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Rattan Institute Of Technology & Management, Palwal

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79-km Stone, Nh-2, Mundkati Chowk Village-saveli, Teh- Hodal, Distt.-palwal, Palwal, Haryana
Affiliated FromMaharshi Dayanand University
Bechlor/MastersBachelors & Masters
Established In2008
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Mechanical and Automation Engineering)
Full Time Rs. 74,000 Annually 4 Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Civil Engineering
Full Time Rs. 74,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Computer Science And Engineering
Full Time Rs. 74,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Electrical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 74,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Electronics & Communication Engineering
Full Time Rs. 74,000 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] - Mechanical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 74,000 Annually 4Years
Master of Business Administration [MBA]
Full Time Rs. 65,000 Annually 2 Years
Master of Technology [M.Tech] - Structural Engineering
Full Time Rs. 73,500 Annually 2 Years
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 2831 18520 55 20
Mba 725 3810 24 24
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  2. > To check the list of present faculties of this college, please check the website of this college.
Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Abhinav Sharma - Lecturer
Ajay Singh Engg. Lecturer
Amar Dutt Pant Chemistry Lecturer
Amit Sharma Engg Lecturer
Anita Rani Cse Lecturer
Arti Teotia - Lecturer
Babita Chaudhary - Lecturer
Charush Kumar Structral Engg Asst Professor
Dalbeer Kumar Engg Lecturer
Dimple Arora Mgmt. Head Of Dept
Dinesh Kumar Engg. Lecturer
Dushyant Kumar Cse Lecturer
Guddu Singh Ce Asst Professor
Hareram Prasad Mba Asst Professor
Harkesh Goyal - Lecturer
Jyoti Kalra Engg. Lecturer
Kulbir Singh Me Lecturer
Kusumlata Nagar - Lecturer
Lal Pratap Verma - Lecturer
Mahaveer Singh Cse Lecturer
Mahesh Tanwar Mba Lecturer
Manika Mangla Mba Asst Professor
Manju Dabass Engg. Lecturer (sr Scale)
Meenakshi Chawla Ece Lecturer
Monika Gaur Physics Lecturer
Naresh Kumar Dagar - Lecturer
Naveen Kumar Ce Asst Professor
Navneet Dabra Physics Associate Professor
Neeraj Fagna Engoneering Lecturer
Partap Shiv Me Lecturer
Pawan Kumar Me Lecturer
Pawan Kumar Cse Lecturer
Pawan Kumar Dagar Engg. Lecturer
Pinchu Bansal Civil Asst Professor
Poonam Deshwal Me Asst Professor
Poonam Phogaat - Lecturer
Poonam Sharma Chemistry Lecturer
Priyanka Sharma Computer Lecturer
Rajesh Kumar Ce Lecturer
Rajesh Kumar Pal Physica Asst Professor
Rajkesar Mishra Me Lecturer
Richa Aggrawal Mgmt. Lecturer
Ritu Rani It Lecturer
Rohit Malik Mechanical Engg. Lecturer
Rohtash Jakhar Engg. Lecturer
Rupesh Kumar Me Lecturer (sel Gr)
Sagar Singh Ece Lecturer
Sandeep Kumar - Lecturer
Sanjay Jain Mathematics Professor
Sanjay Singh Rohila Civil Engg Lecturer
Santosh Kumar Yadav - Asst Professor
Sarita Gulia Ce Lecturer
Satyawan Singh Malik - Lecturer (sr Scale)
Simrjeet Singh Ce Asst Professor
Varun Kumar Sikka - Lecturer
Vinay Pandey Me Lecturer
Vishav Dev Engg Lecturer (sr Scale)
Yashveer Panwar - Lecturer
Yogesh Verma It Lecturer
Miss Jyoti Duhan - Lecturer
Miss Malik Suman - Lecturer
Miss Neelam Ravish - Lecturer
Miss Neha Jain Ee Lecturer
Miss Poonam Malik - Lecturer
Miss Prem Lata Et Lecturer
Miss Sunita Devi Me Lecturer
Mr. Abdul Aziz Me Lecturer
Mr. Ajai Kumar Chaturvedi Mathjematics Professor
Mr. Amrinder Singh Civil Engg Lecturer
Mr. Anshul Bansal Civil Engg Lecturer
Mr. Balinder Ravish - Lecturer
Mr. Bhagat Singh Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Bhagirath Sharma Mech. Engg. Lecturer
Mr. Chanderkant Pant Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Chetan Bhardwaj Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Dagar Anil - Lecturer
Mr. Dalal Sonu - Lecturer
Mr. Deepak Kumar Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Deepak Mishra Fom & Mgt.app. Lecturer
Mr. Deepak Sorot Mech. Engg. Lecturer
Mr. Deepesh Duhan - Lecturer
Mr. Gautam Amit Ce Lecturer
Mr. Gundeep Bansal Civil Engg Lecturer
Mr. Gyananser Singh Ece Lecturer
Mr. Harender Bhati - Lecturer
Mr. Harinder Kumar Deshwal Mech Associate Professor
Mr. Heena Kalara Ce Lecturer
Mr. Indra Kant Mishra English Lecturer
Mr. Ismail Sidhadki - Lecturer
Mr. Kailash Chauhan Ece Lecturer
Mr. Kamal Kalara Ee Lecturer
Mr. Kamal Satia Eee Lecturer
Mr. Kishori Lal Me Lecturer
Mr. Kunal Kumar Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Laxman Atri Ce Lecturer
Mr. Malik Deepak - Lecturer
Mr. Manisha Kumari Chauhan Ece Lecturer
Mr. Manoj Kumar Mech. Engg Lecturer
Mr. Manoj Singh Electronics Lecturer
Mr. Md Tofic Ce Lecturer
Mr. Neetu Tanwar Ee Lecturer
Mr. Omar Hamel Management Lecturer
Mr. Omprakash Bhati Ee Lecturer
Mr. Pankaj Sharma Me Lecturer
Mr. Parveen Kumar Computer Science Lecturer
Mr. Parveen Sharma Et Lecturer
Mr. Pawan Kumar Me Lecturer
Mr. Pooja Dhania Computer Science Lecturer
Mr. Radhe Shyam Tiwari Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Raghuvinder Chauhan Ece Lecturer
Mr. Raj Kumar Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Raj Kesar Mishra Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Raj Kumar Singh Computer Science Lecturer
Mr. Rajeneesh Kumar Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Ram Malik - Lecturer
Mr. Ram Nivash Ee Lecturer
Mr. Ramesh Dhanda - Lecturer
Mr. Ravinder Tanwar Computer Science Lecturer
Mr. Rishav Garg Civil Engg Associate Professor
Mr. Sanjai Singh Yadav Math Lecturer
Mr. Sanjay Sharma Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjeev Yadav Production Mgt. Lecturer
Mr. Satish Maourya Physics Lecturer
Mr. Satish Singh Physics Lecturer
Mr. Satyender Jakhar Mkt. & Business Law Lecturer
Mr. Sher Singh Phoghat Civil Engg Lecturer
Mr. Shiv Kumar Mittal Manufecturing And Autoation Lecturer
Mr. Sohan Lal - Lecturer
Mr. Sunil Kumar Ee Lecturer
Mr. Suresh Sehrawat Mechanical Ngg Lecturer
Mr. Tarun Kumar Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Vijay Dalal Me Lecturer
Mr. Vijay Kumar Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Vikas Kumar Pilania Mech.engg. Lecturer (sr Scale)
Mr. Vinod Gupta Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Vinod Kumar Sehrawat Mechanical Engg Lecturer
Mrs. Monika Deshwal Business Math Asst Professor
Mrs. Neena Godhara Electronics Engg. Lecturer (sr Scale)
Mrs. Nidhi Goyal Financial Alalysis Lecturer (sr Scale)
Mrs. Rajni Garg Chemestory Associate Professor
Mrs. Vinita Mann Ece Lecturer
Ms. Ambika Jhalan Eco Lecturer
Ms. Anita Singh Math Lecturer
Ms. Arti Kaul Management Lecturer
Ms. Asta Buckiunal Management Lecturer
Ms. Babita Chauhan Compession Mgt. Lecturer
Ms. Babita Chauhan Electronics Lecturer
Ms. Chandni Sharma Hr& Finance Lecturer
Ms. Himsweta Tewatia Management Lecturer
Ms. Jyoti Goyal Statgetic & Cost Mgt. Lecturer
Ms. Jyoti Sharma Fom & Finicial Services Lecturer
Ms. Kanika Gupta Computer Science Lecturer
Ms. Monika Gupta Computer Science Lecturer
Ms. Nisha Pandey Computer Science Lecturer
Ms. Omita Johar It And Marketing Lecturer
Ms. Poonam Goyal - Lecturer
Ms. Priyanka Kaushik Ece Lecturer
Ms. Priyanka Mittal Computer Science Lecturer
Ms. Rajesh Yadav Electronics Lecturer
Ms. Rajni Bhati Management Lecturer
Ms. Rama Singh Computer Science Lecturer
Ms. Ritu Singh Computer Science Lecturer
Ms. Ruby Gupta Computer Science Lecturer
Ms. Samiksha Mehta Computer Science Lecturer
Ms. Sandrine Dalal Management Lecturer
Ms. Sapna Aggarwal Maths Lecturer
Ms. Shalu Yadav Electronics Lecturer
Ms. Shyamlata Sharma Math Lecturer
Ms. Sonam Sethi Eee Lecturer
Ms. Swati Gaur Electronics Lecturer
Ms. Swati Yadav Hr Lecturer
Ms. Trisha Kumari Hr& Finance Lecturer
Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
AecUnder Graduate1,2 Stage Rc Coupled Amplifier, Feedback Amplifiers, Op-amp Adder & Substractor, Cro, Wave Generatio
Ai & Wd LabUnder GraduateJdk 1.3 , 60 Computer System,10 Kva One On Line Ups
Basic ElectronicsUnder GraduateDigital Trainer Kit Op-amp Trainer Kit, Discrete Kit , Cro, Function Gen Digital Multimeter , Power
Basic Of Mechanical Engg.labUnder GraduateTurbine Models, Petrol/diesel Engine Models,lifting Machine Model,boiler Models & Mounting Accessori
CadUnder Graduate30 ;cs, 5 User W Cad Licence
CsUnder GraduateAmplitude Modulation And Demodulation, Freq.mod &demod Askmod &demod, Pcm Mode, Decod, Psk Mod & Dem
Dbms LabUnder Graduate1 10kva On Line Ups,orcle 10g,printer,40 Systems
DcUnder GraduateDifferent Types Of Transmission Media, Rs232 Modem, Lan Using Tree And Star Topology
Digital ElectronicsUnder Graduate2 Kit Digital Treainer, Ome 4 Bit Synchronous/asynchronous Counter
DsaUnder GraduateC++ Software, 30 Computers Systems
DsdUnder GraduateXlin Software, Xilinx Cpld, Traffic Light, Stepper Motor, Scanning Techniques, Temperature Controlle
DspUnder Graduate20 Computers, Cro, Mat Lab,dsp Stater Kit, Function Generator
EeUnder GraduateKit Digital Trainar Kit, Disretetrainer Kit, Op-amp. Trainer Kit, Cro & Function Generator
Electrical TechnologyUnder GraduateKcl,kvl,max,power Transfer,superposition,thermin,norton Kits,two Wattmeter Method, Wad Test On A Dc
EmiUnder GraduateLudt Kit, Rtd Kit, Thermo, Couple, Electromagnetic Pic Up, Electronic Pick Up Kits, Cro
EmwsUnder GraduateLoad Test On 1 Phase Transformer, 5 Two Way Switch, Turn Ratio,short Ckt. Open Ckt.
Engg.mechanics LabUnder GraduateReciprocal Theorm Appratus,unsymetrical Bending Appratus, Coloum And Struts Appratus,curved Member A
EsdUnder Graduate89c51rd2 Embedded Trainer, Pic, Microcontroller 16f877, Optoisolated 24vdc, 26pin Frc Cable
F M(mg-9)Under GraduateCentrifugal, Reciprocating Pump Test Rig, Gear Oil Pump Testrig
F M(workshop)Under GraduatePipeloses, Reynolds Apparatus, Beronoulis Theorm,impact Of Jet ,calibration On Vertu Office, Discha
Fcpc LabUnder GraduateC++,ms Office,msdn Library,65 Systems,
Geotechnology LabUnder GraduateShrinkage Limit Set, Grain Size Analysis Apparatus, Cone Penetro Meter, Automatic Universal Penetro
Internet LabUnder GraduateLan Switches, Cpu, Motherboard, Harddisk, Ram,dvd/cd,40 Systam
LcsUnder GraduateAc Servo Speed Torqud, Closed Loop Position Control System, Stepper Motor, Pid Controller,
Material Science LabUnder GraduateSingle Disc Polish Machine, Muffle Furnace,bionocular Microscope, Grain Size Eyepiece,
MpiUnder Graduate8086 Mpi Trainer Kit-2, 8085 Mpi Trainer Kit-2
MwrUnder GraduateKlyston Source Microwave Testboveh, Gun Source, Co Carity, Cro
NmUnder GraduateC++ Software, 30 Computers
NtUnder Graduate2 Kit Cascaded Tow Part Network, 2 Kit T-type Bandpass, Bandstop, Low Pass, High Pass Filter,2 Kit
PcbUnder GraduateDrill Machine, Sharing Machine, Pcb Sheet, Soldering Iron, Led Diode, Transformer 12v, Tina Pro Soft
Satellite CommunicationUnder GraduateSatellite Communication Trainer, 25mhz Cro, 30mhz Cro, Function Generator
Soil Mechanics LabUnder GraduateLiquid Limt Device, Sieve Shaker, Sieves, Plastic Limit Set, Direct Shear Test Apparatus, Pychometer
SpgUnder Graduate2 Stake Air Compressor , Bomb Calorimeter, Dead Weight Pressore Gauge Tester.
Strentgh Of Material LabUnder GraduateUtm,cuping Machine,hardness Tester,impact Testing Machine,
Structure Analysis LabUnder GraduateCur.mamber, U.bendi, B.of Colum & Struts, Hivge Arch, 3 Hinge Arch, Trust, S.s. Beam.
Survey LabUnder GraduateTheodobte, D.level,p.table,compass R.rod, Obbset Rod, Pags, Clinoneter, Chain, M.tape.staff, A.l, To
Transportation Engg -2Under GraduateAggregate Impoet Test, Los Angles Abvasion, Deval Atlrition Test, Crushing Strength Test Apparatus,
Transportation Engg. LabUnder GraduateLength And Thickness Gauge, C.b.r., Apparatus, Abrassion Test Machine, Aggregate Impact Test Machine
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Post Graduate1st Shift4
Post Graduate1st Shift72
Diploma2nd Shift57
Diploma2nd Shift7
Diploma2nd Shift21
Post Graduate1st Shift4
Post Graduate1st Shift14
Post Graduate1st Shift26
Under Graduate1st Shift57
Under Graduate1st Shift10
Under Graduate1st Shift7
Under Graduate1st Shift3
Under Graduate1st Shift4
Under Graduate1st Shift21
Post Graduate1st Shift72
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 0 0 0 0
Room-2 0 0 15 66
Room-3 50 81 0 0
Room-4 0 0 0 0
Placement Companies:
  • Rattan Institute Of Technology & Management is one of the prestigious institute for education located at Palwal.
  • It was established in 2008.
  • It is affiliated with Maharshi Dayanand University.
  • For campus placement, a decent number of companies are visiting the campus like Kotak Group.
  • According to Anil Kumar Singhal, head of the college, sports and extracurricular activities are as important as education.
  • They are offering many facilities for students overall growth like sports, library, hostel facility, industrial visit etc.
  • In Rattan Institute Of Technology & Management, well-educated faculty members are available for different courses to guide the students, like ABHINAV SHARMA, AJAY SINGH, AMAR DUTT PANT, AMIT SHARMA etc.
  • You can also find the more information about this college at their website http://www.rattainstitute.ac.in
  • You may check or write the reviews of Rattan Institute Of Technology & Management over here.
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
Mr. K.S. ChauhanAnti-Ragging CommitteeAdministrative DirectorRitm10-Jun-12
Mr. Rishav GargAnti-Ragging SquadAssociate Prof.Ritm10-Jun-12
NameDr. Naseem
Appointment Date01-Sep-12
AddressM.D.U., Rohtak

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Address: 79-km Stone, Nh-2, Mundkati Chowk Village-saveli, Teh- Hodal, Distt.-palwal, Palwal, Haryana
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Phone: Click to View
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Name:Anil Kumar Singhal
Joining Date:10-mar-15
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Contact No: Click to View
Teaching Experience:35 years
Research Experience:5 years
Industry Experience:0 years
Type of Association:Adhoc/contract
Name:Ms. Suresh Kumari Sehrawat
Address:R.i.t.m, V.p.o.-saveli, Teh -hodal Distt.- Palwal 121106, Palwal, Palwal, Haryana, 121106
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Contact No: Click to View
Fax No: Click to View
Name: Rattan Singh Charitable And Educational Society
Address: H.no-1583, Sec-7e, Faridabad
City: Faridabad
State: Haryana
Website: Www.rattangroup.org

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Hello, I want to do B.Tech, please let me know the entrance exam for engineering and also suggest me some best engineering colleges of Palwal
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Hii, If you want to take admission in IITs or NITs you would have to appear in JEE MAINS, after clearing it, you can get NITs according to rank and for IITs after clearing JEE MAINS, you would have to appear in JEE Advanced, other best engineering colleges in Palwal are Satya College Of Engineering & Technology, Advanced College Of Technology & Management, Rattan Institute Of Technology & Management, Delhi College Of Technology & Management
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