Campus Life in Swarnandhra College Of Engg. & Tech., West Godavari- Hostel, Sports

Swarnandhra College Of Engg. & Tech.

West Godavari (Andhra Pradesh)

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Campus Life in Swarnandhra College Of Engg. & Tech., West Godavari

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Lab Name Course Name Programme Course Level Major Equipments
Advanced Data Structures Lab (cse Lab-i)Under GraduateComputer Systems, Server
Andriod (cse Lab -v11)Under GraduateLenovo Systems, Ups,hp Laser ,robokits
C Data Structures Lab (mca Lab-i)`Post Graduate60 Desktop Systems
Cad LabUnder GraduateDesktops, Intel Core I3, 4gb, 500gb Hdd With Graphic Card, Power, Soft Wres, Ansys, Pro-e Cadian
Cisco Lab (cse Lab -vi)Under GraduateSmf Batteries, Portable Wireless Pa Amplifier
Cobol LabPost GraduateUps
Communications LabUnder GraduateCro's,spectrum Analyzer, Microwave Benches
Computer Networks Lab (cse Lab-ii)Under GraduateAir Conditioners,amaron -quanta Batteries
Concrete & Highway Engineering LabUnder Graduate1.los Angeles Abration Testing Machine, 2. Ductility Testing Machine, 3.rebound Hammer, Etc.
Control Systems LabUnder GraduateMicro Processor Based Programmable Logic Controller
Cp Lab-1/it WorkshopUnder Graduate31 Systems Intel Core I3, 4gb Ram, 500gb Hdd, Lcd Projector Etc
Cp Lab-ii/it W/sUnder Graduate35 Systems, Lcd Projector Etc
Data Base Systems Lab (cselab-iii)Under GraduateSmf Batteries,amaron -quanta Batteries
Data Mining LabPost GraduateSmf Batteries
Dbms LabPost GraduateDesktop System
Digital LabUnder GraduateLenovo Think Centre M70 Desktops 51x21000
Drawing Hall I & IiUnder GraduateDrawing Tables & Black Board
Edc Lab-1Under GraduateCro's
Edc Lab-2Under GraduateCro's
Elcs Lab-iUnder Graduate38 Systems, Lcd Projector Etc
Elcs Lab-iiUnder Graduate36 Systems, Lcd Projector Etc
Electrial Machines LabUnder GraduateSquirrel Cage I.m., Dc Shunt Motor & Generator, Dc Shunt Generator Kcoupled Dc Series Generator,etc
Electrical Circuits LabUnder GraduateCathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Transistorized Power Supply
Electrical Measurement LabUnder Graduate3-phase Loading Inductor, Kelvin's Double Bridge, Phase Shifting Transformer, 3-phase Autogransforme
Engg. Workshop A & BUnder GraduateCarpentary, Fitting House Wiring Tools
Engineering Chemistry Lab-iUnder GraduateDistillatin Unit,phmeter, Oven, Digital Balance, Analytical Balance Etc.,
Engineering Chemistry Lab-iiUnder GraduateDistillation Unit,ph Meter, Oven,digital Balance, Tds Meters, Viscometers Etc.,
Engineering Geology LabUnder Graduate1.mineral Specimens, 2. Rock Specimens
Engineering Physics Lab-iUnder GraduateSpecterometers, Travelling Microscopes, Tables, Stop Clocks Etc.,
Engineering Physics Lab-iiUnder GraduateSpectrometers, Travelling Microscopes, Tables, Stop Clocks, Meldees Apparatus Etc
Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machinery LabUnder GraduatePelton Wheel, Franciesturbine
Fms LabUnder GraduateCnc Lathe, Cnc Milling, 6axis Robot, Chute Conveyor, Specimen Stand
Geo Technical Engineering LabUnder Graduate1. Cbr Test,2. Unconfined Comparcs, 3. Triaxial Shear, 4. Box Shear
Heat Transfer LabUnder GraduateHeat Exchangers, Conductivity Apparatus
Ics LabUnder GraduateRotometer, Lvdt, Strain Guage
Integrated Circuit LabUnder GraduateCro's
Intel Intelligent Systems LabUnder GraduateSoftware, Systems And Equipment
Internet LabUnder GraduateLenovo Think Centre Desktop30x20749
Java LabPost GraduateWifi Access Points
Machine Tools LbUnder GraduateLathe Machines Shaper Milling M/c, Dirllingmachine
Metallurgy LabUnder GraduateMicroscopes, Jomneyend, Quench Apparder
Metrology LabUnder GraduateTaly Surf, Tool Micrometer
Mos LabUnder GraduateUtm, Brinnel Hardness Heater, Impact Test, Torsion Testing Machine
Mos Training Lab (cselab-v)Under GraduateLaser Printers, Smf Batteries
Multimedia Lab (mca Lab 1)Post GraduateLcd Projector
Nano Technoloy Research LabUnder GraduateNano Equipment
Object Oriented Programming Language (cse Lab-iv)Under GraduateComputer Systems, Batteries
Power Electronics LabPost Graduate1-0 Cyclo Concerter, 3-0 Half Contrlled Bridge Converter, 3-0 Isolationk Tanssformer
Processor LabUnder GraduateCro's, D.s.o, Matlab, Software,.filter Design Toolbox Signal Processing & Imageprocessing And8051etc
Production Technology LabUnder GraduateInjection Moulding Machine, Blow Moulding Machine
Programming Language LabUnder GraduateHp Desktop's D X 2280
Project LabUnder GraduateFlash Pro Cs5 11 Windows Ie Aoo Licnse For 30 Systems
Projects LabPost GraduateDesktop Systems 30
Projects Lab-1 (cselab-ix)Under GraduateSmf Batteries, Portable Wireless Pa Amplifier
Projects Lab-ii (cse Lab-x)Under GraduateCisco Networking, Systems
Server RoomUnder Graduate1.wipro Net Server, 2. Ibm A1xv5.3, Hs22 Blade Server, 4. Interl Server, 5. Hp Ml 350gs Server
Simulation Of Electrical Systems LabUnder GraduateComputer Systems Intel Core I3, 3.70 Ghz 4gb, 500gb , Orcad Software Licence, On Line Ups 10 Kva
Simulations LabPost GraduateMultisim,xilinx,ic Design Tool (mentgor Graphics Software) And Computer Systems
Surveying LabUnder Graduate1. Total Station, 2. Lanx Auto Level & Etc
Thermal Engineering LabUnder Graduate4 Stroke Petrol Engine, 2 Stroke Petrol Engine, Air Compressorq
Uml LabPost GraduateAir Conditioners
Unified Modeling Lab (cselab-viii)1Under GraduateComputer Systems, Batteries
Unix Programming Lab(mca Lab 1)Post GraduateDesktop Systems
Visual Programming LabUnder GraduateLe3novo Think Centre M70 Desktop 15x21000
Water & Waste Water Engg. LabUnder Graduate1. Bod Incubator Withaccess. 2. Unfonfined Comprcs,3.triaxial Shear, Shear
Web Technologies Lab (mca Lab 1)Post GraduateWifi Access Cards

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0 # N.mahesh 2018-05-22
What are the ranks required in ecet to join b tech civil group to cse in swarnandhra college
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0 # N.mahesh 2018-05-22
What is the rank requiredin ecet to join btech in swarnandhra ..what are the ranks required in ecet to join btech in swarnandhra college
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0 # Vivaan Older than three months
Hello, I am from West Godavari, I have completed BCA, I want to pursue MCA, plz suggest
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0 # Tushar Older than three months
How much can I earn, if I take up M. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering and also suggest me some good M.Tech colleges in West Godavari?
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0 # Aayush Older than three months
Hello, I am from West Godavari, please tell me Any new changes are going to be introduced in GATE 2017?
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0 # Nishith Older than three months
It was announced that a new section is going to be introduced in the Engineering Sciences paper, which will be dealing with atmospheric and oceanic sciences, From GATE 2017, international students from countries like UAE, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh are eligible to apply. For GATE preparetion, you shold have work hard, you can join coaching in West Godavari as well.
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0 # Guest Older than three months
i got 45 marks in eamcet and i got 397 marks in groups can i get seat in ECE or MECHANICAL groups in your college
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