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Birla Institute of Technology,BIT mesra Ranchi

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Mesra, Ranchi, 835 215 Jharkhand, India, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Affiliated FromDeemed University
Bechlor/MastersBachelors & Masters
Established In1955
Total Students898
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Total Faculities177
Bachelor in Business Economics [BBE]
Full Time Rs. 91,000 Annually 4 Years
Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]
Full Time Rs. 126,333 Annually 3 Years
Bachelor of Computer Applications [B.C.A.]
Full Time Rs. 126,333 Annually 3 Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Civil Engineering
Full Time Rs. 214,750 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Computer Science And Engineering
Full Time Rs. 214,750 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Electrical And Electronics Engineering
Full Time Rs. 214,750 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Electronics & Communication Engineering
Full Time Rs. 214,750 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Information Technology
Full Time Rs. 214,750 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Mechanical Engineering
Full Time Rs. 214,750 Annually 4Years
Bachelor of Engineering [B.E] - Production Engineering
Full Time Rs. 214,750 Annually 4Years
Master of Engineering [ME] (Electronics and Communication)
Full Time Rs. 187,000 Annually 2 Years
Master of Technology [M.Tech] - Computer Science
Full Time Rs. 187,000 Annually 2 Years
  1. > This is the list of full time faculties, part time faculties and guest faculties of this college.
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Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Dr. Abhijit Mustafi Image Processing, Data Mining Asst Professor
Dr. Abhimanyu Dev Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Asst Professor
Dr. Abhinav Tandon Mathematical Modelling Asst Professor
Dr. Abhinav Kumar Shandilya Consumer Behabiour Asst Professor
Dr. Ajanta Das Cse Associate Professor
Dr. Akhil Kumar Sen Material Science, Colloids Associate Professor
Dr. Akhouri Pramod Krishna Disaster Management Head Of Dept
Dr. Amar Nath Mishra Polymer Science, Water Polluti Asst Professor
Dr. Ambar Dutta Cse Asst Professor
Dr. Aminul Islam Vlsi Design And Nano Electroni Asst Professor
Dr. Amit Saran F&b Service Asst Professor
Dr. Anand Kumar Sinha Water Resources Engg. Professor
Dr. Anima Pandey Pharmacognosy Asst Professor
Dr. Animesh Ghosh Pharmaceutical Engineering Asst Professor
Dr. Anjana Dwivedi Systems Biology Asst Professor
Dr. Anjana Pradhan Ghorai Seismology Associate Professor
Dr. Anjini Kumar Tiwary Wireless Communication Asst Professor
Dr. Anup Kumar Keshri Bci, Automata, Compiler Asst Professor
Dr. Anupam Ghosh Marketing Asst Professor
Dr. Apurba Kumar Roy Fluid Mechanics Associate Professor
Dr. Arbind Kumar Mechanical Engineering Head Of Dept
Dr. Arbind Kumar Heat Power Professor
Dr. Arnab Karmakar Chemical Engg Asst Professor
Dr. Arun Kumar Structures Associate Professor
Dr. Aruna Smt Jain Jain Computer Network Data Associate Professor
Dr. Arup Choudhury Conducting Polymer And Its Nan Asst Professor
Dr. Ashish Sachan Microbial Biotechnology Asst Professor
Dr. Ashoke Sharon Drug Design And Medicinal Chem Associate Professor
Dr. Avneesh Pareek Algal Biotech Asst Professor
Dr. Balram Singh Fluid Mechanics Professor
Dr. Barij Nayan Sinha Pharmaceutical Chemistry Head Of Dept
Dr. Barnali Dasgupta Ghosh Inorganic Chemistry,material S Asst Professor
Dr. Bhaskar Karn Information System Associate Professor
Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ruidas Enhanad Oil Recorery Asst Professor
Dr. Bijay Kumar Singh Production Engg. Professor
Dr. Bikash Kanti Sarkar Data Mining, Pc Asst Professor
Dr. Bimal Verma Organic Chemistry Associate Professor
Dr. Bimal Kumar Mishra Cyber Crime Associate Professor
Dr. Bindhu Lal Environmentalengg. Associate Professor
Dr. Chandralata Bal Organic And Medicinal Chem Asst Professor
Dr. Debabrata Garai Biochemical Engg Asst Professor
Dr. Debajyoti Biswas City Planning Professor
Dr. Debomita Ghosh Power System Protection Asst Professor
Dr. Deep Shikha Biomaterial Asst Professor
Dr. Dev Mani Pandey Plant Molecular Physiology Associate Professor
Dr. Devdas Bhikulal Lata I.c. Engine Associate Professor
Dr. Dhaneshwar Mahto Heat Power Asst Professor
Dr. Dharmendra Pandey Reaction Engg. Asst Professor
Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Chand French Language Asst Professor
Dr. Dheeresh Kumar Mallick Parallal Computing Associate Professor
Dr. Dileep Kumar Upadhyay Microwave Asst Professor
Dr. Dinesh Prasad Molecular Biology, Nano Biotec Asst Professor
Dr. Dipti Prasad Mishra Heat Power Engg. Associate Professor
Dr. Ela Sinha Materials Science Asst Professor
Dr. Gadadhar Sahoo Parallel Computing, Grid Compu Professor
Dr. Gautam Sarkhel Polymer Blends & Composites Head Of Dept
Dr. Gautam Sen Environmental Chemistry Asst Professor
Dr. Gopal Pathak Environmental Engineering Head Of Dept
Dr. Gyan Kumar Agarwal Chemistry Asst Professor
Dr. Hare Ram Singh Reproductive Physiology Asst Professor
Dr. Indrajit Roy Rock Mechanics Associate Professor
Dr. Indrani Banerjee Materials Science Associate Professor
Dr. Jai Prakash Pandey Photo Electrochemistry Head Of Dept
Dr. Jawed Iqbal Water Supply And Waste Water Other
Dr. Jeeoot Singh Design Engg. Associate Professor
Dr. Jeganathan Chockalingam Remote Sensing & Gis Professor
Dr. Jitu Kujur Structural Engineering Asst Professor
Dr. Joyjeet Ghose Production Technology Associate Professor
Dr. Juthika Banerjee Technical English Asst Professor
Dr. K Jayaram Kumar Pharmacognosy Associate Professor
Dr. K Sridhar Patnaik Soft Computing,software Engg, Asst Professor
Dr. Kaushik Kumar Rapid Prototyping, Cad/cam Associate Professor
Dr. Kingshuk Bose Quantum Electronics Asst Professor
Dr. Kirti Avishek Eia, Environmenal Laws, Remote Asst Professor
Dr. Kishanta Kumar Pradhan Pharmaceutical Analysis Asst Professor
Dr. Kishore Kumar Senapati Pattern Recogntion,bioinfo Asst Professor
Dr. Koel Mukherjee Bioinformatics Asst Professor
Dr. Kumar Rajnish Software Engineering Asst Professor
Dr. Kunal Mukhopadhyay Molecular Biology Head Of Dept
Dr. Laxmi Narayan Pattanaik Production & Industrial Engg Associate Professor
Dr. Mahesh Chandra Signal Processing Associate Professor
Dr. Mandira Mukherjee Polymer Processing. Mass Trans Professor
Dr. Manik Ghosh Pharmaceutical Chemistry Asst Professor
Dr. Manish Kumar Environmental Biotechnology Asst Professor
Dr. Manjari Chakraborty Environmental Design & Sustain Head Of Dept
Dr. Manju Bhagat Human Resource Professor
Dr. Manoj Kumar Mukul Bio Medical Signal Processing Asst Professor
Dr. Mili Ghosh Lala Remote Sensing Asst Professor
Dr. Mohan Varma Rocket Propulsion Professor
Dr. Mohanraj Govindaraj Thangaraj Conducting Polymers, Sensors Asst Professor
Dr. Mrinal Mishra Monte Carlo Methods, Computati Asst Professor
Dr. Naresh Kumar Radhakrishnan Environmental Chemistry/microb Asst Professor
Dr. Neela Chattoraj Microwave Associate Professor
Dr. Neelima Sharma Biochemistry Asst Professor
Dr. Nilanchal Patel Remote Sensing Professor
Dr. Nisha Gupta Rf & Microwave Engineering Professor
Dr. Nishi Srivastava Climatology Asst Professor
Dr. Nutan Lata Nath Control System Associate Professor
Dr. Om Prakash Heat Power, Renewable Enrgy Asst Professor
Dr. Padmini Padmanabhan - Professor
Dr. Papiya Mitra Mazumder Pharmacology Associate Professor
Dr. Parashuram Thakura Power Electronics & Drives Associate Professor
Dr. Partha Mondal Aerodynamice Asst Professor
Dr. Partha Paul Optical Network Asst Professor
Dr. Poulomi Roy Nanomaterials/nanotechnology Asst Professor
Dr. Prabjot Kaur Bajaj Operational Research Asst Professor
Dr. Pradip Kar Conducting Polymer, Metal Nano Asst Professor
Dr. Praveen Mishra Fluid Mechanics, Process Model Asst Professor
Dr. Praveen Chandra Jha Managerial Economics Asst Professor
Dr. Priya Ranjan Prasad Verma Pharmaceutics Professor
Dr. R. Sukesh Kumar Digital Image Processing Professor
Dr. Rabindra Prasad Sharma Heat Power Professor
Dr. Radha Tamal Goswami Network Security Other
Dr. Rafique Ul Islam Organic Chemistry Asst Professor
Dr. Raghuraja Pandiyan Kuppusamy Polymer Composite Asst Professor
Dr. Rahul . Organic Chemistry Asst Professor
Dr. Rajeev Agrawal Production & Industrial Engg Asst Professor
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Experimental Plasma Physics Asst Professor
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Plastic Deformation Of Mat. Associate Professor
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Lal Optoelectronic Devices Asst Professor
Dr. Rajiv Kumar Propulstion Asst Professor
Dr. Raju Poddar Biophysics, Bioinformatics Asst Professor
Dr. Rakesh Chandra Jha Power System Head Of Dept
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha Biosignal Analysis Associate Professor
Dr. Ramesh Chandra Enzyme & Fermentation Associate Professor
Dr. Randhir Singh - Asst Professor
Dr. Ravi Shankar Pandey Object Oriented Modeling, Inte Asst Professor
Dr. Ravindra Nath Bhagat Marketing Professor
Dr. Rishi Sharma Plasma Thin Films, Nanotech Asst Professor
Dr. Ritesh Kumar Singh Industrial Engg. Associate Professor
Dr. Rohini Jha It Asst Professor
Dr. Rohit Kumar Pandey Marketing Asst Professor
Dr. Roop Narayan Gupta Pharmaceutics Associate Professor
Dr. Sabyasachi Roy Heat & Mass Transfer, Mhd.boun Associate Professor
Dr. Sanat Kumar Mukherjee Mat. Sci, Plasma, Thin Films Asst Professor
Dr. Sanchita Paul (chatterjee) Dna & Parallel Computing Asst Professor
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh Pharmaceutics Asst Professor
Dr. Sandeep Singh Solanki Instrumentation Associate Professor
Dr. Sandip Dutta Network Security, Biometric Head Of Dept
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Wireless Commns Associate Professor
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Jha Production & Industrial Engg Associate Professor
Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha Ion Beam Modification Of Mater Associate Professor
Dr. Sanjaya Shankar Tripathy Image Processing Asst Professor
Dr. Sanjeeb Kumar Rout Materials Science Associate Professor
Dr. Sanjeet Kumar Wireless Video Communication Asst Professor
Dr. Sankha Bhaduri Solid Mechanics Asst Professor
Dr. Saral Kumar Jain Comput. Solid Mechanics,operat Head Of Dept
Dr. Sarbani Chakraborty Instrumentation Measurement Associate Professor
Dr. Satyabrata Adhikari - Asst Professor
Dr. Satyaki Sarkar Conservation, Urban A®iol Associate Professor
Dr. Saurabh Manaswita Verma Pharmaceutical Chemistry Associate Professor
Dr. Seshadev Padhi Differetial Equation Professor
Dr. Shakti Prasad Pattanayak Pharmacology Asst Professor
Dr. Sharad Chandra Srivastava Production & Industrial Engg Associate Professor
Dr. Shashank Pushkar Optimization Asst Professor
Dr. Shashwati Ghosh Sachan Microbial Biotechnology Asst Professor
Dr. Sheela Chandra Plant Biotechnology Asst Professor
Dr. Shiveshwar Jha Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry Professor
Dr. Shradha Shivani Entrepreneurship Professor
Dr. Shubendu Naskar Inorganic Chemistry Asst Professor
Dr. Shubha Rani Sharma Animal Biotechnology Asst Professor
Dr. Siddhartha Sengupta Geotechnical Engineering Associate Professor
Dr. Sitanshu Shekhar Sahu Signal Processing, Asst Professor
Dr. Soubhik Chakraborty Music Aalgorithmic Complexity, Associate Professor
Dr. Soumya Sidhishwari Fiber Optics Lecturer
Dr. Srabani Mukhopadhyaya Computer Science Associate Professor
Dr. Subir Samanta Pharmaceutical Chemistry Professor
Dr. Sudeshna Chakravarty Geotechnical Engineering Professor
Dr. Sudhansu Kumar Mishra Signal Processing Asst Professor
Dr. Sudip Das Aerodynamics Asst Professor
Dr. Sudip Kumar Sahana Soft Computing Asst Professor
Dr. Sudipta Goswami Polymer Composites Professor
Dr. Sugato Banerjee Pharmacology Asst Professor
Dr. Sujan Kumar Saha Nlp, Machine Learning Asst Professor
Dr. Sukalyan Chakraborty Environemnatl Science & Techno Asst Professor
Dr. Sumit Mishra Environmental Chemistry Asst Professor
Dr. Sunita Keshri Solid State Physics Professor
Dr. Supriyo Roy Suppy Chain, Or, Stats Associate Professor
Dr. Suvendu Kanongo Data Mining, Pattern Recogniti Asst Professor
Dr. Swapan Konar Optoelectronics Head Of Dept
Dr. Swapan Kumar Bose Finance Professor
Dr. Swapan Kumar Chakraborty Heat & Mass Transfer, Mhd.boun Professor
Dr. Swapan Kumar Ghorai Optoelectronivcs Professor
Dr. Swastika Ganguly Pharmaceutical Chemistry Associate Professor
Dr. Swati Pandey Mathematics, Meteorology Lecturer
Dr. Syeda Darakhshan Jabeen - Asst Professor
Dr. Tanushree Bhattacharya Environmental Science Asst Professor
Dr. Tirthadip Ghose Power System Professor
Dr. Trishna Bal Pharmaceutics Asst Professor
Dr. Uma Ranjan Lal Pharmacognosy Asst Professor
Dr. Usha Jha Chemistry Professor
Dr. Utpal Baul Industrial Marketing Head Of Dept
Dr. Venkatesan Jayaprakash Pharmaceutical Chemistry Asst Professor
Dr. Vibha Rani Gupta Microwave Head Of Dept
Dr. Vijay Nath Vlsi & Embadded System Design Asst Professor
Dr. Vijay Pandey Cad/cam Associate Professor
Dr. Vijay Kumar Jha Data Mining Network Security Associate Professor
Dr. Vijaya Laxmi Control System Associate Professor
Dr. Vinay Sharma Precision Manufacturing Head Of Dept
Dr. Vinod Kumar Nigam Process Technol, Enzyme Techno Associate Professor
Dr. Virendra Singh Rathore Hydrology And Water Resource Asst Professor
Dr. Yogender Aggarwal Biomedical Modeling Asst Professor
Miss Akriti Nigam Image Processing, Ir Asst Professor
Miss Sabina Priyadarshini Digital Image Processing Asst Professor
Mr. Abhijit Nag Heat Power Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Abhisek Jana F & B Service Asst Professor
Mr. Abinash Prasad Electrical Asst Professor
Mr. Ajit Kumar Keshri Parallel & Distributed Computi Asst Professor
Mr. Amit Prakash Cse Other
Mr. Amit Kumar Tiwari Food Processing Other
Mr. Amitabh Verma It Asst Professor
Mr. Anand Kumar Shrivastava Marketing & Hr Asst Professor
Mr. Anand Prasad Sinha Marketing Lecturer (sr Scale)
Mr. Ankur Chattopadhyay Thermal Asst Professor
Mr. Anuj Kumar Toppo City Planning Asst Professor
Mr. Arkapravo Bhaumik Mechatronics Other
Mr. Arun Dayal Udai Robotics, Mechatroncs, Caad Asst Professor
Mr. Ashok Kumar Pattnaik Pharmacology Asst Professor
Mr. Ashok Kumar Thakur Metallurgy Associate Professor
Mr. Asok Kumar Ray Machine Design, Fem, Materials Professor
Mr. Bal Krishan Prabhakar Pollusion Control Asst Professor
Mr. Basab Bijoy Pal Bio Electronics & Instrumentat Associate Professor
Mr. Bidyut Kumar Chanda Database Management Syetme, So Asst Professor
Mr. Bimal Chandra Roy Urban Planning Asst Professor
Mr. Binay Kumar Industrial Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Birendra Kumar Singh Structures Associate Professor
Mr. Biswatrish Sarkar Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Asst Professor
Mr. Brij Mohan Prasad Power Electronics (hybrid Elec Asst Professor
Mr. Chelliah S Remote Sensing Asst Professor
Mr. Deepak Kumar Power Systems Asst Professor
Mr. Gajendra Kant Mishra Wireless Communication Asst Professor
Mr. Gauri Shanker Gupta Control System Asst Professor
Mr. Gautam Shandilya Retail Management Asst Professor
Mr. Hareshwar Prasad Computational Geometry Lecturer
Mr. Indradeo Ram Computer Vision, Artificial In Asst Professor
Mr. Indrajit Kumar Mukherjee Information Retrieval Asst Professor
Mr. Janardan Sahay Wirless Communication Asst Professor
Mr. Janmejoy Gupta Urban Planning Asst Professor
Mr. Kalyan Samanta Se, Dbms,compter Graphics Asst Professor
Mr. Kamal Kishore Masand Microwave Engg & Physics Associate Professor
Mr. Kamta Nath Mishra Image Processing, Biometric Sy Asst Professor
Mr. Kartik Mahto Instrumentation And Control Asst Professor
Mr. Khalid Ashraf Data Mining And Clustering Other
Mr. Koushik Paul Environmental Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Kshetrimayum Bangkim Singh Architecture & Planning Asst Professor
Mr. Lakhbir Singh Brar Caad Other
Mr. Mahendra Pratap Chopra Drug& Food Testing Asst Professor
Mr. Manish Kumar Sinha Electronics & Microwave Other
Mr. Mohan Mani Structural Engg Asst Professor
Mr. Mrinal Kumar Pathak Hr Asst Professor
Mr. Naveen Trivedi Data Mining, Data Clustering Lecturer
Mr. Neeta Kumari Sinha Wastewater Treatment Other
Mr. Niraj Kumar Singh Cse Other
Mr. Nishikant Kumar Tourism Asst Professor
Mr. Om Prakash Pandey Design Of Process Machine Asst Professor
Mr. Pranjal Kumar Front Office, Hr Other
Mr. Praveen Srivastava Front Office, Hrm Asst Professor
Mr. Prem Prakash High Voltage Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Priyank Kumar Aerodynamics Asst Professor
Mr. Priyank Saxena Image Processing Asst Professor
Mr. Pulak Datta Polymer Rheology, Polymer Proc Asst Professor
Mr. Rajan Chandra Sinha Housing,urban Planning Asst Professor
Mr. Ranadeep Mukherjee Computer Science And Engineeri Other
Mr. Ratnesh Mishra Data Communication, Computer N Asst Professor
Mr. Ritesh Jha Data Mining Asst Professor
Mr. Rohit Kamal Chatterjee Image Processing Asst Professor
Mr. Rupesh Kumar Sinha Instrumentation Lecturer
Mr. Sanjeev Srivastava F & B Service Asst Professor
Mr. Santashraya Prasad Microwave Engg. Lecturer (sr Scale)
Mr. Santosh Kumar Jha Biochem. & Bioprocess Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Shailendra Kumar Singh International Business/german Asst Professor
Mr. Shambhu Kumar Sinha Thermal Turbo Machines Associate Professor
Mr. Shubh Chandra Mishra Industrial Engineering Associate Professor
Mr. Somak Datta Manufacturing Technology Asst Professor
Mr. Somnath Sengupta Fiber Optic Sensors & Fiber Op Asst Professor
Mr. Soumya Ray - Other
Mr. Subhash Chandra Pandey Natural Computing, Soft Comput Asst Professor
Mr. Subrajeet Mohapatra Pattern Recognition, Image Pro Asst Professor
Mr. Subrat Kumar Swain Control System Asst Professor
Mr. Sudeepan Jayapalan Cad/cam/processing Asst Professor
Mr. Sudip - Kundu Microelectronics` Asst Professor
Mr. Sujeet Kumar Mishra Cad, Design, Materials Asst Professor
Mr. Sujit Kumar Chatterjee Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Sukanta Kumar Dash Instrumantation And Control Asst Professor
Mr. Sumit Srivastava Information Technology Other
Mr. Sumit Kumar Jana Fuel Dynamic, Mass Transfer Asst Professor
Mr. Supriyo Kumar Das Biomedical Electronics Lecturer (sr Scale)
Mr. Surendra Kumar Bioinstrumentation Asst Professor
Mr. Sushil Kumar Dhiman Thermal Engineering; Cfd;aerod Asst Professor
Mr. Vikas - Design Of Mechanical Equipm,en Asst Professor
Mr. Vikash Kumar Gupta Power Systems Asst Professor
Mr. Vishal H. Shah Electronics Design & Technolog Asst Professor
Mrs. Amritanjali . Bioinformatics Asst Professor
Mrs. Anita Kushwaha Database, Soft Computing Asst Professor
Mrs. Annapurna S.m. Image Processing Asst Professor
Mrs. Aparna Shukla Computational Geometry Lecturer
Mrs. Debasree Ghosh Process Control, Heat Transfer Asst Professor
Mrs. Debjani Mustafi Data Mining, Algo, Webtech Other
Mrs. Itu Snigdh Cse Asst Professor
Mrs. Prajna Parimita Dash Signal Image & Vide Processing Asst Professor
Mrs. Pratima Ekka Food Production Other
Mrs. Richa Pandey Mechatronics/cad Asst Professor
Mrs. Richa N.k. Sharma Remote Sensing, Gis Asst Professor
Mrs. Ritu Agrawal Urban Planning Asst Professor
Mrs. Sangita . Sociology Other
Mrs. Shaila Gopal Panpalia Biopharmaceutics Associate Professor
Mrs. Shamama Anwar Cse Asst Professor
Mrs. Shelly Srivastava Finance Asst Professor
Mrs. Smriti Mishra City Planning Asst Professor
Mrs. Sujata Priyambada Dash Hr Other
Mrs. Sushma Suryaprakash Kamlu Control System Asst Professor
Ms. Aparna Arun Kumar Gautam Vlsi Design Asst Professor
Ms. Rajeshwari Chatterjee Environmental Management Asst Professor
Ms. Shruti Garg Image Processing Asst Professor
Ms. Siba Mitra Wireless Sensor Network Asst Professor
Ms. Sneha Singh Biotechnology Lecturer
Ms. Swati Prasad Instrumentation And Control Asst Professor
Ranking Institute & CategoryScoreRank
MHRD-NIRF (Engineering)49.9231
MHRD-NIRF (Pharmacy)51.0912
The Week (Engineering)34918
Population Range1,000,000-5,000,000
International StudentsYes
Entity TypeNon-Profit
Academic CalendarQuarters
Campus SettingSuburban
Religious AffiliationNone
Study Abroad Exchange Programs Yes
Sport Facilities and Activities Yes
Accreditation & RecognitionUniversity Grants Commission, India
Accreditation & Recognition Year1986
Academic Structure n.a.
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Under Graduate1st Shift37
Post Graduate1st Shift4
Post Graduate1st Shift9
Post Graduate1st Shift45
Post Graduate1st Shift1
Post Graduate1st Shift16
Post Graduate1st Shift10
Post Graduate1st Shift8
Post Graduate1st Shift1
Post Graduate1st Shift7
Post Graduate1st Shift10
Post Graduate1st Shift14
Post Graduate1st Shift56
Post Graduate1st Shift9
Post Graduate1st Shift9
Post Graduate1st Shift3
Post Graduate1st Shift13
Post Graduate1st Shift11
Post Graduate1st Shift8
Post Graduate1st Shift6
Post Graduate1st Shift11
Post Graduate1st Shift9
Post Graduate1st Shift16
Under Graduate1st Shift45
Under Graduate1st Shift52
Under Graduate1st Shift37
Under Graduate1st Shift56
Under Graduate1st Shift130
Under Graduate1st Shift53
Under Graduate1st Shift116
Under Graduate1st Shift56
Under Graduate1st Shift51
Under Graduate1st Shift21
Post Graduate1st Shift63
Post Graduate1st Shift27
Post Graduate1st Shift6
Post Graduate1st Shift13
Post Graduate1st Shift13
Post Graduate1st Shift1
Post Graduate1st Shift7
Under Graduate1st Shift52
Post Graduate1st Shift3
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 2474 7 15 7
Room-2 419 14 627 17
Room-3 60 23 22 28
Room-4 0 0 0 0
Highest Package22 Lakhs
Avg. Package2.8 Lakhs
NRI Seats1
Placement Cell ExistYes
Placement Companies:
Founded in 1955, Birla Institute of Technology is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the the suburban setting of the large city of Ranchi (population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000 inhabitants), Jharkhand. This institution has also branch campuses in the following location(s): Allahabad, Noida, Jaipur, Kolkata, Patna, Deoghar, Bahrain, Muscat, Ras-Al-Khaima. Officially accredited/recognized by the University Grants Commission, India, Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) is a large (enrollment range: 10,000-14,999 students) coeducational higher education institution. Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) offers courses and programs leading to officialy recognized higher education degrees such as undergraduate certificates/diplomas, bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. This 61 years old HE institution has a selective admission policy based on entrance examinations and students' past academic record and grades. The admission rate range is 10-20% making this Indian higher education organization a most selective institution. International students are welcome to apply for enrollment. BIT also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, housing, sport facilities and/or activities, study abroad and exchange programs, as well as administrative services.
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
MR. C.K.SINGHAnti-Ragging CommitteeTech. SupTech. Supr.08-Aug-14
DR. PADMINI PADMANABHANAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeachingProfessor08-Aug-14
MR. VIAY PATHAKAnti-Ragging CommitteeEditor Of Prabhat KhabarPrabhat Khabar08-Aug-14
MR. IMANUAL SANGAAnti-Ragging CommitteeGeneral SecretaryGeneral Secretary08-Aug-14
Mr.Shams TabrezAnti-Ragging CommitteeAdc To Governor, JharkhandAdc To Governor, Jharkhand08-Aug-14
Dr. Bindu LalAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Mahesh ChandraAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. D.K.MallickAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. D.K.MallickAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. D.K.MallickAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Kartik MahtoAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Vijay LaxmiAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingProfessor08-Aug-14
Dr.(Mrs.) Sheela ChandraAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mrs.AmritanjaliAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingBit Mesra08-Aug-14
Mrs.Shruti GargAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. K.S. PatnaikAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Rajib BandopadhyayAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Kaushik KumarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Joyjeet GhoseAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Abhinav Kr. SandilyaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Amit SharanAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Sujeet MishraAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.SHIVESHWAR JHAAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingProfessor08-Aug-14
Dr.V.S.RathoreAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Ashish SachanAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Jitu KujurAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Prem PrakashAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Abhimanyu DevAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.G.K.MishraAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Manoj Kr. MukulAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Bidyut Kr.ChandaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Prof.(Mrs.)S.G.PanpaliaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.(Mrs.)S.M.VermaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Prof.(Mrs.)Annapurna S.MAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr. Priyank KumarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Binay KumarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Praveen MishraAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Biswatrish SarkarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Samrat MukherjeeAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Ashok Kr.PattnaikAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Somak DuttaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr. Priyank SaxenaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Sudeepan JAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. S.SamantaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingProfessor08-Aug-14
BIT MesraDr.Sanjay KumarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Richa PandeyAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.S.C. MishraAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Rohini JhaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Kunal MukhopadhyayAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingHead Of Dept08-Aug-14
Dr.Manish KumarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. R.N.GuptaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.S.K.RoutAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Rishi SharmaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Kishanta PradhanAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.(Mrs.)Anima PandeyAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Prof.(Mar.)Debasree GhoshAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.O.P.PandeyAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Gautam SandilyaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Raju PoddarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Santosh Kr.JhaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr. K.K. SenapatiAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Shailendra Kr. SinghAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Sanjeet KumarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. R.P.SharmaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Mahendra KumarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.P.C. JhaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mr. Vishal ShahAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Satyaki SarkarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. R.Naresh KumarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Sashwati GhoshAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Poulomi RoyAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mrs. Sujata DashAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mrs. Swati PrasadAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Indrani BanerjeeAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Mrs.Shelly SrivastavaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. DeepshikhaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Mrs.Pratibha EkkaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Bhaskar KarnAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Ramesh ChandraAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. R.C.JhaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingHead Of Dept08-Aug-14
Dr. P.R. ThakuraAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Usha JhaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingProfessor08-Aug-14
Dr.(Mrs.) Chandralata BalAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.R.K.LalAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Jeganathan ChockalingamAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingProfessor08-Aug-14
Dr. Aruna JainAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAssociate Professor08-Aug-14
Mr.Partha PaulAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr. Shashank PushkarAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
Dr.Sudip Kr.SahanaAnti-Ragging SquadTeachingAsst Professor08-Aug-14
DR. BIMAL KUMAR MISHRAAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeachingProfessor & Dean Students Welfare08-Aug-14
DR. M.K.MISHRAAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeachingVice Chancellor08-Aug-14
MRS. AJANTA SINGHAnti-Ragging CommitteeExecutive MemberWomen Comission Jharkhand08-Aug-14
DR. B.K.SinghAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeachingDean Pg&r08-Aug-14
DR. A.K.SINHAAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeachingProfessor08-Aug-14
MR. S S AKHTARAnti-Ragging CommitteeDy. RegistrarDy. Registrar08-Aug-14
MR. HARSH KUMAAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentStudent08-Aug-14
MR. SUMIT KUMAR MISHRAAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentStudent08-Aug-14
MS. MEERA RAMESHAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentStudent08-Aug-14
Mr. ANURAG GUPTAAnti-Ragging CommitteeAdgpState Of Jharkhand20-Jul-15
DR. SUKESH KUMARAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeachingDean Faculty Affairs20-Jul-15
DR. S.G. PANPALIAAnti-Ragging CommitteeTeachingAsso. Professor20-Jul-15
MR. R.P. SINGHAnti-Ragging CommitteeAdmininstrationAssistant Registrar20-Jul-15
MR MOHAN SINHAAnti-Ragging CommitteeAdministrationSr. Technical Staff20-Jul-15
MR. NIKHIL OJHAAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentStudent20-Jul-15
MS. DEBOPRIYA CHAKRABORTYAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentStudent20-Jul-15
MR. KAUSHIK HALDARAnti-Ragging CommitteeStudentPhd Scholar20-Jul-15
NameCol. A. K. Nanda
DesignationDy. Registrar
CommitteeGrievance Redressal
Appointment Date05-Dec-12
AddressC-II/8, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

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For Admission Information of BIT mesra Ranchi

Address: Mesra, Ranchi, 835 215 Jharkhand, India, Ranchi, Jharkhand
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Name:Manoj Kumar Mishra
Joining Date:22-nov-13
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Teaching Experience:39 years
Research Experience:33 years
Industry Experience:0 years
Type of Association:Regular
Name:Dr. Gadadhar Sahoo
Address:Dean, Admissions And Academic Coordination, Bit Mesra, Ranchi, Ranchi, Jharkhand, 835215
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Contact No: Click to View
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Name: Birla Institute Of Technology
Address: P.o. Mesra
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand

Ask our Counsellors


0 # puja rajput Older than three months
m pharma k liye kya qualification honi chahye
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Nishith Older than three months
What are the popular MCA entrance exams available in India and also provide the list of good MCA colleges in Ranchi?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # Priyansh Older than three months
How should I choose an institution to do my MCA course from Ranchi or some other good places?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Jahana Older than three months
For a course like MCA, you have to be careful about the betterlab environment and placement opportunities while choosing your institute. You can visit the websites of Amity, lovely Professional University, SRM etc to find out best one.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Lakshay Older than three months
For choosing the college in Ranchi or any other place, You are recommended to consider different factors like location of the institution, reputation, the availability of specialization that you are planning to take up, faculty, emphasis on research or not, toughness level of the entrance test for MCA and more importantly the placement record of the institution,
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Sneha Older than three months
Completed BCA want to do MCA What salary I will get after doing MCA from Birla Institute Of Technology - Ranchi ?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Kalpana Rajpurohit Older than three months
Hello, Birla institute provides good placement opportunities to the students. And the average salary you can get from this college is 35000 to 60000.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # j k sharma Older than three months
I want to admit in M C A
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # j k sharma Older than three months
I want to admit in your college in m c a
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-1 # subodh kumar Older than three months
dear sr i am complete BA and 20 month diploma in hardware networking er so i want take admission mca it possible
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Jahana Older than three months
You can pursue MCA. You can check the websites of JMI, Lovely Professional University, Amity for more details regarding the fee and curriculum. You can avail scholarships by appearing in the university tests in some best institutes like LPU, Amity etc. Go for the institutes providing best lab infrastructure and placements.
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+1 # krishnadas Older than three months
sir iam from kerala,pursing 2nd year BCA from bharathiar university through distant mode,is am eliglible to write MCA entrance exam ,can i get admission for MCA in BITaftrer completing BCA through distant mode
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # arpit jain Older than three months
please tell me the procedure for mca(master of computer application)
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # counselor-PriyaP Older than three months
@arpit jain - MBA Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) - Ranchi
Annual tution fees: Rs. 1,08,000 /- Academic Session Starts in June.
Admission Criteria is CAT, CMAT Total Seats: 120
Branches HR Marketing Finance
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0 # arpit jain Older than three months
I want to take admission in mca,so please tell me the procedure.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Counselor-PriyaP Older than three months
@gurpreet kaur- Birla Institute of Technology MCA Entrance Exam 2012 will be conducted by Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra; as an entrance exam for students for taking admission to MCA courseCommencement of availability of online application form: By last week of March 2012
Last Date of submitting completed online form: By first week of May 2012
Last date for submitting printouts of duly completed online forms along with Demand Drafts: By second week of May
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # gurpreet kaur Older than three months
i want to take admission MCA 2012..i m graduate with maths..plz tell me what is the process
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Dev shrawa sharma Older than three months
I Want to take admission in B B A Hons.2012-2013
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # vijay Older than three months
Dear Sir,
I have secured 1 lac and 80000 rank in AIEEE. I am from Gen category and belong to Bihar. Can I get a seat in this college. If not kindly suggest me for the same.
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0 # Himanshu Older than three months
Can I get admission in BIT by NIMCET 2012-13 Rank Card.
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