Preparation Tips for CMAT 2019 |


As mentioned earlier, there are different sections in CMAT test and let us get into the tips to prepare for each of the sections here:

Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation:

  • Most questions in this section are from modern mathematics and arithmetic operations in general. So, it is better to prepare yourself well on the basics of chapters like simple equations, time and distance, numbers, geometry, time and work and profit and loss.
  • To get a good score in data interpretation, you should work hard to improve the speed of your calculation and your efficiency.
  • It is better to practice with a number of quantitative aptitude questions to get used to this section.
  • It is better to have a look at the past question papers, such that you can take a note of the type of questions asked.
  • In the recent past, this section had a number of questions from modern mathematics and arithmetic operations. So, you are recommended to pay special attention to these sections.
  • For data interpretation, you should develop a good knowledge of rations, cube roots, square roots, and percentage. When you can quickly calculate these things, you will take only a lesser time to solve data interpretation questions. As you know, time management is something highly important to get through CMAT.
  • As far as Data interpretation is concerned, most questions will have single or multiple bar graphs. Even though pie charts are rarely given, it is better to keep yourself ready for them as well to avoid surprises at the exam.

Logical Reasoning:

  • You can score well in logical reasoning only with good practice. So, take as many practice tests as possible to make yourself stronger in this section.
  • Even, you can try your hand on logical reasoning papers of other MBA examinations.
  • Logical reasoning questions from tests like FMS, SRCC, and SNAP are known to have more similarity with respect to the logical reasoning questions asked in CMAT.

Language Comprehension:

  • This section is otherwise called as verbal ability section. There will be questions in para jumble format, identification of word meaning, fill up the blanks, sentence correction, etc.
  • To prepare for this section, you are recommended to read English novels on a daily basis.
  • As questions from antonyms and synonyms are asked in this test, you should have a good understanding of English to score well in this section. You can do this by preparing a list of words from daily newspapers and you should find meanings and should revise them regularly.
  • It is better to practice a number of reading comprehension questions.

General Awareness:

  • Developing the habit of reading daily newspapers will help you prepare well for the general awareness section.
  • You should keep yourself aware of the latest national and international matters
  • You can develop the practice of reading a business magazine to keep yourself aware of the happenings in the business world.
  • Apart from the latest and current General knowledge, you should also develop your static GK to score well in general awareness section.

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