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Nbkr Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyanagar, Nellore.

Nellore (Andhra Pradesh)

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Campus Life in Nbkr Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyanagar, Nellore., Nellore

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Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Advanced Data StructuresUnder GraduateZenith P4 Systems, 20kva Ups, Network Switches
Advanced Power Systems SimulationPost GraduateComputers, Lcd Projector, Etap, Pscad, Matlab Etc.
Alp & SmUnder GraduateIntel Core 2 Dual Systems, 20 Kva Ups, Networking Switches
C & DsUnder GraduateZenith P4 Systems, 20 Kva Ups, Networking Switches
CaadUnder GraduateComputers, Strap, Build Master, Rate Only Etc.
Communication EngineeringUnder GraduateR.p.s., R.f. Signal Generator, Pcm Modulation & Demodulation, Tdm & Pcm Trainers, Etc.
Concrete TestingUnder GraduateSchmidt Rebound Hammer, Vibrating Table, Concrete Mixer, Vee Bee Consistometer Etc.
DbmsUnder GraduateIntel Core Dual Systems, Online Ups, Networking Switches Etc.
Devices & CircuitsUnder Graduate15/20/25/50 Mhz Dual Trace Oscilloscopes, Signal, Pulse Generators, Dmm, Linear Ic Tester Etc.
Digital Signal ProcessingPost GraduateComputers, Ups 11 Kva, Dsp Trainer Kits Etc.
DynamicsUnder GraduateGyroscopic Unit, Vibration Test Rig, Whirling Of Shaft Setup Etc.
Electrical Mesuerments & CircuitsUnder Graduate1 Phase L.p.f, U.p.f. Wattmeters, Mi Ammeters, Generators,pheostats, Relays, Tachometers Etc,
Electromechanics & Power SystemsUnder GraduateCompund M.g.set, Dc Series Motors, S Pahse Squirrel Cage Induction Motors,wattmeters Etc.
ElectronicsUnder GraduateCros, Power Supplys, Singal And Pulse Generators, Digital Multimeters Etc.
Engineering GeologyUnder GraduateAquameter, Models Set, Land Forms Models Set, Globe Etc.
Environmental EngineeringUnder GraduateDigital Ph Meter, Electronic Balance, B.o.d. Incubator, Jar Test Appartus Etc.
File StructuresUnder GraduateWipro Dual Core Systems, 20 Kva On-line Ups, Network Switches
Fluid MechanicsUnder GraduateVelocity Profile, Pipe Friction, Minor Losses, Orifice, Centrifugal Pump, Triangular Notch Etc.
Geotechnical EngineeringUnder GraduateDirect Shear, Cbr Apparatus, Electronic Balance, Dynamic Cone, Swell Pressure, Universal Automa Etc.
Heat Transfer/ MmUnder GraduateEmissivity Measurement App., Heat Pipe Test Rig, Natural Convection Appar, Refriger. Test Rig Etc.
Instrumentation & Process ControlUnder GraduateOn-off Controller, Control Loops, P+i+d Controller, Ph Measurement Etc.
Machine ToolsUnder GraduateLathes, Drilling Machines, Surface Planner, Drill Tool Dynamometer, Cnc Lathe Etc.
Material TestingUnder GraduateUniversal Testing Machine, Tile Abrasion Testing Machine, Impact Tester Etc.
MatlabUnder GraduateComputers, Ups 11 Kva, Softwares Etc.
Me-iUnder GraduateJunker's Gas Calorimeter, Viscometers, Engine Models, Flash Point Apparatus, Clevelan Apparatus Etc.
Me-iiUnder GraduateAir Compressor, Diesel Engines, Smoke Meter, Exhaust Gas Analyser, Air Blower Etc.
MetrologyUnder GraduateAutocallimeter, Metallurgical Microscope, Tool Maker Microscope, Profile Projector Etc.
MicroprocessorUnder GraduateSystems, Ups 5 Kva, , Oscilloscope, 8086 Mp Kits, Stepper Motors, Power Supplies Etc.
Microwaves & Optical CommunicationUnder GraduateT.v Dynamic Demo, Antenna, Satalite Trainers, Optical Fiber & Digital Communication Trainer Etc.
OopsUnder GraduateIntel Core 2 Dual Systems, 20 Kva Ups, Networking Switches (1 Gbps)
Operating SystemsUnder GraduateAmd Systems, 20 Kva Ups, Networking Switches
Pc Based InstrumentationUnder GraduatePlc Based Level Controls, Cascade Control Trainer, Lcd Projector, Air Compressor, Etc
Pe-iUnder GraduateLathes, Shapers, Bench Grinder, Spot Weldng Machines, Surface Grinder, Univ. Sand Strength Mach Etc.
Power Electronics & Control SystemsUnder GraduateCro;s, Pulse, Signal, Function Generators, Transformers, Power Electronics Lab Equip Kit,voltme Etc.
Software Lab - 3Under GraduateIntel Core Dual Systems , 20kva Ups, 1gbps Switch Etc.
SurveyingUnder GraduateChains, Prismatic Compass, Dumpy Levels, Tilting, Surveyors Compass, Electronic Theodlite Etc.
Systems ProgrammingUnder GraduateZenith Intel Dual Core Systems, 20 Kva Ups, Networking Switches Etc.
TransducerUnder GraduateRtd Module, Torque Measurement Trainer, Strian Measurement, Load Cell Trainer Module Etc.
Transportation EngineeringUnder GraduateMashall Stability Test Apparatus, Ductility Test Apparatus, Flash & Fire Point Apparatus Etc.
Unix & MatlabPost GraduateComputer - 33, Ansys, Autodesk Softwares, Ironcad, Edgecam, Lcd Projector, Ups, Printers Etc.
WorkshopUnder GraduateWood Planner, Working Benches With Vices For Fitting, Vices For Carpentry, Welding Machines Etc.

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0 # Vivaan Older than three months
Hello, I am from Nellore, I want to be choreographer as I am fond of dance, plz suggest good institutes for it
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0 # lakshmi prasanna Older than three months
sir my rank is 555 in oc candidate.shall i got seat in power systems in ur college
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0 # lakshmi prasanna Older than three months
sir my rank is 555 in electrical paper and am oc candidate.shall i get mtech seat in in ur college in power systems
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+1 # Lakshmi Older than three months
Sir, My name is Lakshmi. I comes under BC-B .I got 20176 rank in Eamcet. Can I get seat in your college with my Eamcet rank and reservation criteria?
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0 # sai kiran Older than three months
my groups marka in inter is 430/600 and my marka in eancet is 55 im oc my rank is 70000+ can i get seat in mechanical
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