Campus Life in Shri Vishnu College For Women, West Godavari- Hostel, Sports

Campus Life in Shri Vishnu College For Women, West Godavari

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Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Ac Machines LabUnder Graduate1-phase Induction Motor, Dc Shunt Motor, Dc Compound Motor, 3-phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Ads & Dbms LabUnder GraduateComputers-33, Printers-2, Ups-1, Acs
Advance Vhdl LabPost GraduateVlsi Design Software, Multivender Universal Demo Board(vlsi),computers-36, Printer-1, Ups, Vhdl Kits
Atl LabPost GraduateComputers-12, Printer-1, Evalution Kit Software,hot Air Oven, Tc Soldering Iron, D Soldering Station
C Programming LabUnder GraduateComputers-33 , Printers-2, Ups-1, Acs
Cad/cam LabUnder GraduateComputer Systems And Design Analysis And Modeling Software
Cad/gis LabUnder GraduateComputers And Software
Chemistry LabUnder GraduateElectrical Balance Conductometer,patemtiometer,ph Meter,dissolved Oxygen Meter
Communications LabUnder GraduateRegulator Power Supply, Lcrq Meter, Analog Communication Kits, Digital Communication Kits, Spectrum
Concrete Technology LabUnder GraduateEdi Comp. Testing Machine, Concrete Test Hammer,
Control Systems LabUnder GraduateSnchros Kit, Study Of P, Pd, Pi, Pid Controller Ona Second Order System Kit
Dc Machines LabUnder GraduateDc Shunt Motor, Coupled Shunt Generator, Dc Compound Motor, Coupled Dc Compound Generator
Digital Signal Processing LabUnder GraduateComputers-36, Server, Dsp Kits, Ups-1, Comp. Peripherals, Scanner, Lasr Jet Printers-2
Electrical Circuits LabUnder GraduateFunction Generator, Oscilloscopes, Rps,table Multimeters,1-phase Transformers
Electrical Measurements LabUnder GraduateCropton Potentiometer Kit, Industrial Kelvins Double Bridge Kit, Schering Bridge Kit
Electronics Devices & Circuits LabUnder GraduateOscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Function Generators, Stabilizer, Edc Kits, Digital Multi Meters,
Engineering Geology LabUnder GraduateRock Specimens
Engineering WorkshopUnder GraduateWorkshop Equipment
English Language Profeciency LabUnder GraduateComputers-101, Multi Media Eqp, Software
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic MachineryUnder GraduatePelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig, Francis Turbine Test Rig, Kaplan Turbine Test Rig.
Fuels And LubricantsUnder GraduateCalori Meters, Digital Thermo Meters Etc.
Geo Technical Engg. LabUnder GraduateTri Axial Outfit, Direct Shear Test Aapparatus
Heat Transfer LabUnder GraduatePin-fin, Parlel & Counter Flow Heat Exchange, Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod, Stephem Boltz Men
Ibm LabUnder GraduateComputers-34,hubrock,a.c's,computer Tables, Printers-2, Switches, Patch Panels, Cd/dvd Combo Drives
Instrumentation LabUnder GraduateMicroscope And Equipment For Instrumentation
Lic&pdc LabsUnder GraduateRegulated Power Supplies,fixed Power Supply, Function Generators, Lic Kits, Oscilloscopes, Meters
M. Tech Power Converters LabUnder GraduateSpeed Measurement & Closed Loop Control Using Pmdc Motor, Thyristorised Drive For Pmdc Motor
Machine Tools LabUnder GraduateAll Geared Lath, Radial Drilling Machine, Milling Machine, Shaping Machine, Shulting Machine,grinder
Mca Project LabUnder GraduateComputers-30, Printers-2, Ups-1
Metallurgy & Material Science LabUnder GraduateCutoff Machine.
Metrology LabUnder GraduateSlip Gauges And Measuring Equioments
Micro Processor & Micro Controls LabUnder Graduate8086/8088 Interfacing Kit, 8251/8253 Interfacing Kit, 8279 Interfacing Kit, 8255 Interfacing Kit, 82
Micro Processores LabUnder GraduateComputers-36, Printer-1, Microprocessor, Micro Controller Kits, Stabilizer, Interfacing Kits
Micro Wave & Optical Communications LabsUnder GraduateMicrowave Bench Setupes, Optical Kits,oscilloscopees, Function Generators, Multi Meters
Physics LabUnder GraduateSpecterometers, Travalling Microscope Diffraction Grating Rc -cuircuit Board, Mecrury
Power Electronics LabUnder GraduateScr, Mosfet, Igbt Characteristics Circuit , Gate Firing Circuit, Parallel Inverter.
Production TechnologyUnder GraduateSpot Welding Machine, Hydraulic Press.
Project LabUnder GraduateComputers-33,hubrock,a.c's,computer Tables, Printers-2, Switches, Patch Panels, Cd/dvd Combo Drives
Simulation LabUnder GraduateComputers-33,(805 Pam 114092, 094),pentium 4 @3-06ghz, 8gb, Printer-1
Software Engineering LabPost GraduateComputers-33, Printers-2, Ups-1
Software Lab-3Under GraduateComputers-33,hubrock,acs,computer Tables, Printers-2, Switches, Patch Panels, Ups-1
Software Lab-4Under GraduateComputers-33, Hubrock,a.c's,computer Tables, Printers-2, Switches, Patch Panels, Ups-1
Software Lab-6Under GraduateComputers-33, Hubrock,a.c's,computer Tables, Printers-2, Switches, Patch Panels, Ups-1
Software Lab-7Under GraduateComputers-32, Printers-2, Ups-1, Switches, Patch Panels, Etc.
Software Lab-8Under GraduateCompuers-33, Printers-2, Ups-1, Etc.
Strength Of MaterialsUnder GraduateUniversal Testing Mechine, Torsion Testing Mechine, Spring Testing Mechine, Impact Testing Mechine
SurveyingUnder GraduateTotal Station
Thermal Engineering LabUnder Graduate2 & 4 Stroke 1-cylinder Petrol & Diesel Engines
Transportation Engg. LabUnder GraduateAggregate Crushing Aparatus, Abarasion Machine
Unix And Java LabUnder GraduateComputers-33 , Printers-2, Ups-1, Acs
Web Technologies & Computer Networks LabUnder GraduateComputers-50 , Printers-2, Ups-2, Acs

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-2 # Lahari Older than three months
Can I get admission in vishnu engineering college?I got 29870 in eamcet local rank.
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+1 # Guest Older than three months
Hi you can get the complete details from
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0 # Guest Older than three months
Dear sir/madom,

My Eamcet rank is 62209
OC, Female
Can i get seat in ECE or IT

Thanking you,

D Ameesha
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0 # Guest Older than three months
Hi Pavani,

There is girls hostel here
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0 # Guest Older than three months
hostel is available or not for womens
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