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The uniqueness associated with BITSAT as compared to other entrance tests is the way in which result is announced. Yes, the test takers need not have to wait to know their score. When they take up the online test, they can get the score at the end of the test.

BITSAT Score Report:

A candidate can get to know whether he/she can get admission to BITS only by the BITSAT Score. To help the test takers to know this instantly, the computer will announce the result of the test taker right at the end of the test. The result will be published in the form of the number of correct answers and wrong answers.

Will The Score be Displayed?

Yes, not just the number of the correct and wrong answer, but the score of the candidate is also displayed on the computer screen. Not just in this mode, the test takers can also check and can print their score report at the admission website of BITS. They can do this only after all tests are over. The students will not be allowed to repeat the test in the same year.

What If Two Candidates Get the Same Score?

Merit list of qualified candidates will be prepared by BITS. If two candidates secure the same score, the tie will break in the following manner:

  • The scores obtained in mathematics/biology in BITSAT will be considered by separating them.
  • Secondly, the score in physics will be considered.
  • Thirdly, chemistry score will be considered.
  • Finally, PCM/PCB score in class 12 will be considered if the tie still exists in the comparisons mentioned above.

BITSAT Score Analysis:

Here is a chart that shows the number of candidates obtaining different scores in BITSAT 2013 to 2017:

The chart reveals the toughness as only around 300-400 candidates scores more than 400 in the past five years.

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