Preparation Tips for AP EAMCET 2018 |



The initial step towards succeeding in AP EAMCET 2018 is to evaluate yourself. You should identify your strengths and weaknesses by solving many sample question papers and taking up mock tests. When you take up such tests, you will be in a position identify your weak areas and you might feel tempted to leave the weak area. But, do not get lost to the temptation and just immediately start preparing for the weak areas.

Stick yourself to a Schedule:

Now, you know the exact date of the examination, there is hardly two months left. So you should prepare a daily study plan to succeed. Before getting to sleep, it is better to prepare a schedule of topics to be focused on the following day. You can practice this for a few days and it will eventually turn out to be your habit.

Get to know the syllabus and pattern: Only when you are completely aware of the pattern of the test and the syllabus, you can avoid surprises on the examination hall. You can find the detailed syllabus on the notification page of APSCHE.

Solve Old Question Papers:

When you practice with the past question papers, you can gain the right mindset for the examination. It will give you an idea about how to manage the time and how much time to spend for each question and section. In addition, you can get to know the level of difficulty and can tune your preparation accordingly.

Focus on Intermediate Books:

Most question in the AP EAMCET question paper will be from your first and second year of intermediate books. So, these books are the right places to start your preparation. When you are completely thorough on these books, you can just start practicing with past question papers.

Identify the Order of Solving:

Not just in AP EAMCET, but also in any other competitive examinations, you should attempt the questions that you are comfortable with at the first instance. This will help you have enough time to complete the tough part.

Have an Eye on the Clock:

The best tip given by students, who have succeeded in EAMCET is that you should allocate 45 minutes at the examination for each subject. Easy questions can be solved during this time and you should just mark the tough questions for solving later. This will give you 45 minutes extra time at the end of the test to solve the left out questions. However, it is recommended that this technique should be followed only when you have practiced thoroughly by solving a number of past question papers in a timed atmosphere.

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