Preparation Tips for AIIMS Nursing 2018 |


  • The important mantras to crack any of these three entrance tests are to learn, practice, commitment/dedication, time management and high spirit/willingness.
  • Think big: To achieve your life goals of serving the humanity by becoming a nurse, you need motivation. Remember that the bigger you dream, better will be your success. Motivation is something that can create commitment and of course, with better commitment you can make it happen for sure.
  • Never lose hope: When you have difficulty in reading some chapters, do not leave it halfway losing hope. Remember that quitting is a negative habit and it will not take you far in life.
  • Have the right approach:  Start gathering useful study materials. You can get in touch with your past teachers to get help from them about the best reference books to choose for your preparation process.
  • Plan a strategy: When you prepare your planning strategy, it is highly important that you should have a good knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly frame your plan. Identify your tough chapters and give more focus to them during your practice sessions.
  • Time management is highly important: To cover the entire syllabus before the nursing entrance test, you should have appropriate time management. Just start your preparation in advance. Now, the notifications for the entrance tests for nursing are not yet out. So, you can start your preparations from now itself. You can get to know the syllabus to prepare from the previous year notification issued by AIIMS for the entrance exams for nursing courses.
  • Dedication: Your dedicated practice alone can bring you success. So, have a proper determination in your mind and plan things accordingly. Your dedicated practice will surely bring you success without any doubt.
  • Increase your speed and accuracy: In any competitive entrance test, your speed is something that is highly important. With the regular practice, your speed with automatically improve and this will happen even without your knowledge. So, to increase speed, practice is the key.
  • Temperament is important: To effectively handle the preparation, you should first stay calm. Do not get too much excited or too much nervous about anything. As much as possible stay composed and it will help to a great extent in making the best preparation.

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