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Chartered Institute of Technology, Sirohi

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Khasara No. 276/252, Village Danvav, Mount Road , Talhati Abu-road Distric- Sirohi ,rajasthan, Sirohi, Rajasthan
Affiliated FromRajasthan Technical University
Established In2009
Total Students360
Gender Admission: Co-Education
Programme Titles Volumes National Journals International Journals
Engineering 2308 8950 68 34
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Name Specialization Designation Ask Query
Dr. Chellamuthu Loganathan Metal Forming Principal
Dr. Prateep Singh Physics Associate Professor
Dr. Sunita Harsh Inorganic Chemistry Professor
Dr. Umesh M Chhatrapati Elective Production Engg. Professor
Dr. Vrajesh B Parikh Physics Associate Professor
Miss Harshita Gupta - Asst Professor
Miss Himani Trivedi - Asst Professor
Miss Komal Parmar - Asst Professor
Miss Lovely Soni - Asst Professor
Miss Nisha Bhurani Electronics Asst Professor
Miss Shweta Lakhara Cse Asst Professor
Miss Swati Deora Environmental Asst Professor
Mr. Anil Verma - Asst Professor
Mr. Aravind Gunasekaran Thermal Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Asha Ram Kumhar Electrical Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Banwari Lal Sharma Mathematics Asst Professor
Mr. Bharat Kumar Agrawal - Asst Professor
Mr. Bhavin Jain Electronics & Communication Asst Professor
Mr. Bhawani Singh - Asst Professor
Mr. Chandan Joshi Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Chetan Kumrawat Me Asst Professor
Mr. Chetan Oswal Electronics & Telecom. Asst Professor
Mr. Deepak Arora Electronics And Communications Asst Professor
Mr. Dinesh Rao Ee Asst Professor
Mr. Gopal Meena - Asst Professor
Mr. Govind Singh Humbad Electronics & Communication Asst Professor
Mr. Jaspal Singh Electrical Asst Professor
Mr. Jitendra Kumar Purohit - Asst Professor
Mr. Kalpesh Patel Electronics Asst Professor
Mr. Kamlesh Barmera Mechanical Asst Professor
Mr. Kanhiya Kumar Meena - Asst Professor
Mr. Ketan Goswami Ee Asst Professor
Mr. Lalit Kumar Bajirao Chauhan Mechanical Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Lokesh Parashar It Asst Professor
Mr. M.v. Deepak Nair Ecc Associate Professor
Mr. Mahendra Singh Jhala Mathematics Asst Professor
Mr. Manjeet Singh Sindal Me Asst Professor
Mr. Manohar Lal Sukhwal Mathematics Associate Professor
Mr. Mohit Kumar - Asst Professor
Mr. Naresh Kumar Purohit - Asst Professor
Mr. Nehal Kumar Seth Mechanial Asst Professor
Mr. Palaniappan M. Engineering Design Asst Professor
Mr. Parth Bharadwaj Me Asst Professor
Mr. Patel Vikas Kumar Mechatronics Asst Professor
Mr. Prateek Mangal Ece Asst Professor
Mr. Praveen Kumar Parihar - Asst Professor
Mr. Pravin Kumar Control & Ind. Automation Asst Professor
Mr. Prayank Parmar - Asst Professor
Mr. Prithvi Singh Physics Associate Professor
Mr. Rahul Rathi - Asst Professor
Mr. Rajnesh Yadav Electrical Asst Professor
Mr. Ramesh Oswal Mechanical Associate Professor
Mr. Ramswaroop Godara - Asst Professor
Mr. Rohit Kumar Panchal - Asst Professor
Mr. Sachin Sharma Cse Asst Professor
Mr. Sandeep Gurjar Me Asst Professor
Mr. Sandeep Sharma - Asst Professor
Mr. Sanjesh Panta Computer Science Engg. Asst Professor
Mr. Shailesh Kumar - Asst Professor
Mr. Shiv Ram Meena Cs Asst Professor
Mr. Vikram Kumar Kumhar - Asst Professor
Mr. Yashwant Prajapati Electrical Engineering Asst Professor
Mr. Yashwant Singh Deol Chemistry Associate Professor
Mrs. Anita Rani - Asst Professor
Mrs. Anu Badola Humanities Asst Professor
Mrs. Sangeeta Mangal - Asst Professor
Ms. Divya Gautam Computer Science Asst Professor
Ms. Hemlata Agrawal Ece Asst Professor
Ms. Komal Oswal Cs Asst Professor
Ms. Pooja Agarwal Mathematics Asst Professor
Ms. Pooja Agarwal Ec Asst Professor
Ms. Rashmita Gupta Computer Science And Engineeri Asst Professor
Ms. Ruchika Katariya Cse Asst Professor
Ms. Rukhsana Saifee English Asst Professor
Ms. Sandhya Asha Devi Harsh Physics Associate Professor
Ms. Somya Agarwal Computer Sciense Asst Professor
Ms. Sonal Agrawal Electronics And Communications Asst Professor
Ms. Swapnil Bhatnagar English Associate Professor
Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Advance Power Electronics LabUnder GraduateAc Vol. Regulator, Pwm Converter, Buck Boost, Mosfet, Dccb
Automobile Engg LabUnder GraduateBody & Chasis Of Four Wheeler, Model Of Different Types Of Breaking System
Cad Cam & Robotics LabUnder GraduateCnc Lathe System With Software Model
Case LabUnder GraduateE5700 / 2d3 / 500 Gb / 18.5 Lcd
Chemistry LabUnder GraduateSpectrophotometer, Hot Air Oven, Hot Plate, Redwood Viscometer, Ph Meter, Fridge, Cloud And Pour.
Communication LabUnder GraduateAmplitude Mod & Demod Kit, Sampler Kit, Pam Kit, Pcm & Pwm Kit, Super Heterodyne, Fiberoptic Trainer
Control System LabUnder GraduateOpen Loop, Close Loop Sys, Second Order Sys., Ac Servo Motor, Potentiometer Error Detector
Dbms LabUnder GraduateIntel Dual Core 3.2 Ghz , 2d3, 500 Gb, 18.5 Lcd
Digital Electronics LabUnder GraduateAnd Gate Ics, Nand Gate Ics, Nor Gate Ics, Xor Gate Ics, Shift Registers, 555 Timer Ic
Dom & Vibration LabUnder GraduateCam Appratus Analysis, Friction Appratus, Governer, Groscope, Univ. Vibration Appratus
E.d.t.c. LabUnder Graduate3 Phase Half C. Retifier, 3 Phase Speed Control Of I.m., V/f Drive
Eee LabUnder GraduateIc's, Diodes, Ujt Kit, Scr, Function Generator, Transformer- Single & Three Phase, Induction Motor
Electrical Circuit LabUnder Graduate30 - Intel Dual Core 3.2 Ghz , 2d3, 500 Gb, 18.5 Lcd, Pspice S/w
Electrical Machine Lab -iUnder GraduateXmer, Auto T/f, Digital Techometer, Wattmeter, Rheostate, Upf, Lpf
Electronic Device / Design & Industrial Electronics LabUnder GraduateFunction / Signal Generators, Regulated Dc Power Suppliers, Zener Diods, Fets, Mosfets, Fet, Ujts
Electronic Measurment Lab (emi)Under GraduateInsulation Tester, Cro, Earth Resistant Tester, Waltmeter Upf, Galvanometer
Electronic WorkshopUnder GraduateCro Demo Kit, Solder Iron, Pcb's, Transistor Radio Kit, Tape Recorder Kit, Vcd Player Kit, Colour Tv
Emi LabUnder GraduateAnderson Bridge Kit, Ultrasonic Transmitor, Lvdt Kit, Lcrq Meter, Spectrum Analyzer
Fluid Mechanics & Hydrolic Machinary LabUnder GraduateBernoulli's Appratus, V- Notch Appratus, Ventturi Meter, Orifice Meter, Nozzle Meter, Pitot Tube.
Heat & Mass Transfer LabUnder GraduateStefan Boltzman, Emmisitivity Measurment, Parallel & Counter Flow He, T.c. Of Insulating Powder Etc.
Internet LabUnder GraduateIntel Dual Core 3.2 Ghz , 2d3, 500 Gb, 18.5 Lcd
Language LabUnder GraduateLanguage System, Dvd Player, Tape Recorder
Machine Lab - IiUnder GraduateTransformer Core Loss, Occ & Scc Of Alternator, Rseb, V Curve Of Sync Motor, Back To Back Test
Mat LabUnder GraduateMatlab Software, Pspice Software
Material Science & Md LabUnder GraduateMettlurgicial Microscope, Muffel Furnance, Redical Polishing Machine
Mechanical WorkshopUnder Graduate-
Microprocessor & Microcontroller LabUnder GraduateMicroprocessor 8085 & Kit & Supporting Models, M.c.8051 Kit, Temp Sensor, Graphic Lcd, Eeprom
Micrwave Engg LabUnder GraduateMicrowave Test Bench Kingstron, Test Bench Horn Antenna, Directional Coupler Isolater, Circulator.
Network Programming LabUnder GraduateIntel Dual Core 3.2 Ghz , 2d3, 500 Gb, 18.5 Lcd
Physics LabUnder GraduateHe - Ne Laser Equipment, Spherometer, Newton Rings, Optical Bench, Band Gap, Sextant, Gm Counter
Power Electronics Lab - IiUnder GraduateBjt's, Mosfet's, Fet's, Vjt's
Power System (high Voltage) LabUnder GraduateOver Current Relay, Buchelz Relay Under Freq. Relay, Rod Gap Assembly, 100kv A.c. T/f
Production & Industrial Engg. LabUnder GraduateAuto Lathe, Power Hacksaw, Sheet Metal Shop, Shaper Machine, Milling Machine, Sine Bar, Slip Gauge
Programming Lab -iUnder GraduateCpu Pdc E2200, 2.20 Ghz, 800m, 18.5 Wide Lcd, 1gb Ram / 160 Gb
Programming Lab-iiUnder GraduateCpu Pdc E2200, 2.20 Ghz, 800m, 18.5 Wide Lcd, 1gb Ram / 160 Gb
Project LabUnder GraduateIntel Dual Core 3.2 Ghz , 2d3, 500 Gb, 18.5 Lcd
Signal Processing LabUnder GraduateMat Lab S/w, Dsp Kit, Dsk 6713 - 4 Nos.
Simulation LabUnder GraduateE5700 / 2d3 / 500gb / 18.5 / 18.5 Lcd
Strength Of Material LabUnder GraduateUniversal Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Izod Impact Testing
System Design LabUnder GraduateIntel Dual Core 3.2 Ghz , 2d3, 500 Gb, 18.5 Lcd
Thermal Engg LabUnder GraduateLoad Test Rig, Valve Timing Test Rig, 2 Stroke & 4 Stroke Diesel Engine, Models Of Carburators
Turbo Machine LabUnder GraduatePelton Wheel, Francis, Kaplan Turbine, Centrifugal Pump, Air Compressor Test Rig
Unix Programming LabUnder GraduateIntel Dual Core , 3.2 Ghz, 2d3, 500 Gb, 18.5 Lcd
Vlsi LabUnder Graduate-
Wireless Communication LabUnder GraduateCdma (dsss) Trainer, Gps Trainer, Logic Analyzer Card
Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Under Graduate1st Shift27
Under Graduate1st Shift38
Under Graduate1st Shift9
Under Graduate1st Shift45
Boys Girls
Available Area Available Area
Room-1 0 0 0 0
Room-2 30 16 3 16
Room-3 30 20 9 20
Room-4 0 0 0 0
NRI Seats1
Placement Cell ExistYes
Chartered Institute of Technology is an initiative by Gyan Raman Charitable Trust. CIT believes in revolutionizing the conventional pattern of teaching through fresh ideas & innovations in the present education system. We intend to deliver quality education by seamlessly integrating technology with academics.CIT commits itself to prepare aspiring individuals for facing the challenges of the global world. The amalgamation of the finest training procedures and brilliant methods of inculcating professional ethics along with development of individual pursuits makes the nucleus at CIT.Besides strengthening their knowledge base, we make sure that they relish the entire process of learning and that
Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
PROF. DR. C. LOGANATHANAnti-Ragging CommitteePrincipalCit College27-Jul-15
BHANWAR LAL CHOUDHARYAnti-Ragging CommitteePolice Admin (police Inspector / Sho)Police27-Jul-15
KUPARAM LOHARAnti-Ragging CommitteeCivil Admin (revenue / Taluka / Civil / Officers)Civil Admin27-Jul-15
SANJAY JAINAnti-Ragging CommitteeOfficial Of Ngo (work For Youth Activity)Official Of Ngo27-Jul-15
M. L. SUKHWALAnti-Ragging CommitteeAsst. ProfessorCit College27-Jul-15
PAWAN SAINIAnti-Ragging CommitteeRepresentative Of Students / BoysCit Collge04-Sep-15
PRITI RAJPUTAnti-Ragging CommitteeRepresentative Of Students / GirlsCit College04-Sep-15
ANIL JANGIDAnti-Ragging CommitteeRepresentative Of Non-teachingCit College27-Jul-15
PROF. DR. C. LOGANATHANAnti-Ragging SquadPrincipalCit College28-Jul-15
DR. PRATEEP SINGH BISHTAnti-Ragging SquadAssociate ProfessorCit College28-Jul-15
Y.S. DEOLAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfessorCit College28-Jul-15
ANU BADOLAAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfessorCit College28-Jul-15
BANWARI LAL SHARMAAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfessorCit College28-Jul-15
RAJNESH YADAVAnti-Ragging SquadAsst. ProfessorCit College28-Jul-15
R.S. RAJPUTAnti-Ragging SquadHostal WardenCit College28-Jul-15
CommitteeGrievance Redressal
Appointment Date27-Jul-15
DepartmentDepartment Of Mechanical Engg.

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Address: Khasara No. 276/252, Village Danvav, Mount Road , Talhati Abu-road Distric- Sirohi ,rajasthan, Sirohi, Rajasthan
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Name:Chellamuthu Loganathan
Joining Date:01-may-15
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Teaching Experience:18 years
Research Experience:16 years
Industry Experience:4 years
Type of Association:Regular
Name:Mr. Kishore Gandhi
Address:B-57, Riico Colony, Sirohi, Abu Road, Rajasthan, 307026
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Name: Gyan Raman Charitable Trust
Address: 1, Prernathirth Bunglows,
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat

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Hello, I am from Sirohi, want to take admission in B.Ed college, suggest me some best colleges
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0 # Shruti Older than three months
Hii, B.Ed is good career option , you can go for teaching profession or for further studies like M.Ed, get here some good B.Ed colleges in Sirohi Shreenath Ji BEd College, Shri Mati Chandrawal Gupta Mahila Shikshak, Shrimati Chandrawal Gupta Mahila SP Mahavidyalaya
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i want to addmission for your college....
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