IES/ESE 2019 Syllabus |


  • The General Studies and Engineering Aptitude paper will test the knowledge of the test takers on appropriate topics. The marks for each topic might range from 5-15% of the total marks allotted for the paper.
  • The following topics are covered under the General Studies & Engineering Aptitude paper, which is common for all test takers:
    • Ethics and Values and engineering profession
    • Information and communication technologies based tools and also their usage in engineering like technology-based education, e-governance and networking
    • Fundamentals of material science and engineering
    • Fundamentals of project management
    • Fundamentals of energy and environment
    • Standards and quality practices in production, construction, maintenance and services
    • General principles of design, drawing, and importance of safety
    • Engineering mathematics and numerical analysis
    • Engineering aptitude covering logical reasoning and analytical ability
    • Current issues of national and international importance pertaining to social, economic and industrial development
  • As far as the syllabus for specific papers are concerned, candidates can view the complete details here- IES/ESE 2019 Syllabus.

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