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Vidya Prasarini Sabha's College Of Engineering & Technology, Lonavala, Pune

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Gat No. 685, Mouje - Vaksai, Tah.- Maval, Dist.- Pune, Pune, Maharashtra
Established In2013
Full Time र 53320 Annually 4 years
Full Time र 53320 Annually 4 years
Mechanical Engineering
Full Time र 53320 Annually 4 years
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 723 5172 30 0
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Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Mr. Prakash Manohar Bapat 0 Principal
Miss Arti Madanlal Lunavat 0 Asst Professor
Miss Dhanashri Sambhaji Hulavale Computer Asst Professor
Miss Leena Maroti Sardesai Mechanical Asst Professor
Miss Monika Aniket Naigaonkar Oraginc Chemisrty Asst Professor
Miss Nilina Ravindra Dasale Civil Asst Professor
Miss Pooja Deepak Shintre - Asst Professor
Miss Poonam Suresh Gujrathi Electronics & Telecommunicatio Asst Professor
Miss Pournima Laxmanrao Gaikwad - Asst Professor
Miss Priya Kishor Uthape - Asst Professor
Miss Puja Kailash Waghmare Mechanical Asst Professor
Miss Seema Balasaheb Nimbalkar Civil Asst Professor
Miss Shatabdi Avindra Wankhede Computer Asst Professor
Miss Shital Bharat Thorve - Asst Professor
Miss Shweta Tukaramji Belsare Civil Asst Professor
Miss Sonali Madhusudan Shinde - Asst Professor
Miss Supriya Sharanbasappa Hasarmani Extc Asst Professor
Miss Swati Subhash Thokal Copmuter Asst Professor
Miss Tanuja Sambhaji Hulawade Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Abhijit Arun Narsade - Asst Professor
Mr. Abhikhek Prabhakar Nimbalkar Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Ajay Vinayak Zagade Echanical Asst Professor
Mr. Ajinkya Sitaram Vaidya Computer Asst Professor
Mr. Altamas Anwar Husain Sheikh Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Anil Anantkumar Bhisade Computer Asst Professor
Mr. Ankush Ashok Shirbhate Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Ashutosh Arvind Banavadikar Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Atul Bhaurao Lokhande Extc Asst Professor
Mr. Atul Sudhakar Shinde - Asst Professor
Mr. Awadesh Kumar Gupta 0 Asst Professor
Mr. Dattatraya Rambhau Irole 0 Asst Professor
Mr. Dhyaneshwar Dhanaj Kharnar 0 Asst Professor
Mr. Dinesh Kshaorao Kature Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Hassain Bavasab Shaikh Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Malikraj Marotirao Kayankastur Extc Asst Professor
Mr. Mukul Gautam Warghate Extc Asst Professor
Mr. Nies Randra Deshmukh Copmuter Asst Professor
Mr. Nilesh Narayan Ghorpade Computer Asst Professor
Mr. Nitin Sampat Abhale - Asst Professor
Mr. Pakaj Ashok Dhurandar Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Pankaj Prabhakar Virkar Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Pradi Digabar Choudhari Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Pradip Akash Shere Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Rakesh Rupan Kumbhar Physics Asst Professor
Mr. Ranjit Sureshrao Sayare 0 Asst Professor
Mr. Ravannath Pralhad Nale Mechanical Design Asst Professor
Mr. Ravindra Prabhu Tope Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Ritesh Vilasrao Vadhurkar Extc Asst Professor
Mr. Sameer Ganesh Dhanorkar - Asst Professor
Mr. Sandip Shivajirao Nagre - Asst Professor
Mr. Sapna Sureshrao Kukde Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Shashidhar Channappa Honnihalli Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Suhas Gitaram Popale Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Suhas Shrikant Desai Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Tejas Ravikant Patil Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Vallabh Vijayanand Shinde Physics Asst Professor
Mr. Vikas Bhanudas Bawak - Asst Professor
Mr. Vitthal Limbajirao Kalbande Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Vivekanand Mallayya Virakthamatha Mechanical Asst Professor
Mrs. Arti Sumeet Bathiya Microwave Engg Asst Professor
Mrs. Sangeeta Saswati Mohapatra Computer Asst Professor
Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
First Year LabUnder GraduatePhysics, Chemistry, Elec., Basic Civil, Mech. Lab, Basic Elect. Engg., Workshop, Charts, Basic Mech.
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Under Graduate1st Shift6
Under Graduate1st Shift5
Under Graduate1st Shift7
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 0 0 0 0
Room-2 0 0 0 0
Room-3 100 30 100 30
Room-4 0 0 0 0
  • Vidya Prasarini Sabha's College Of Engineering & Technology, Lonavala is one of the prestigious institute for education located at Pune.
  • It was established in 2013.
  • According to Prakash Bapat, head of the college, sports and extracurricular activities are as important as education.
  • They are offering many facilities for students overall growth like sports, Laboratory, hostel facility, industrial visit etc.
  • In Vidya Prasarini Sabha's College Of Engineering & Technology, Lonavala, well-educated faculty members are available for different courses to guide the students, like Mr. PRAKASH MANOHAR BAPAT, Miss ARTI MADANLAL LUNAVAT, Miss DHANASHRI SAMBHAJI HULAVALE, Miss LEENA MAROTI SARDESAI etc.
  • You can also find the more information about this college at their website
  • You may check or write the reviews of Vidya Prasarini Sabha's College Of Engineering & Technology, Lonavala over here.
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
Mr Rakesh R. KumbharAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfeserVps College Of Engineering & Technology08-Jan-13
Mrs. Monika Aniket NaigaonkarAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfeserVps College Of Engineering & Technology02-Jun-14
Mr. Nilesh Ravindra DeshmukhAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfeserVps College Of Engineering & Technology01-Aug-13
Mr. Ashutosh Arvind BanavadikarAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfeserVps College Of Engineering & Technology01-Jun-15
Dr. Prakash Manohar BapatAnti-Ragging CommitteePrincipalVps College Of Engineering & Trchnology22-Oct-13
Mrs. Sweta Tukaramji BelsareAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfeserVps College Of Engineering & Technology01-Jun-15
Mr. Neelesh JolheAnti-Ragging CommitteeRegistrarVps College Of Engineering & Technology09-Jul-13
CommitteeGrievance Redressal
Appointment Date26-Dec-12

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Address: Gat No. 685, Mouje - Vaksai, Tah.- Maval, Dist.- Pune, Pune, Maharashtra
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Name:Prakash Bapat
Joining Date:22-oct-13
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Teaching Experience:37 years
Research Experience:9 years
Industry Experience:10 years
Type of Association:Regular
Name:Mr. Govardhan Shingre
Address:19/2, T.p. Scheme, Bharat English School, Campus, Shivaji Nagar, Pune, Pune, Pune, Maharashtra, 411005
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Name: Vidya Prasarini Sabha
Address: 19/2, T.p. Scheme, Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra

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