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Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Additional Work Shop - 1Under GraduateWorkshop 1 - Mechanics Of Solids & Elements Of Civil Engineering--utm, Fatigue Testing Machine,
Additional WorkshopUnder GraduateLathe Tooldynamometer , Lathe , Capstan And Turret Lathe , Shaping Machine , Mi-
Building Construction LabUnder GraduateCharts On Building Construction Methods, Models For Roof, Doors, Windows,scaffolding, Foundations
Cad/cam LabUnder GraduateAutodesk Product, Pro-e Wild Fire-3 Software Cnc Trainer -
Cadd LabUnder Graduate20 Computers With Civil Softwares To Be Added
Circuit & Network. LabUnder GraduateD.c.p.s. 0-5 V, 10 Amps. Cro 20mhz, Model-201 Cro 20mhz, Model-202 Bread Board With Power Supply.
Communication SystemUnder GraduateDsb, Ssb Transmitter Trainer, Dsb, Ssb Receiver Trainer, Frequency Modulation &
Computer Center, BitUnder GraduateIbm 49 Desktop Computers
Computer GraphicsUnder GraduateIbm 16 Desktop Computers Replaced With 15 Hp Desktop
Control SystemUnder GraduateDigital Logic Gate Kit, Function Generator, General Purpose Oscilloscope, Code Converson & Adder,
DbmsUnder Graduate-ibm 30 Desktop Computers, Two 3kva Ups System - 45 Min Battery Backup
Distributed Computing & Soft ComputingUnder GraduateIbm 30 Desktop Computers
Dsp And Plc LabUnder Graduate80886 Microprocessor Kit Plc-siemens Make S7200 With 24 Digital I/p And 4 Analog I/p And O/p 8085
Dynamics Of MachineUnder GraduateBalancing Of Reciprocating Mass Apparatus, Universal Vibration Apparatus-1 & 2, Vibrometer, Gyroscop
Elctronics CircuitUnder GraduateSet Of Kits For: Kirchoff's Law, Thevenin's Theorem, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem Super Positio
Elect.measurement & Instrumentation LabUnder GraduateKelvin's Double Bridge Whetstone Bridge Wein's Bridge Desauty's Bridge Maxwell's Bridge Trainer
Electrical Machines LabUnder GraduateDc Shunt Motor # Dc Shunt Gen. Set Dc Shunt Motor # Dc Comp. Gen Set Dc Shunt Motor # Dc Series
Electrical Workshop-iUnder GraduateBread Board With Power Supply 1 Phase Variac,10 Amp, 0-270v Rheostat 10 Amp,10 Ohm D.c Power Supp
Embedded LabUnder GraduateMini Arm Adv Embedded Board, Dsp Kit, Vtu-mxa Kit, Universal Trainer, Cpld Kit, Sparten 2 & 3 Tra
Environmental Engineering LabUnder GraduateMuffule Furnace, Hot Air Oven, High Volume Sampler, Microscope, B.o.d Incubator, U.v. Spectrophot
Fluid PowerUnder GraduateFrancis Turbine, Pelton Wheel Turbine, Hydraulic Ram, Single Stage Centrifugal Pump Test Rig., Gear-
Hardware LabUnder GraduateIbm 15 Desktop Computers
High Voltage. LabUnder Graduate50 Kv Ac/70kv Dc Test Set With Control Panel 62.5 Mm Sphere Gap Assembly 60kv Oil Test Kit 30-0-3
Highway & Transportation EngineeringUnder GraduateCbr Test, Marshall Stability, Izod Impact, Los Angeles Abrasion, Ductility Apparatus, Tar Propert
Hydraulics LaboratoryUnder GraduateModel-1: Bernoulli's Theorem, Metacentric Height, Notches, Model-2: Friction And Energy Losses In
Language LabUnder Graduate25 Desktop Computer With Latest Configuration With Hearing And Speaking Aids Attached By Softwa
Linear ElectronicsUnder GraduateAnalog Kit, Transistor & Fet Characteristic, Amp, Voltage Regulator, Multivibrator, Function Gen,
Material TestingUnder GraduateCompression Testing Machine, Flexure Testing Machine, Concrete Mixer, Cube Vibration Machine, Scc
Metrology & MeasurementUnder GraduateSlip Gauge (set Of 112pcs.), Vernier Height Gauge Range 0-300mm L.c 0.02mm, Optical Flat Dia. 45mm -
Microprosessor LabUnder Graduate8085 Kits 8086 Kits Educational Practice Board For Tms 320 F 2812 Lcd Key Board-interfacing.keil
Microwave DevicesUnder GraduateSpectrum Analyzer With Trac Gen, Satellite Communication Trainer, Microwave Test Bench With Gun S
NetworkingUnder GraduateIbm 32 Desktop Computers
Operating SystemUnder GraduateIbm 15 Desktop Computers, 3kva Ups System - 45 Min Battery Backup
Optical LabUnder GraduateTravelling Microscope(xyz Motion) Hall Effect Kit, Fibre Optic Kit,digital Storage Oscilloscope,
Pg Research Lab - AmsPost GraduateEdm (electronica) , Lathe Tooldynamometer , Lathe , Capstan And Turret Lathe , Shaping Machine , Mi-
Pg Research Lab - EcPost Graduate-
Power Electronicslab (analog & Digital ElectronicsUnder GraduateDigital L.c.r. Meter. Scientech Make Cro Caddo-804 125mhz 2ch,4trace Power Scope 20mhz St224fc(f
Power System Protection & Switchgear LabUnder GraduateIdmt O/c Relay 3phase Cdg31 Panel For O/c- U/v Protection Short Transmission Line Panel Medium T
Signal Processing LabUnder GraduateMatlab: Comm Block Set, Dsp Block Set, Comm Tool Box, Multisim, Ultiboard 25 Station Lab,
Simulation LabUnder Graduate20-computers (ibm) Matlab - 7.2 Software Mipower Software Pisim Software
Software DesignUnder GraduateIbm 15 Desktop Computers Replaced With 15 Hp Desktop
Software LabUnder GraduateMatlab Licenced Version With Multi User
Soil Mechanics LabUnder GraduateUcs Frame, Consolidation 3 Gang, Hydraulic Ejector, Triaxial Frame With Oil Water Pressure, Cpt A
Structural Engineering LabUnder GraduateUniversal Vibration Frame
Surveying EngineeringUnder GraduatePlane Table, Vernier Transit Theodolite, Survey Umbrella, Plannimeter, Digital Plannimeter, Total
System Programming - 1Under GraduateIbm 15 Desktop Computers, 3kva Ups System - 45 Min Battery Backup
System Programming - 2Under GraduateIbm 15 Desktop Computers,
Television LabUnder GraduateColour T.v. Trainer, Colour T.v. Pattern Gen, Pa System Trainer, Oscilloscope, Function Gen, Audi
Thermal - Heat TransferUnder GraduateShell And Tube Type Heat Exchanger, Condensation In Film & Drop Form Apparatus, Counter Flow / Para-
Thermal - Ic Engine And AutoUnder GraduateCut Sectional Turbo Engine Motorized, Cut Sectional Mpfi Engine Motorised, Cut Sectional Single Cyl-
Thermal - RefrigerationUnder GraduateFour Stroke Four Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig, Four Stroke C.i. Engine Test Rig With Hyraulic Dy-
Thermal - Steam LabUnder GraduateFully Automatic Oil Fired Boiler ,economizer , Chimney With Control Panel Capacity 300 Kg/hr At 7 B-
Web DevelopmentUnder GraduateIbm 15 Desktop Computers
Workshop - 1Under GraduateCarpentery Fitting ,smithy , Foundry ,plumbing , Welding ,press Instruments -
Workshop2(machine Tools)Under GraduateEdm (electronica) , Lathe Tooldynamometer , Lathe , Capstan And Turret Lathe , Shaping Machine , Mi-

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Know more about Babaria Institute from:
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0 # T V Chandran Older than three months
My daughter is just passed our want to know about seat availabibity in E&C-Engg. and the procedure to get admission in your collegue.
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pl let me know the procedures,fees ,due date,etc. for admission to your 1st year degree engineering course.
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Dear Sirs,
After completion of diploma in engineering in any university, if I want to take admission on payment seat in universities like S.P.University, Anand, Babaria Institute, Vadodara or Parul Institute, Waghodia, what is the %age of seats reserved for diploma passed students in payment seats? Pl. reply sir.
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Can i get some more information regarding for the admission in your college for diploma to Degree ( B.E. Mechanical Engg.)
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Please provide details of distance course in Gujarat in BE Electrical after diploma
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