Preparation Tips for AIIMS MBBS 2019 |


  • The thumb rule to prepare for AIIMS MBBS entrance test and to succeed is a smart work rather than hard work.
  • Regardless of the number of hours spent on preparation, good preparation is the key to succeed
  • You should keep yourself thorough with physics, chemistry and biology papers of your class XI and XII textbooks.
  • Apart from objective type questions, you might also get reasoning and assertion type questions, wherein you will have to choose from any one response for the question from choices of responses given.
  • When preparing for the test, you should not be under pressure and you should stay cool.
  • The time you spend on revision will help you score well
  • Most successful candidates are of the opinion that test takers should through the NCERT book, which is the key to succeeding in AIIMS MBBS
  • When you are engaged in a prolonged preparation session, you should freshen up your mind then and there by engaging in any of your favourite activities.
  • You should actually enjoy the preparation time and it will make your preparation easier.
  • As you are grown up, your parents cannot keep you rolling to prepare. Self-discipline in the key and aim at your dream doctor position and accordingly prepare well.
  • There will be descriptive type questions in the test and to answer these questions you should have thorough subject knowledge.
  • In the case of calculative type questions in physics and chemistry, you should apply your mathematical skills. So, if you have not studied mathematics at your higher secondary, it is better to review important mathematical formula from high school books.
  • One month before the date of AIIMS MBBS Test, you can take as many mock tests as possible to know your stand, such that you will have time to make a better preparation of your weak areas.
  • After completing each chapter, you should take individual tests on each chapter to make sure that you have prepared well.
  • Stop reading new topics just a day or two before the examination. This should be the time to relax and you should be completed your revision by this time.

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