Preparation Tips for LSAT India 2018 |


  • Reading comprehension section: When preparing for this section, you should experiment different strategies and should decide on the one that will work effectively for you. Here are some strategies that will help you:
    • You can read the selection very closely and then can try to answer the questions.
    • You can also follow the strategy of reading the questions first and reading the selection closely before returning to the question again.
    • You can also skim through the questions and the paragraph quickly and then can again read the paragraph closely to answer the questions.
    • You are recommended to carefully read the answer choices before selecting the right answer. As you know, the best answer choice is the one that matches accurately to the question that is being posed.
    • You can also respond to the particular question that is asked. Also, you should never select a choice as the right answer just because it is a true statement.
    • Remember that you should answer the questions exclusively based on the information that is provided in the selection.
  • You need not have to bring any specific knowledge to answer this section, but practising with a number of reading comprehensions will help you with easily dealing with this section within the allocated 35 minutes.
  • Analytical reasoning:  Logically, no formal training is required to answer the questions in this section correctly. The questions under this section are intended to be answered with the help of knowledge, reasoning ability, and skills that should be possessed by college students in general.
  • In reading conditions, you are recommended not to make any unwarranted assumptions.
  • Also, consider each question in this section separate from the others and write accordingly.
  • Logical reasoning section: When you practice for this section, just read each and every question with utmost care. It is highly important that before you proceed to answer questions in this section, you should understand the complete meaning of each part of the question. Ensure that you have the complete understanding of the answer choices given.
  • Do not choose a choice, just because it is a true statement as it might not be the correct answer.
  • Also, try to answer each question based on the given information.

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