: Click to View
Fax No: Click to View
Name: Nashik Gramin Shikshan Prasarak Mandal
Address: Palika Bajar Building ,near Railway Reservation Office,sharanpur Road,nashik
City: Nashik
State: Maharashtra

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