Preparation Tips for UGC NET 2019 |


If you are planning to apply for UGC NET June 2019, the tips given below will help you with the preparation process:

  • Be aware of the Syllabus:

As you know, the test is conducted in three phases with one paper for each phase. Besides getting a complete understanding of the syllabus for paper I, you should be aware of the syllabus for the other two papers of your choice. This will prevent you from wasting time on topics beyond the syllabus. Also, to complete the syllabus, you can start with the topics that you can cover quickly. Before proceeding to the next chapter, just take a note of the chapter for which you have already prepared.

  • Refer good Books:

Referring to some useful books is an important step in the process of preparing for UGC NET. Remember to get books that will help you gain a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts and logics. You can also find useful study materials online to help you with the preparation.

  • Prepare Notes:

When it comes to practising the syllabus in a short period and also at the time of revision, notes will be of great help. You can write down crucial things and related points and facts. With the help of highlighting and underlining headings, you will be in a position to make better notes. Writing notes is a practice that will help you in remembering things. These notes will be of great help in quickly revising the things that you have learned so far. Remember that the notes should be clearly written such that you can do a quick revision before the examination with ease.

  • Teaching someone will help:

To test your knowledge for what you have understood and learned, you can try to teach someone else. This will surely help you with memorising things for a longer duration. When you help others in understanding hard concepts and topics, you can gain better experience and knowledge in solving those questions.

  • Time Management:

Not just time management during the preparation process, but time management at the time of examination will surely help. When preparing you to need not have to study all the time. But, you should ensure that full concentration and focus is given on what you are reading during your study hours. You should allocate at least 4-5 hours on a daily basis for your studies. Schedule your day-to-day routine as the initial priority and allocate separate time to each and every section of the syllabus to bring down confusion of what you have covered and what you have not covered. Also, it is better to manage time for day-to-day revision of what you have read the entire day long.

  • Stay updated:  

It is better to keep yourself updated with the current affairs and also get to know about the UGC NET Test. In addition, candidates should have complete knowledge about the concerned subject for which they apply.

  • Revision and self-analysis:  

Revision is a process that will help you with refining what you have prepared for the exams. So, it is better to make it a habit to revise what you have studied for the entire week at the end of the week. It is better to start the final revision early in such a way that you can perform well in the examination. For quick revision before the examination, the notes that you prepare will be helpful.

  • Take help from solved papers and online mock test papers:

It is better to practice with previous year question papers online that will help you with testing the knowledge. For self-assessment, you can practice with mock test papers and online Test series.

  • Do not act as a bookworm:

When you are a book worm, you cannot actually achieve good scores in UGC NET Test. It is better to maintain breaks after spending some time for studies. Do not isolate yourself from your family and friends and spending some time with them will act as a stress buster for you in the preparation process.  You can also plan some activities to relieve you of the stress then and there.

  • Boost your confidence level:

It is absolutely normal to feel nervous before the examinations, but you can reduce the anxiety related to the test by thorough preparations. When you are confident that you have done everything with respect to preparation, it will help you to face the examination with courage.

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