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Navsari (Gujarat)

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Campus Life in Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Tech Edu.& Res. Centre, Navsari

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Laboratry Detail

Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Basic Civil LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate-
Basic Mech System & TherodynamicsMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateModel Of Various Mech. Equipments
Cad Lab / Cam LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateWith Server & Computer,cnc Milling & Lathe
Communicaiton LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder Graduate-
Computer Lab IComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateComputer, Internet, Lan
Computer Lab IiComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateComputer, Lan
Computer Lab IiiComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateComputer, Lan
Computer Lab IvComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateComputer, Lan
Computer Lab VComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateComputer, Lan
Computer Lab ViiComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateComuter, Internet
Computer Software LabComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSoftware
Control SystemElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateLcd Digital, Multimeter, Synchro Transmitter & Receiver
Dc & Microprocesser LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateCro, Generator
Edc & Analog Circuit & Project LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateElectronics Kits Of Various Types
Electrical Machine LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateVarious Motors And Generators
Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation & Circuit Network LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateLoad Trolly, Network Therom Traineer
Elements Of Elect. EnggElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateElectrical Equipment
Engg. Mechanics LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateUniversal Testing Machine 40 T
Enviromental LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate-
Fiber Optics LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder Graduate-
Fluid Mechanics LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateGear Pump, Metacentric Height Apparatus, Pelton Wheel Turbine
Geotechnical LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate-
Heat & Mass Transfer LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHeat Transfer Convenction Apparatus
High Voltage LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHigh Voltage Transformer With Ac / Dc (rectifier) Set With Necessary Equipment
Highway Engg LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate-
I.c Engine LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateExhaust Gas Calorimeter, Hydraulic Brake Dynamometer, Single Cylinder
Material Sci. & Metallurgy LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateInverted Metallurgical Microscope
Mechanical Measurement LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateVarious Mechanical Measuring Instruments
Microprocess Lab & Plc LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate8085 Trainer Kit, Dc Motor Speed Measurment And Control Card
Physics LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateMicrometer Screw, Rheostat,
Power LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder Graduate-
Power System ProtectionElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateRadial Feeder Protection Panel Along With Wooden Table, Model Of Nuclear Reactor Plant
Refrigeration A.c LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateRegrigeration Test Rig, Conditioner Test Rig
Strength Of Material LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate-
Theory Of Machine & Triboloyg LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateStatic And Dynamic Balancing Machine
WorkshopMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateFitting, Foundry, Carpentry

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all details of diploma in mechanical engineering course
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whats your placement?,hows your studying.
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