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Universal College of Engineering and Research, Pune

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Gat No. 430, Sasewadi, Taluka - Bhor,, Pune, Maharashtra
Affiliated FromPune University
Established In2010
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Civil Engineering
Full Time Rs. 19,675 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Computer Engineering
Full Time Rs. 19,675 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Electrical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 19,675 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Electronics & Telecom Engineering
Full Time Rs. 19,675 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Mechanical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 19,675 Annually 4Years
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 2400 14000 52 0
  1. > This is the list of full time faculties, part time faculties and guest faculties of this college.
  2. > To check the list of present faculties of this college, please check the website of this college.
Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Dr. Chandrakant Laxman Prabhune Mechanical Engineering Principal
Miss Harshada Ashok Bhadane Civil Engineering Lecturer
Miss Madhuri Madhukar Bijamwar E & Tc Lecturer
Mr. Abasaheb Bandajirao Ghumare Mathematics Associate Professor
Mr. Abhijeet Ganpatrao Chavan Mechanical Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Abhijit Pandurang Bhosale E&tc Asst Professor
Mr. Amit Anandrao Karanje - Asst Professor
Mr. Arunkumar Machindra Panchal Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Atul Bhaurao Lokhande Vlsi And Embded System Asst Professor
Mr. Babasaheb Shankar Kamble Computer Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Bala Subramanyam . C V Signal Processing Asst Professor
Mr. Balaji Chandrakant Kamble English Asst Professor
Mr. Bharat Asaram Kaldate Electrical Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Chetan Baburao Vharkate Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Deepak Uttamrao Patil Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Dhiraj Gulab Walhekar Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Eknath Khemchand Rathod Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Gajanan Yeshwantrao Bhide Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Kiran Suresh Patil Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Mahendra Sukhdeorao Thakare Vlsi And Embded System Asst Professor
Mr. Mahesh Avinash Tanpure Mechanicalengineering Lecturer
Mr. Mangesh Daji Kevadkar Civil Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Mangesh Kishor Sharma Civil Lecturer
Mr. Mohan Sajjan Deshmukh - Lecturer
Mr. Navnath Laxman Kadhane Electrical Lecturer
Mr. Neeraj Arun Gangurde Civil Lecturer
Mr. Payal Vishnupant Shinde Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Piyush Balkrishna Bhangare Electrical Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Prabhakar Chandrakant Shivtare Civil Lecturer
Mr. Pramod Anandrao Deshmukh Mechanical Professor
Mr. Prasad Raosaheb Patil E. & Tc Asst Professor
Mr. Prashant Bajrang Dongare Computer Enginering Asst Professor
Mr. Pravin Sampatrao Nagare Mechnical Lecturer
Mr. Rohan Pradeep Shinde Electrical Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Sachin Mohan Kalel Civil Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Sachin Suresh Sawant Electricalengineering Associate Professor
Mr. Sagar Gopichand Khomane Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Sandip Babasaheb Hankare Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Sangram Ramdas Gholve Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Shriram Mapari Engineering Mathematics Lecturer
Mr. Shivraj Arun Ransing Heat Power Asst Professor
Mr. Shreyas Rajendra Satpute Enviormental Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Shrikant Surendra Kasar Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Sonal Ramesh Sawant Design Asst Professor
Mr. Sujit Ramchandra Sawant Mechanical Engg Asst Professor
Mr. Sunil Vasudeo Navale Structural Associate Professor
Mr. Suraj Mallappa Alage Machine Design Asst Professor
Mr. Surykant Shankar Kumbhar Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Sushilkumar Siddharth Salve Signal Processing Asst Professor
Mr. Swapnil Bapusaheb Lande Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Swapnil Sureshrao Sable Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Tushar Pradip Atole Engineering Mathematics Lecturer
Mr. Videet Madhusudan Deshmukh Civil Engineering Lecturer
Mr. Vikas Bhanudas Bawake Mathematics Lecturer
Mr. Vikas Narayan Nandgaonkar Computer Asst Professor
Mr. Virendra Bhanudas Nikam Electronics & Telecommunicatio Asst Professor
Mrs. Neelam Vishal Puri Computer Data Structure Lecturer
Mrs. Renuka Jayant Deshpande E&tc Lecturer
Mrs. Revati Abhinandan Patil Electronics And Telecommunicat Asst Professor
Ms. Aarti Digvijay Patil E. & Tc. Asst Professor
Ms. Apurva Anil Fursule Civil Lecturer
Ms. Bhagyashri Anil Kulkarni Electrical Engineering Asst Professor
Ms. Chaitali Anandrao Gore Mechanical Asst Professor
Ms. Deepali Dharmaraj Deshmukh Computer Engg. Lecturer
Ms. Dipali Maulesh Raval Electrical Asst Professor
Ms. Madhavi Anandrao Indalkar Computer Engineering Asst Professor
Ms. Manjusha Milind Kadam E&tc Engg Lecturer
Ms. Meera Amod Deshmukh First Year Engineering Asst Professor
Ms. Neha Avinash Zope Electrical Lecturer
Ms. Nikita Barku Mahajan Computer Engg Lecturer
Ms. Pallavi Dilip Pawar - Lecturer
Ms. Pooja A Singh Lamba E & Tc Engineering Asst Professor
Ms. Poonam Chandrakant Patil Electrical Lecturer
Ms. Priyanka Dattatray Patil E&tc Asst Professor
Ms. Priyanka Vasant Sondkar E. & Tc Asst Professor
Ms. Ratnaprabha Balaso Patil Physics Asst Professor
Ms. Sangita Anilrao Patil Mechanical Engineering Asst Professor
Ms. Shilpa Arunrao Hatwar E. & Tc Asst Professor
Ms. Shruti Shankar Udameeshi - Asst Professor
Ms. Shweta Gajanan Malvi Computeer Asst Professor
Ms. Snehal Shrikant Lawand Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Ms. Snehlata Dattatraya Handrale - Asst Professor
Ms. Sonali Shrinivas Mantati Design Asst Professor
Ms. Sonam Rajendraprasad Yadav Computer Engg. Lecturer
Ms. Surekha Rameshrao Raut Vlsi & Embedded Systems Lecturer
Ms. Suvarna Gajanan Patil Computer Asst Professor
Ms. Swati Appaso Killedar Electrical Lecturer
Ms. Vishakha Pandit Padmawar Civil Asst Professor
Ms. Vishakha Vishwanath Jogdand - Lecturer
Ms. Vrushali Prasad Phale Electronics And Telecom. Asst Professor
Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Analog And Digital Electronics LabUnder GraduateMicroprocessor Kit, Cro, Fg Ic Tester, Multimeter
Applied Thermodynamics LabUnder GraduateBomb Calorimeter,multi Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor,four Gas Analyser
Basic Electrical Engg. LabUnder GraduateExperimental Kits For Kcl & Kvl,dc/ac Volt Meter,dc/ac Volt Ameter,3phase Auto Transformer
Basic Mechanical Engg. LabUnder GraduateModle Of Bobcock & Wilcox Boiler,model Of Lancashire Boiler,refrigerator
Chemistry LabUnder GraduateMuffle Furnace,water Distilation Anaappratus,hot Air Oven,digital Photo Colorimeter,chromatometer,
Comp Center Server RoomUnder GraduateSwitch, Rack, Server, Printer
Computer CenterUnder GraduateComputers 80 Nos, Switches, Printers06, Wall Rack Ups 20 Kva
Concrete Technology Lab.Under GraduateVibrating Table, Concrete Mixer
Control System - IUnder GraduateSoftware Pid Controller
Data Basement Management LabUnder GraduateDesktop Pc, Switch, Printer
Digital Electronics Lab.Under GraduateDigital Kits, Multimeter, Ic Tester
Digital Signal Processing LabUnder GraduateComputer 25nos,ups10kva,printer 02 Nos,antivirus Soft,leaseline-1mbps,laser Printer 01nos.
Drawing Hall I & IiUnder GraduateWooden Objects Drawing Model-dissectet-01 Set Model Of Plane, Wooden Inter Penetration Of Solids
Electrical Installation Maintenance TechniqueUnder Graduate-
Electrical Machine Lab-iiUnder GraduateAmitor Dc, Amiter Ac, Volt Meter Dc, Voltmeter Ac, Dol Starter,3.starter, 3 Hp Stunt Motor,
Electrical Machine Lab - IUnder GraduateSingle Phase Trns.2kva 230volts/115vloding Rheostat 230volts 20a 10 Steps
Electrical Measurements& Instrument LabUnder Graduate3phase Varaic,3phase Loading Rheostat Delta,ct25/5 A,vat Meter,
Electronics Software Lab. (computer)Under GraduatePc, Printer, Ups, Software, Protues Tanner Multisim
Engineering Geology LabUnder GraduateMinerology & Rock Samples
Engineering Mechanics LabUnder GraduateParallel Force Apparatus(compound Beam),parallel Force Apparatus(simple Beam), Polygon Force Apparat
Fluid Mechanics CivilUnder GraduateWind Tunnel, Tilting Flume, Pelton Turbine
Fluid Mechanics LabUnder GraduateBernoullis Theorum Apparatus,flow Over Notches,calebration Of Venturi Meter
Geotechnanical Engineering LabUnder GraduateTry Axial Set,confined Compression Test Machine
Heat Transfer Lab.Under GraduatePin-fin Appratus, Emissivity Mesurement, Heat Pipe Apparatus, Pool Boiling (critical Heat Flux
Ic Engin LabUnder GraduateComputrised Research Engin Setup, Trial On 3 Celender Petrol Engin, Fuel Supply System For Disel
Language LabUnder GraduateComputers 11 Nos., Etnl Software
Material Science LabUnder GraduateExperimental Kit To Measure Dielectrical Strength Of Input Supply,experimental Kit To Obtian Hystere
Matrology And Quality ControlUnder GraduateProfile Projector, Floating Carriage
Mdcg / GmUnder GraduateCero, H.p. Plotter,
MechatronicsUnder GraduateA To D - D To A Converter, Switches And Relays
Metallurgy LabUnder GraduateDouble Disc Polishing Machins,1150c Working Temp. Ht Furnace
Microcontroller / Embedded System Lab.Under Graduate8951, Pic Kits, Interfacing Cards, Power Supply
Microcontroller And ApplicationsUnder GraduateMicrocontroller Kit
Network & Power Lab.Under GraduateKits, Multimeter, Power Scope, Power Supply Etc
Network AnalysisUnder GraduateSuperposition Therem On Ac Circuits,cro 30mhz (04 Nos) Decade Capicitance Box(05 Nos)
Network LabUnder GraduateDesktop, Pc, Switch, Printer
Object Oriented Programming LabUnder GraduateComputers 25 Nos,dmp Printers 02,networking,furniture,networking,laser Printer
Physics LabUnder GraduateNewton's Ring Builtin Setup,to Verify Cosine Square Law Of Malus For Plane Polarised Light Using
Power ElectronicsUnder GraduateCro, F.g.
Power System-iiUnder GraduateMatalab Software Machine
Programming Language LabUnder GraduateComputers 25 Nos,dmp Printers 02,networking,furniture
Refrigeraton And Air ConditioningUnder GraduateRefrigeration Testing, Ice Plant Testing, Vapour Absorbtion Test Rig
Semiconductor Devices & Integrated Circuits Lab.Under GraduateCro, Fg, Dso, Kits, Multimeter, Power Supply Single Dual Mode
Server Room MainUnder GraduateServer. Switch, Rack, Color, Printer
Strength Of MaterialsUnder GraduateUtm (100 Tonne), Abration Testing (motorised),torsion Testing Machine
Survey StoreUnder GraduateTotal Station, 1" Theodolite
Test And Measurement Lab.Under GraduateSpectrum Analyzer, Fg, Frequency Counter P.s. Multimeter
Theory Of Machine Lab-iUnder GraduateByfilar & Trifilar Suspension Appartus,compound Pendulum Apartus,universal Vibration Apparatus
Turbo MachineUnder GraduateFranis Turbine
WorkshopUnder GraduateLite Duty Leath Machine,(along With All Acessories),all Geared Lathe,angle Grinder 4inchess
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Diploma2nd Shift10
Diploma2nd Shift6
Diploma2nd Shift51
Ug 2nd Yr Direct1st Shift10
Ug 2nd Yr Direct1st Shift6
Ug 2nd Yr Direct1st Shift51
Under Graduate1st Shift10
Under Graduate1st Shift10
Under Graduate1st Shift1
Under Graduate1st Shift6
Under Graduate1st Shift51
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 0 0 0 0
Room-2 0 0 0 0
Room-3 0 0 0 0
Room-4 40 35 10 35
Placement Cell ExistYes
  • Universal College of Engineering and Research is one of the prestigious institute for education located at Pune.
  • It was established in 2010.
  • It is affiliated with Pune University.
  • According to Dr. Chandrakant Prabhune, head of the college, sports and extracurricular activities are as important as education.
  • They are offering many facilities for students overall growth like sports, fully Wi-fi campus, hostel facility, T.V room etc.
  • In Universal College of Engineering and Research, well-educated faculty members are available for different courses to guide the students, like Dr. CHANDRAKANT LAXMAN PRABHUNE, Miss HARSHADA ASHOK BHADANE, Miss MADHURI MADHUKAR BIJAMWAR, Mr. ABASAHEB BANDAJIRAO GHUMARE etc.
  • You can also find the more information about this college at their website http://www.ucoer.edu.in
  • You may check or write the reviews of Universal College of Engineering and Research over here.
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
Dr. Chandrakant L. PrabhuneAnti-Ragging SquadPrincipalPrincipal Ucoer15-Sep-15
Prof. V. B. NikamAnti-Ragging SquadAssistant Professor UcoerAssistant Professor Ucoer15-Sep-15
Prof. S. M. AlageAnti-Ragging SquadAssistant ProfessorAssistant Professor Ucoer15-Sep-15
Prof. B. S. KambleAnti-Ragging SquadAssistant Professor UcoerAssistant Professor Ucoer15-Sep-15
Mr. Dhakane S. SAnti-Ragging SquadOffice SuperintendentOffice Superintendent Ucoer15-Sep-15
Mr. S. M. MahanvarAnti-Ragging SquadSenior Clerk,Senior Clerk Ucoer15-Sep-15
Mr. Rajesh ShindeAnti-Ragging SquadParentService15-Sep-15
Ms. Pawar KomalAnti-Ragging SquadStudentStudent Ucoer15-Sep-15
Mr. Pol Sandesh DadasoAnti-Ragging SquadStudentStudent Ucoer15-Sep-15
Dr. Chandrakant L. PrabhuneAnti-Ragging CommitteeHead Fo InstitutionPrincipal Ucoer15-Sep-15
Prof. M. D. KevadkarAnti-Ragging CommitteeRepresentative Of Civil & Police AdministrationAssistant Professor Ucoer15-Sep-15
Mr. Wadkar D. MAnti-Ragging CommitteeNgo Representative In Youth ActivitiesService15-Sep-15
Prof. S. M. AlageAnti-Ragging CommitteeRepresentative Of StaffAssistant Professor Ucoer15-Sep-15
Prof. Ms. R. B. PatilAnti-Ragging SquadRepresentative Of StaffAssistant Professor Ucoer15-Sep-15
Mr. Dhakane S. SAnti-Ragging CommitteeRepresentative Of Non- Teaching StaffOffice Suptd. Ucoer15-Sep-15
Mr. Nikam Y. MAnti-Ragging CommitteeRepreaentative Of Non- TeachingLab. Assistant15-Sep-15
Prof. V. N. NandgaonkarAnti-Ragging CommitteeRepresentative Of StaffAssistant Professor Ucoer15-Sep-15
Mr. Rajesh ShindeAnti-Ragging CommitteeRepresentative Of ParentsService15-Sep-15
Mr. Chavan Akshaykumar A.Anti-Ragging CommitteeBoys Student RepresentativeStudent Ucoer15-Sep-15
Ms. Pande ShwetaAnti-Ragging CommitteeGirls Sutdent RepresentativeSudent Ucoer15-Sep-15
NameAdv. Shrikant Narayan Patil
CommitteeGrievance Redressal
Appointment Date21-Dec-12
AddressC-45, Swapna Nagari, Karve Road, Near Ayurved Rasashala, Pune - 411004.

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Address: Gat No. 430, Sasewadi, Taluka - Bhor,, Pune, Maharashtra
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Name:Dr. Chandrakant Prabhune
Joining Date:01-jan-14
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Teaching Experience:32 years
Research Experience:0 years
Industry Experience:2 years
Type of Association:Regular
Name:Mr. Sajjan Deshmukh
Address:Flat No. 12,bldg. No. H-8, Sakal Nagar, Aundh, Pune, Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, 411007
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Name: Prerana Pratishthan
Address: 134, Shaniwar Peth ,prerana Society , Flat No.7
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Website: Www.prerana-pratishthan.in

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