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Campus Life in Siwan Engineering & Technical Institute, Siwan

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Hostel Detail

Room-1 Room-2 Room-3 Room-4
AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea
Boys 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Girls 0 0 0 0 24 13 24 16

Library Detail

Programme No. of Titles No. of Volumes No. of National Journals No. of International Journals
Engineering 2800 18440 54 27
MBA 877 2517 9 4

Laboratry Detail

Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Acs LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSynchronous Ac Servometer Dc Servometer, Ac And Dc Position Control System
Basic Electrical LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDifferent Type Of Resister, Multimeter, Capacitor,inductor, Dc Network Theorem Trainer Kit Tran Etc
Be LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateDifferent Type Of Resister, Multimeter, Capacitor,inductor Etc
Building Sc.labCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateVicat's Apparatus, Compaction Factor Test Apparatus, Crushing Strength Test Apparatus, Slump Test Ap
Chemistry LabFirst Year/otherEngineeringUnder GraduateOstwald's Viscometer, Aspirater's Bottle, Chemical Balance, Different Chemicals, Penskimerten App.
Computer LabComputer Science And EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHp Compaq Serverml350series Intel Xeron Server2.4ghz512mb ,computer System, Operating System Xp
Control System MeasurementMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateManometer, Pitat Tube, Thermocouple Resistant Power System, Obstruction Type Meter
Cs LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateTdm,fdm,pcm Dsb-sc,ssb-sc Am, Fm, Delta Adaptive Delta Modulation, Ppm Etc
Dc LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateA To D, D To A, Multiplexing, Demultiplexing Etc.
De LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateTraining Board (including Or, Nor, And, Nand Gate)
Em LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateInclined Plane, Screw Jack,jib Crane, Compound Pendulam, Deflection Of Beam
Fm LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateFriction Losses And Pipes,venturimeter,orifice Meter,reynolds Number,bernauli's Apparatus,pelton
Fo LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateFiber Optics, Optical Datalink And Study Of Tdm, Wavelength, Numerical Aprature, Attenuation Loss Et
Hmt LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateHeat Exchanger, Composite Wall, Free & Forced Convection Etc.
Ic Engine LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateFuel Syply System Of Petrol Engine, Single Cylender 2 Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig, Deisel Engine,
Iem LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateProducts @ Product Layout
Ins & Mesurement LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateAnderson Bridge, Hay's Bride, Volt Meter, Ammeter Varriac Etc.
Inst LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateWein Bridge, Cro, Galganometer, Flux Mter, Energy Meter Etc.
Kom & Dom LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDynamic Balancing Apparatus,governer Appratus,journal Bearing Apperatous, Motorised Gyroscope
M/c-1 LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateC.t.,p.t. Transformer, Single Phase Transformer, Auto Transformer Etc.
M/c-ii LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSynchrous Motor, Single Phase Motor Etc.
Microprocessor LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder Graduate8085,8086 Trainer Kit
Mos LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateTorson Testing Machine,fatigue Testing Machine, Rockwell Cum Brienel Machine, Universal Testing Mach
Mwe LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateKlystron Mount With Klysron Tube, Vswr Meter Etc
Nt LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateRlc, Rc Etc.
Pe LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateThyrister, Transister, Op-amp Etc.
Physics LabFirst Year/otherEngineeringUnder GraduateMillikan Oil Drop,oscillation Magnetometer, Electronics Multimeter, Microscope, Keter's Pendulum Etc
Ppa&s LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateSwitch Gear, Fuse, Relay Etc
Ps-i LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateTransmission Line, Distribution System Etc.
Ps-ii LabElectrical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateCircuit Breaker, Relay, Oil Test Etc.
Rac LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateIce Plant Tutor, Heat Pump Testing, Window Airconditioning Test Rig, Vopour Compression System
Sc LabElectronics & Communication EnggEngineeringUnder GraduateTdm, Fdm, Cdma Kit Etc.
Soil MechanicsCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDirect Shear Apparatus, Triaxial Apparatus, Hot Air Oven
Structural Analysis LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateThree Hinged Arches Apparatus, Two Hinged Arches Apparatus, Pin Joint Truss Apparatus, Bending Appra
Surveying LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateDumpy Level, Theodolite, Compass, Total Station
Td LabMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder Graduate4 Strock Diesel Engine, 2 Stroke Petrol Engine And Their Models, Refrigeration Cycle Test Rig
Transportation Engg. LabCivil EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateCbr Test Apparatus
WorkshopMechanical EngineeringEngineeringUnder GraduateLathe,turet Lathe, H Sharper M/c, Palne M/c, Univ Milling Macine, Pedestal Grinding Machine, Etc


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