Campus Life in Jamia Hamdard, South Delhi- Hostel, Sports

Campus Life in Jamia Hamdard, South Delhi

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Seprate rooms for Girls

Hostel Detail

Room-1 Room-2 Room-3 Room-4
AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea AvailableArea
Boys 4 0 263 0 2 0 16 0
Girls 3 0 101 0 54 0 71 0

Library Detail

Programme No. of Titles No. of Volumes No. of National Journals No. of International Journals
3800 11900 63 30
8908 45551 56 24

Laboratry Detail

Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Central Instrumentation FacilityPost GraduateHplc 2 Unit Hptlc 2 Unit Uv Spectrophotometer 2 Unit Dsc Millopore Elisa Flourimeter Ir
Ceutics Res Lab 1Post GraduateHplc, Sonicators, Vaccum Driers, Deep Freezers
Chem Pg LabPost GraduateTlc Chambers Hot Air Ovens, Vaccum Evaporators, Weighing Balnces
Chem Ug Lab 4Under GraduateRefrtrometer, Polarimeter, Water Bath, Electronic Balance, Hot Air Oven
Cif - IiPost GraduateLcms, Milliq Water, Super Critical Fluid Extractor, Flash Chromatography, Gcms
Cology Pg Lab 1Post GraduateColorimeter, Cooling Centrifuge, Millipore Water System Rotarod, Photoactometer, Elisa
Cology Pg Lab 2Post GraduateForced Swimming Test, Plythesmometer, Grip Strength Meter, Rod Climbing, Passive Avoidance
Cology Res LabDoctor Of PhilosophyAnagesiometer, Non Invasive Bp, Elevated Plus Maze, Digital Activity Meter Coagulation Analyser
Cology Ug 1Under GraduateSherringtons Rotating Drums, Thermostatic Organ Baths
Cology Ug Lab 2Under GraduateSherrington Rotating Drums, Thermostatic Organ Baths
Computer CenterUnder GraduateComputers 173, Thin Client 25printers 10, Scanners, Softwares 10
Formulative UgUnder GraduateMixers, Shkers, Pestle Mortars
Gen Dispensing LabUnder GraduatePestle Mortars Dispensing Instruments
Herbal Cosmetics LabPost GraduateBalance, Vaccum Evaporator,tlc Systems,oven
Hospital And Clinical/micro UgUnder GraduateLaminar Air Flow, Colony Counter, Media Preparator
Human Anatomy And Physiology Lab/biochem LabUnder GraduateColorimeter. Organ Models, Sklton Model, Chrts, Histological Slides, Hemocytometer, Microscopes
Machine RoomUnder GraduateAerosol Filling, Punching Tablet Rotary Punch Tablet , Coating Pan, Capsule Filling Machine
Mpharm Ceutics LabPost GraduateDissolution Apparatus Deep Freezers
Mpharm QaPost GraduateHplc, Rotavapor, Freezers
Natural Products LabPost GraduateCooling Centrifuge,pcr, Page System,hplc, Del Doc
Nmr LabPost GraduateNmr Spectroscopy
Pharm Analysis PgPost GraduateCentrifuge, Digital Melting Point,uv Chamber, Colorimeter, Hydrogen App
Pharm Analysis Pg1Post GraduateCentrifuge, Digital Melting Point,uv Chamber, Colorimeter, Hydrogen App
Pharm Biotech Lab 1Post GraduateIncubator, Shaker, Centrifuge, Laminar Flow, Page System, Uv, Sonic
Pharm Biotech Lab 2Post GraduateFrmenter, Cooling Centrifuge, Humidity Chamber, Page System, Distillation, Water Bath, Uv
Pharm Chem Pg Lab 1Post GraduateKarl Fisher, Ph Meter, Colorimeter, Flame Photometer, {potentiometer
Pharm Chem Res Lab 2Post GraduateVaccum Evaporator, Plythysmometer, Convulsiomter
Pharm Chem Res Lab 4Post GraduateIce Maker, Electroconvulsiometer, Hot Air Oven
Pharm Chem Res Lab1Post GraduateUv Chamber, Vaccum Evaporator, Rotarod, Hot Air Oven
Pharm Chem Res Lab3Post GraduateHot Air Oven, Melting Point, Water Bath, Vaccum Evaporator
Pharm Chem Ug Lab 1Under GraduateDistillation Unit, Water Bath, Hot Air Oven, Soxhlet
Pharm Chem Ug Lab 3Under GraduateTlc Chamber, Balance, Water Bath, Polarimeter, Refrectrometer
Pharmacognosy Res LabPost GraduateColumns, Extractors, Tlc, Balance, Hot Air Oven, Rotary Vaccum Evaporator, Uv Chamber
Pharmacognosy Ug Lab 2Under GraduateMicroscope, Hot Air Oven, Tlc, Camera Lucida, Soxhlet, Clengers
Pharmacognosy Ug Lab1Under GraduateMicroscope, Oven, Micrometer, Soxhlet
Pharmacoignosy Pg Lab1Post GraduateUv Chamber, Oven, Distillation Unit, Soxhlet
Pharmacy Practice Pg Lab 1Post GraduateComputers With Softwares, Printers,scanner
Pharmacy Practice Pg Lab 2Post GraduateDrug Information Centre, Drug Dex Software
Pharmchem Pg Lab2Post GraduateDigital Ph Meter, Balances, Water Bath, Heating Mantle
Physical Pharmacy UgUnder GraduateBrook Feild Viscometer, Microscope
Plant Tissue Culture LabPost GraduateAutoclave, Plant Growth, Chamber, Seed Germinator, Incubator, Balance Ph Meter
Technology?formulation Res LabPost GraduateCo2 Incubators, Cell Culture Facility,
Unit Opertion Lab UgUnder GraduateManometer, Viscometer

Other Details

University TypeDeemed University-Government Aided
Student Hostel Intake1290
No of Seprate rooms for Girls2

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0 # Harikiran Older than three months
Hello, I am from South Delhi, I want to be choreographer as I am fond of dance, plz suggest good institutes for it
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0 # Liya Older than three months
Hi.. You can join for the Performing Arts courses and to do specialization in dancing.. Some of the leading institutes are National School of Drama, Pune University, Lovely professional University etc.
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0 # Pallavi Older than three months
You can join any good dance institute in South Delhi, after getting expertise, you can work as choreographer, good dance institute are
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