Avanthi Institute of Engineering and Technology - Vizianagaram, Admission, Contact, Ranking 2018

Avanthi Institute of Engineering and Technology - Vizianagaram

Vizianagaram (Andhra Pradesh)

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Affiliated From: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada
Type: Private Established In: 2008
Bechlor/Masters: Bachelors & Masters
Gender Admission: Co-Education
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The college is accredited by National Board of Accreditation for the period 2009

Salient Feature

Placement assistance provided Affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada and approved by AICTE Follows NPTEL video lectures, designed by 7 IIT's and IISc Collaboration with Institute for Electronic Governance to train students in communication skills, logical abilities etc. Various research papers have been published by faculty in journals Promotes entrepreneurship activities Organizes industrial visits, guest lectures, seminars, workshops and symposia

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Student Count

Course Name Programme Level Shift Ist Year Strength
Post Graduate1st Shift10
Post Graduate1st Shift12
Under Graduate1st Shift37
Under Graduate1st Shift31
Under Graduate1st Shift14
Under Graduate1st Shift27
Under Graduate1st Shift91
Post Graduate1st Shift97

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Full-Time 4 Years
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Full-Time 2 years Post Graduate
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Cad/cam Engineering
Full-Time 2 years Post Graduate
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Full-Time 4 years
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Antiragging Committee View all Details

Name Type Profession Associated With Appointment Date
V RAGHUNADHA RAOAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
K RAJESHAnti-Ragging SquadStudnetArta20-Jul-14
D GURU TAPASVIAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
K SAI RAJESHAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
R V N P AKHILAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
R GOPI CHANDAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
V SATYANARAYANA RAOAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
K NARAYANA RAOAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
D V K DURGA RAOAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
K ANAND RAOAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
K SRINIVAS RAOAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
R SATYANARAYANAAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
P LEELA KUMARIAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
M KARUNAKARAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
K LAVANYAAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
N MOUNIKAAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
M HARIKAAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
A PRAVEENAAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-14
P KANNAPPADUAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
M RAMA KRISHNAAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
K S NAIDUAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
N SRINUAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
M S RAMA KRISHNAAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
A V RAMA REDDYAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-14
PROF. B SATYAMAnti-Ragging CommitteeDirectorArta17-Sep-12
CH MADHAVARAOAnti-Ragging CommitteeVice PrincipalArta17-Sep-12
N SRIDHARAnti-Ragging SquadAdmin OfficerArta17-Sep-12
T V NAIDUAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta17-Sep-12
P SREEDEVIAnti-Ragging SquadStudnetArta17-Sep-12
B VASUDEVARAOAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta17-Sep-12
K VEERAMANIAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta17-Sep-12
I NAGESWARA RAOAnti-Ragging CommitteeFacultyArta20-Jul-15
P SATHYANNARAYANAAnti-Ragging CommitteeFacultyArta17-Sep-12
K BHASKARA RAOAnti-Ragging CommitteeFacultyArta20-Jul-15
N V A RAVI KUMARAnti-Ragging CommitteeFacultyArta17-Sep-12
A S V SATYANARAYANAAnti-Ragging CommitteeParentArta17-Sep-12
MOHAMMED BASHEER AHMEDAnti-Ragging CommitteeParentArta17-Sep-12
BISWANTH SAHAAnti-Ragging CommitteeParentArta17-Sep-12
B SRINIVASARAOAnti-Ragging CommitteeParentArta17-Sep-12
S SUSEL KUMARAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta17-Sep-12
B SRAVANIAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta17-Sep-12
NITESH BEHERAAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta17-Sep-12
BSSK SNIGDHA SREEAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta17-Sep-12
A SANDEEP PILOTAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta17-Sep-12
B CHANDINIAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta17-Sep-12
M S SANTOSHAnti-Ragging CommitteeAdministrative OfficerArta20-Jul-15
B GOPINATHAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
D TULASI RAOAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
B VENKATA SATYAAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
N DEVIAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
A BHASKAR SAMPATH ANOOP KUMARAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
D JAGADEESH VENKATA KAMALAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
G SWEETHAAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
P REVATHI REDDYAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
SANDEEP PAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
M SHIVAJEEAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
A CHANDRAKALAAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
B SRUTHIAnti-Ragging SquadStudentArta20-Jul-15
B NOOKA RAJUAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
D ESWARA RAOAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
B PRASAD RAOAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
N APPALA NAIDUAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
A GOPALA KRISHNAAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
D SRINIVASUAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
G K SESHU BABUAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
P SRINIVAS REDDYAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
P WLLIAM DERIAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
M KRISHNA JEEAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
A BALA KRISHNAAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15
B GOVINDA RAOAnti-Ragging SquadParentArta20-Jul-15

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Name: Mr. Yenda Srinivasa Rao
Address: Garbham Road, Garividi (cheepurupalli), Vizianagaram District, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh
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