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Campus Life in Government Engineering College-Patan, Patan

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Hostel Detail

Room-1 Room-2 Room-3 Room-4
AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea
Boys 0 0 0 0 40 24 0 0
Girls 0 0 0 0 40 24 0 0

Library Detail

Programme No. of Titles No. of Volumes No. of National Journals No. of International Journals
Engineering 1300 9913 6 1

Laboratry Detail

Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Building ConstructionCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateModels And Foundation , Scaffolding Doors, Windows And Caissons
Computer LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateAcer Computer System, Sis Computer System,dell Computer System
Cad/camMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateCnc Lathe Machine Trainer, Pro-e Software, Master Cam Software,vertical Machining Centre,computer
Compute Lab-3Computer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateAcer Pc P-iv New Total No. 24
Computer Lab-1Computer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHcl Pc P-iv Total No. 40
Computer Lab-2Computer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateAcer Pc P-iv Total No 60
Computer Lab-4Computer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSis Amd Thenon 2 2.81ghz Total Pc 40
Computer Lab-5Computer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSis Amd Thenon 2 2.8ghz Total Pc 35
Concrete TechnologyCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduatePlateform Vibrator, Cement Autoclave
Eee-controlElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateMeters, Synchro Trans-receiver
Electronics CommunicationElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateAnalog Trainer, Digital Trainer Antennna Trainer ,spectrum Analyzer,satellite Trainerl
EmbeddedElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateArm-7 Microcontroller Trainer, Dsp Trainer Kit, 8085,8051 Trainer Kit, Fpga Trainer, Acer Computer S
Environmental EnggCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateBod Indicator, Cod Apparatus, Digital Ph Meter, Tds Meter
Fluid MechanicsCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHydralic Bench, Hele Shaw Apparatus, Electrical Analog Appratus
Fluid Power Engg.Mechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateKaplan Turbine Test Rig, Pelton Turbine Test Rig, Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor Test Rig
High FrequencyElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateFiber Optic Trainer, Microwave Bench, Transmitter Analyzer, Acer Computer System,gsm And Dso
HvElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHv Tester, R,c Divider
HydrologyCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateRain Gauge
Kinematics & DynamicsMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateCam Analysis Apparatus, Epycyclic Gear Train Apparatus, Gyroscope With Motor, Universal Governor
M.o.s.Civil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateIzod Cumcharpy Machine Universal Testing Machine Compression Testing Machine
MachinesElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateMeters,ac-dc Machines
MetrologyMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateThermocouple Calibration Test Rig,outside Micrometer, Sine Bar, Vernier Caliper,dead Weight Pressure
MettalurgyMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateMettalurgical Microscope
Processor-electronics-measurementElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDigital, Linear,power Electronics Kits, 8085,8086,8051 Kits
ProtectionElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateGenerator,motor, Feeder Protection Units
Soil MechanicsCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateUnconfined Comp, Direct Shear, Consolodation , Cbr Test,seive Shakers Plate Bearing, Permeability
SurveyingCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDigital Planimeter, Total Station, Theodolite,prismatic Compass
Thermal Engg.Mechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateWater Cooler & Ac, Air Conditioning Test Rig, Plate Type Heat Exchanger Appratus.
Transportaion EnggCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDeval Abrasion Machine,ductility Machine ,digital Marshal Stability Apparatus,cbr Testing Machine
Work ShopMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHydraulic Hacksaw,shaping, Sigma All Geared Precision Lathe,universal Milling Machine,dynamometer
Refrigeration And Air ConditioningMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateAir Conditioning Test Rig,domestic Refrigerator, Refrigerrator Service Tool, Vapor Absorption Refri.

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