Preparation Tips for NDA 2019 |


  • As the NDA 2019 will have different sections like mathematics, general ability and finally SSB interview for selected candidates, here are some useful tips for each section:


  • Mathematics section is all about formulas and calculations.
  • The syllabus will include the chapters mentioned above, and the purpose of this section is to test the mathematical skill of the test takers.  Also, it is for judging the quickness and accuracy of mathematics.
  • It is better to start your preparation with your 10th and 12th standard mathematics books.
  • With these books, you should memorise the important formulas related to mathematics.
  • It is highly important that you should have a strong understanding of basic concepts in the above-mentioned chapters. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to quickly complete the problems.
  • To gain confidence after your preparation, it is better to engage in a lot of practice tests with past question papers.
  • Time management is highly important as you will have to complete this section within the allocated time of two and half hours. There will be 120 questions to be completed within this time. If you are strong in mental calculations, it will be easier for you to crack mathematics section.
  • During your preparation process take a note of the important formulas, such that you can revise them then and there.
  • Grab past questions papers and the best books for NDA mathematics preparation to get through this section with ease.

General Ability Test:

  • The general ability test will have 150 questions in total carrying a total mark of 600.
  • This test as mentioned earlier is divided into two sections, and they are English and general knowledge.
  • This section is to test the British English and general knowledge IQ level of the test takers.
  • Fundamental knowledge in English will help candidates to score well in this section. Here are some tips to get good marks in this scoring paper of NDA 2019:


  • As far as English is concerned, candidates are recommended to strengthen their English grammar knowledge. The reason is that most questions are from vocabulary, basic grammar and reading comprehension sections. The good source to learn English grammar is Wren and Martin Grammar Book.
  • It is better to allocate the preparation time for each topic mentioned above, such that not even a single topic will be missed.
  • It is better to start the preparation early for this section
  • It is important for candidates to focus on improving four of their skills in the English language. They are listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.
  • On a daily basis, they are recommended to learn new English words
  • English online tests for NDA can be taken on a regular basis. Previous year NDA English papers can also be used for preparation.

General Knowledge:

  • The GK section in the General Ability Test will have 100 questions carrying 400 marks in total.
  • This section is for testing the update of the test takers on different fields like the latest current events, literature, awards arts, etc.
  • To clear this section, it is important that the test takers should keep themselves updated about the latest news in the society through daily newspapers.
  • For physics and chemistry sections, the class 12 books can be used for other papers like biology, geography, and history, class 10 books will help.
  • Previous year NDA papers will be of great help in the preparation process.

Tips to clear SSB Interview:

  • Once a candidate successfully gets through the written test, he/she will be called for Service Selection Board or SSB interview.
  • This is otherwise denoted as intelligence and personality test.
  • During this test, candidates will have to get through different rounds of interviews like PI, GD, medical and physical examination, etc.
  • This section carries 900 marks. The overall score depends on the performance of candidates in the SSB interview.
  • They are recommended to focus on improving their personality.
  • They are recommended to maintain a good physical fitness
  • It is better to develop detailed knowledge of politics, history and Armed Forces in the country
  • It is better to know the native town completely
  • Officer-level qualities of candidates like teamwork, social adaptability, reacting to situations and sense of responsibility are tested through this interview.
  • There are books that are specially meant for helping students to prepare for NDA test. Candidates will find such books useful to prepare for all sections.

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