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SAAT Exam Pattern 2019:

  • SAAT for engineering admission will have questions from Physics, chemistry, and mathematics subjects.
  • The questions will be in multiple choice format. There will be four options from which candidates will have to choose the correct option. They should indicate their answer by clicking on the circle that is adjacent to the option that they think to be correct.
  • The test takers have the option to directly go to any question by clicking on the question number in this web-based test. They can find the question numbers at the bottom of their computer screen.
  • The questions that they have answered will be marked in green and the skipped or unanswered questions will remain in blue. So, based on the colour, candidates can go back to the skipped questions to attend them finally.
  • If a test taker is doubtful about the specific question, he/she has the option to mark the question for review. This can be done with the help of ‘mark for review button’. This type of question will remain as unmarked one and the test taker can just come back to the same question after some time to change the answer.
  • If a candidate wishes to change the answer to any specific question, he/she can select the question and can modify the answer by clicking on the suitable answer.
  • Each correct answer will fetch 4 marks and there is negative marking of one per every wrong answer.
  • If a candidate has attempted all questions in the sequence in a specific section, he/she will be automatically directed to the first question of the following section. Even, it will be possible for the test takers to move between sections.
  • Once, the allotted time of 120 minutes is over, the test will automatically close.
  • If a candidate finishes the test before the allotted time, he/she will get a confirmation page with a couple of options. Either they can go back to the test or they can complete the test.
  • If they wish to review the answers in the remaining time available, they can do so. As a sign of completion, students will have to click the ‘submit’ button.
  • Here is the pattern of the SAAT paper for engineering admission:

Sl. No


No. of questions










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