Preparation Tips for UPSC Civil Services 2018 |


  • After the submission of an application for UPSC CSE 2018, candidates are left with just 4 months to prepare themselves for the preliminary examination.
  • This means that they should not just work hard, but also work smart in these four months.
  • The first step to be taken in the preparation process of prelims is the thorough understanding of the syllabus and the pattern.
  • Experts are of the opinion that candidates, who score around 125-130 marks in the paper 1 of the preliminary examination alone are expected to qualify for the main examination.
  • The number of candidates short-listed for the main is just 13 times of the number of job vacancies.
  • When preparing for the preliminary examination, practising with the question papers of the past 10 UPSC CS examination papers can be the excellent preparation idea.
  • Practicing with the past 10-year question papers will help the test takers to understand the logic behind the questions asked in the prelims test.
  • Knowledge of current affairs is something that should be compulsorily developed by candidates to crack this test.
  • Practicing with the past question papers will help the candidates in understanding the areas under which questions as asked.
  • If a candidate identifies what to study, he/she can win half the battle for sure says, experts.
  • Some of the important topics to concentrate are the latest developments in fields like economic issues inclusive of the economic survey, knowledge of the Constitution of the country, latest legislations, environment, the role of the governor in the Tamil Nadu political crisis, etc.
  • Once these things are prepared, candidates are recommended to practice the past question papers in the similar environment like that of the actual examination.
  • They should also take notes when preparing so that they will find these notes useful during final revision sessions.
  • Forming a good foundation with NCERT books can be of great help in cracking the prelims.
  • The general studies paper will have questions from static and dynamic GK. The former will have questions from policy, economics, geography and history. These things do not actually change in the short-run. On the other hand, the latter denotes current affairs that we read from the newspapers. So, keeping updated from the latest newspapers will be of great help.

Useful Study Materials for Prelims:

  • History Of Medieval India - Satish Chandra
  • Oxford School Atlas - Oxford
  • India’s Ancient Past - RS Sharma
  • India’s Struggle For Independence - Bipan Chandra
  • History Of Modern India - Bipan Chandra
  • Indian Art and Culture - Nitin Singhania
  • Science and Technology in India - Ashok Singh
  • India Year Book (Current Affairs)
  • Manorama Yearbook. (Current Affairs)
  • Indian Economy - Ramesh Singh

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