Preparation Tips for JIPMER MBBS 2018 |


  • To crack the JIPMER MBBS 2018, it is highly important that you should frame a proper study plan or time table. In other words, you should identify how much time and effort you will have to put on each topic. For instance, more time and concentration should be given to your weak areas and also proper study plan for completing the entire syllabus should be framed.
  • To ensure that you are stronger in basics, read the NCERT books thoroughly. Try to solve mock tests, past question papers and sample tests on a regular basis.
  • Taking tests will help you with monitoring your progress. Also, you can identify exactly on what areas you should pay attention to. Also, it will help with time management, self-evaluation and understanding your weak areas. The more problems you solve before the test, the more likely you can perform well if a similar question is asked in the test.
  • Equal importance should be given to all chapters in the syllabus and so you should bifurcate your time accordingly. You can prepare for all subjects in a methodical manner. Also, fix a time limit and try to complete the chapters before the allocated time.
  • Past question papers can be of great help to you in understanding your stand. Even though you cannot expect the same questions to be asked, the past question papers will give you an idea about the type of questions frequently asked, so that you can plan your preparation accordingly.
  • The thing to remember here is that consistency is highly important. Initially, you might frame a plan and with lots of enthusiasm towards finding a place in JIPMER for MBBS course, you will keep yourself away from your mobile phones and other such distractions. But, after some days of preparation in this manner, if you do not maintain consistency, there is no point in spending these many days in preparation. So, stay focused and determined all through the preparation process to succeed in JIPMER MBBS 2018.
  • It is highly important that you should have a clear idea of where to begin your preparations.
  • So, cracking JIPMER MBBS is not a task that can never be accomplished, but it is achievable with the right attitude right from your preparation days.

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