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Shri Ambabai Talim Sansthas Sanjay Bhokare Group of Institutes, Sangli

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Tilaknagar, Post-wanlesswadi,, Sangli, Maharashtra
Affiliated FromShivaji University
Bechlor/MastersBachelors & Masters
Established In2009
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Specialized InPrivate Un-Aided
Male Teachers40
Female Teachers41
Total Teachers81
Male Staff28
Female Staff2
Total Staff30
University TypeTechnical/Polytechnic
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-maharashtra.htm
Full Time र 69970 Annually 4 years
Full Time र 69970 Annually 4 years
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-maharashtra.htm
Electrical & Electronics
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-maharashtra.htm
Full Time र 69970 Annually 4 years
Electronics & Telecommunication
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-maharashtra.htm
Electronics And Telecommunications Engineering
Full Time र 69970 Annually 4 years
Admission: engineering-admission-process-in-maharashtra.htm
Mechanical Engineering
Full Time र 69970 Annually 4 years
Civil Engineering
Full Time र 41830 Annually 3 years
Computer Engineering
Full Time र 41830 Annually 3 years
Electrical Engineering
Full Time र 41830 Annually 3 years
Electronics And Telecommunications Engineering
Full Time र 41830 Annually 3 years
Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Full Time र 41830 Annually 3 years
Full Time र 69970 Annually 2 years
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 3190 25344 54 3
Mba 581 3501 12 1
  1. > This is the list of full time faculties, part time faculties and guest faculties of this college.
  2. > To check the list of present faculties of this college, please check the website of this college.
Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Archana Dattatraya Shirote Computer Asst Professor
Bhusan Arvind Patil Mechanical Asst Professor
Priyanka Satygonda Biradar Etc Asst Professor
Rupali Balasaheb Shinde Mechanical Lecturer
Sandip Narayan Mane Mechanical Asst Professor
Seema Sandeep Shiyekar Civil Engineering Asst Professor
Sunil Sangappa Thaned Mechanical Asst Professor
Swati Abhinandan Kate Computer Asst Professor
Tofic Badshah Tamboli Mechanical Asst Professor
Trupti Balasaheb Pawal Electronics Asst Professor
Dr. Sampatrao D Jadhav - Professor
Dr. Sayali Santosh Joshi Geomatric Function Theory Asst Professor
Miss Arati Avinash Gadgil Computer Asst Professor
Miss Ashvini Arvind Todkar Information Technology Asst Professor
Miss Ashwini Pratapsing Patil Mech Asst Professor
Miss Bhakti Vijay Tikare Civil Lecturer
Miss Bharati Nana Durgade Computer Asst Professor
Miss Deepa Shamrao Patil Chemistry Lecturer
Miss Deepali Parshuram Durgade Vlsi & Embedded Systems Asst Professor
Miss Dhanashree Suresh Jadhav Cse Lecturer
Miss Gitanjali Appaso Kale Maths Asst Professor
Miss Harshada Prakash Kadam Civil Lecturer
Miss Madhuri Narhari Kandale Chemistry Asst Professor
Miss Menka Mahadev Havgondi Contral System Asst Professor
Miss Minakshi Laxman Omase Electrical Lecturer
Miss Neha Babasaheb Patil Mechanical Lecturer
Miss Nilofar R Chaus Computer Lecturer
Miss Pooja Avinash Patwardhan Electrical Lecturer
Miss Priyanka Narayan Kamble Cse Lecturer
Miss Priyanka Vishwanath Pawar Physics Asst Professor
Miss Rohini Nathaji Shrikhande Etc Lecturer
Miss Sanjivani Sadashiv Mule Civil Asst Professor
Miss Savita Ramesh Mali - Asst Professor
Miss Sayali Sunil Gaikwad Mech Asst Professor
Miss Shubhangi Shantanu Jagtap Management Asst Professor
Miss Shweta Balasaheb Mirajkar Computer Sci. & Engg. Asst Professor
Miss Smita Shivajirao Patil Electrical/electronics Asst Professor
Miss Sonal Uttam Potdar Mech Asst Professor
Miss Sumaiyya Rafik Jamadar Electrical Lecturer
Miss Supriya Balasaheb Patil Electrical Lecturer
Miss Swati Mahendranath Chavan Mechanical Lecturer
Miss Swati Narayan Patil Civil Lecturer
Miss Swati Prakash Salunkhe Maths Asst Professor
Miss Swati Shantappa Bansode Civil Asst Professor
Miss Urmila Shirish Pawar Civil Asst Professor
Miss Vrushali Vinayak Kulkarni E&tc Asst Professor
Mr. Abhay Vilas Gaikwad Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Abhijeet Chandrakant Lande Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Ajit Maruti Mane E&tc Asst Professor
Mr. Amol Annasaheb Kusnale Mech Asst Professor
Mr. Amol Madhukar Pandhare Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Amrut Madhukar Jadhav Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Amruta Shankar Chougule - Asst Professor
Mr. Aniket Ananda Khandagale - Asst Professor
Mr. Aniket Vasant Patil - Asst Professor
Mr. Anil Malkari Koli Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Annasaheb Chanagonda Bhagali Communication Engg. Professor
Mr. Anurag Ashok Sutar Electrical Lecturer
Mr. Ashitosh Jaysing Kate Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Asif Siraj Mulla Mech Lecturer
Mr. Atul Appasaheb Yamgar Mech Asst Professor
Mr. Avadhut Laxman Joshi Electrical Lecturer
Mr. Avadhuth Jaypal Kubhar Mech Lecturer
Mr. Avinash Annasaheb Chougule Computer Sci. & Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Bhalchandra Satish Sawant Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Bhanudas Baijappa Takale Mechancal Asst Professor
Mr. Chandrakant Gajanan Khillari Geology Asst Professor
Mr. Chandrakant Pandurang Divate Computer Science & Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Deepak Gopalrao Dhole Mech Asst Professor
Mr. Dhananjay Datatraya Divekar - Asst Professor
Mr. Dhanjay Shankar Bharsakle - Asst Professor
Mr. Digvijay Dilipkumar Patil Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Dundappa Subrao Bhangari Electronics & Telecommunaction Asst Professor
Mr. Gajanan Chandrashekhar Koli Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Ganesh Ghanashyam Kulkarni Eee Asst Professor
Mr. Guruprasad Prabhakar Kulkarni Electrical Asst Professor
Mr. Harshal Hemant Kulkarni Production Asst Professor
Mr. Imrankhan Agakhan Pathan Civil Lecturer
Mr. Kallappa Gurushiddappa Jamkhande E&tc Asst Professor
Mr. Kartik Kumarrao Nikam Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Kautuk Jinpal Awati Mech Asst Professor
Mr. Ketan Raju Madane Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Kishan Maruti Aldar Computer Lecturer
Mr. Manoj Mohan Chavan Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Manojkumar Jagannath Pandhare Electronics & Telecommunaction Asst Professor
Mr. Milind Govindraop Joshi Machanical Asst Professor
Mr. Milind Nandkumar Potdar Vlsi Asst Professor
Mr. Najmuddin Moulaali Jamadar Electrical Lecturer
Mr. Nasirhusain Babumiya Mujawar Mech Lecturer
Mr. Nilesh Tatyaso Patil Web Technology Asst Professor
Mr. Prabhat Naik Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Prafulla Rajaram Salunkhe Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Prakash Ganapati Mallade English Asst Professor
Mr. Prakash Rajendra Herwade Automobile Asst Professor
Mr. Prakash Shivaji Waghamode Computer Scienc Asst Professor
Mr. Prasad Dilip Gokhale Industrial Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Pravin Vijay Vatharkar Electrical Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Pushkar Narahari Kulkarni Thermal Asst Professor
Mr. Raghavendra Basavraj Betagiri Design Asst Professor
Mr. Raj Kumar Agarwal - Asst Professor
Mr. Rajeshkumar Ganpatrao Patil Electronics Asst Professor
Mr. Ramchandra Vasaram Rathod - Asst Professor
Mr. Ranjit Jagannath Bhosale - Asst Professor
Mr. Riyazahemad Salim Desai Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Rupesh Rajiv Bidkar Mach Asst Professor
Mr. Sachin Ananda Omase Electronics Asst Professor
Mr. Sachin Chandram Mali Thermal Power Asst Professor
Mr. Sagar Mallikargun Pattar Ic Asst Professor
Mr. Sagar Sumat Kulkarni Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Sandip Arjunrao Mahadik Civil Structures Asst Professor
Mr. Sandip Suresh Magadum E&tc Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Madhukar Ranade Power Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Nanasaheb Patil Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjay Sakharam Kumbhar Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Satish Govind Joshi Electrical Asst Professor
Mr. Satish Kashinath Kamane Civil Asst Professor
Mr. Sharad Laxman Sawaisarje English Asst Professor
Mr. Sharad Raghunath Kulkarni Management And Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Shardul Sukhadeo Mane Mech Asst Professor
Mr. Shivkumar Mallikarjun Patil Production Asst Professor
Mr. Shivprasad Anil Renke - Asst Professor
Mr. Shrinivas Kiran Patil Desigen Asst Professor
Mr. Shripad Balasaheb Jadhav Mech Asst Professor
Mr. Subhash Balaso Patil Eee Asst Professor
Mr. Subhash D Koli Cse Lecturer
Mr. Sudhir Jagannath Joshi Digital Electronics Asst Professor
Mr. Suraj Shrimantappa Marale - Asst Professor
Mr. Suresh Gangadhar Bagi Power Associate Professor
Mr. Sushant Dattatray Sale - Asst Professor
Mr. Sushant Sukumar Patole - Asst Professor
Mr. Swapnil Balasaheb Vader - Asst Professor
Mr. Swapnil Mukund Gramopadhye Digital Electronics Asst Professor
Mr. Uday Virupaksh Hiremath Marketing & Hrm Asst Professor
Mr. Udaysinh Anilrao Shinde Eee Asst Professor
Mr. Umesh Chandrakant Rajmane Mechaical Asst Professor
Mr. Vinayak Dilip Shinde - Asst Professor
Mr. Vinayak Shivgonda Bashetti - Asst Professor
Mr. Vineet Vishnu Jakhalekar Physics Asst Professor
Mr. Vinod Bhimrao Kumbhar Electronics Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Vishal Vishwas Dhende Mech Asst Professor
Mr. Vivekanand Dattatray Shikalgar Cad Cam Asst Professor
Mr. Yashwant Ramachandra Mali - Asst Professor
Mrs. Sapana Amol Chougule Construction And Management Asst Professor
Mrs. Amar Shrikant Bhandare Mechanical Asst Professor
Mrs. Anuja Narayan Untwale - Asst Professor
Mrs. Arati Sudhir Bhokare - Asst Professor
Mrs. Archana Ramkrishna Prani Electronics & Telecommunaction Asst Professor
Mrs. Asavari Ketan Inamdar - Asst Professor
Mrs. Dhanashri Uday Bulbule Mech Asst Professor
Mrs. Dhanua Suresh Patil - Asst Professor
Mrs. Dipali Divkar Pujari - Asst Professor
Mrs. Dipali Pradip Kulkarni - Associate Professor
Mrs. Kalyani Mahavir Akkole - Asst Professor
Mrs. Nupur Prasad Kulkarni Environment Asst Professor
Mrs. Pooja Uttam Chavan - Asst Professor
Mrs. Preeti Mayur Butale English Asst Professor
Mrs. Priyanka Babaso Chougule Etc Lecturer
Mrs. Sandhya Umesh Kulkarni Marathi Asst Professor
Mrs. Sayali Satish Joshi Maths Asst Professor
Mrs. Sneha Sangram Patil Human Resource Management Asst Professor
Mrs. Supriya Suresh Patil - Asst Professor
Mrs. Sushama Subhash Bhosale Maths Asst Professor
Ms. Dhanashri Subhash Salgare - Asst Professor
Ms. Nilofar Salim Hunnargi Electronics Asst Professor
Ms. Padmaja Chandrakant Ainapure Chemistry Asst Professor
Ms. Poonam Bajarang Sutar Cse Asst Professor
Ms. Rashmi Sudin Gaikwad Electronics Asst Professor
Ms. Rasika Uday Joshi - Lecturer
Ms. Seema Gajanan Bavachkar Cse Asst Professor
Ms. Sonali Dilip Pawar Electrical Lecturer
Ms. Soumya Nikhil Hublikar Mech Asst Professor
Ms. Urvi Uttam Padhiar Physics Asst Professor
Ms. Vaibhavi Vishal Bhiungade Electronics Asst Professor
Ms. Vidya Shivaji Kamble Construction Mgt Asst Professor
Student Hostel Intake24
No of Seprate rooms for Girls1
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Diploma1st Shift39
Diploma1st Shift20
Diploma1st Shift12
Diploma1st Shift15
Diploma1st Shift9
Under Graduate1st Shift39
Under Graduate1st Shift20
Under Graduate1st Shift12
Under Graduate1st Shift15
Under Graduate1st Shift9
Under Graduate2nd Shift9
Post Graduate1st Shift33
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 0 0 0 0
Room-2 1 9 3 9
Room-3 22 12 5 12
Room-4 0 10 1 15
Placement Cell ExistYes
  • Shri Ambabai Talim Sansthas Sanjay Bhokare Group of Institutes is one of the prestigious institute for education located at Sangli.
  • It was established in 2009.
  • It is affiliated with Shivaji University.
  • According to Annasaheb Bhagali, head of the college, sports and extracurricular activities are as important as education.
  • They are offering many facilities for students overall growth like sports, Laboratory, hostel facility, Swim Club etc.
  • The fees for admission in this college is around 160000.
  • In Shri Ambabai Talim Sansthas Sanjay Bhokare Group of Institutes, well-educated faculty members are available for different courses to guide the students, like ARCHANA Dattatraya SHIROTE, BHUSAN ARVIND PATIL, PRIYANKA SATYGONDA BIRADAR, RUPALI BALASAHEB SHINDE etc.
  • You can also find the more information about this college at their website
  • You may check or write the reviews of Shri Ambabai Talim Sansthas Sanjay Bhokare Group of Institutes over here.
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
Dr. Sheetal Prasad BharamgudeAnti-Ragging CommitteeMemberNon-government Social Organization09-Jan-14
Police Sub Inspector Gandhi nagar Police chowk, MirajAnti-Ragging CommitteeMemberLocal Police Authority09-Jan-14
Mr. Promod WayseAnti-Ragging CommitteeMemberCivil Authority09-Jan-14
Mrs. A.Y. KulkarniAnti-Ragging CommitteeMemberParents09-Jan-14
Mr. S.L SawaisargeAnti-Ragging CommitteeMemberHostel Authority09-Jan-14
Mr. B.B. SanadiAnti-Ragging CommitteeMemberCollege Gymkhana, Non-teaching Staff09-Jan-14
Mr. Hanmantrao MohiteAnti-Ragging CommitteeMemberLocal Media09-Jan-14
Mr. Rohit KambleAnti-Ragging CommitteeMemberSenior Student09-Jan-14
Dr. A.C. BhagaliAnti-Ragging SquadChairmanHead Of Institute09-Jan-14
Mr. R.G. PatilAnti-Ragging SquadMemberParents09-Jan-14
Ms. Shweta NalawadeAnti-Ragging CommitteeMemberFresh Student09-Jan-14
NameDr. S. R. Kulkarni
DesignationDean MBA
CommitteeGrievance Redressal
Appointment Date22-Dec-12
AddressAmbabai Talim Sansthas SBGI,Tilaknagar, Wanleswadi, Miraj 416414

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Address: Tilaknagar, Post-wanlesswadi,, Sangli, Maharashtra
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Name:Annasaheb Bhagali
Joining Date:01-jul-12
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Teaching Experience:29 years
Research Experience:0 years
Industry Experience:0 years
Type of Association:Regular
Name:Dr. Annasaheb Bhagli
Address:Tilaknagar, Post-wanlesswadist:sangli, Tal:miraj, Sangli, Miraj, Maharashtra, 416414
Email: Click to Write Email
Contact No: Click to View
Fax No: Click to View
Name: Shri Ambabai Talim Sanstha, Miraj.
Address: Miraj-sangli Road, Tilaknagar, Wanlesswadi
City: Sangli
State: Maharashtra

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i get 61.58 % mark i will get admition in computer scince diploma
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I get 58.17%mark i will get admision in mech. Diploma
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