Preparation Tips for UPCPMT 2018 |


  • Time Management:

With the notification for UPCPMT yet to be out, you can plan your time management now itself. This is the key to succeeding. You should initially create your timetable to plan your studies. There will be botany, zoology, chemistry, and physics papers in the UPCPMT test. So, you should allocate equal time to prepare for each of these subjects. You should make sure that complete time is allocated to cover the entire syllabus for all these four papers. If you have difficulty with any of these four papers, you should plan to dedicate extra time for that subject alone as compared to others.

  • Study Material:

To help with the self-preparation process for UPCPMT, there are different books available in the market. As you know the syllabus for the test will be based on the state board higher secondary syllabus, you should choose the study material that covers entire syllabus of the state board higher secondary.

  • Solve previous year papers:

Apart from selecting the right study materials, you should also be careful about trying out with the previous year question papers. When you solve many past question papers, you will automatically gain confidence in facing the test and it will also improve your time management skill at the examination. It will also help you gain complete knowledge on the pattern of the question paper and the type of questions asked.

  • Identify your weak and strong areas:

Every student has his/her own weak and strong points that should be identified right at the preparation stage itself so that you can dedicate more time to weak areas. To strengthen your weak areas, you can take help from your school teachers, friends and also private tutors.

  • Stay healthy and fit:

Only when you are fit enough, you can face the test with confidence. Most candidates spend hours together in the preparation process without taking rest in between, which can have an ill-effect on their health. So, remember that besides spending time for preparation, you should spend sufficient time to take rest as well. Rest will help you gain better concentrations in the further preparation sessions.

  • Right study environment:

Most importantly, you should identify the right study environment that is free from any distractions. It can be a place in your home or any other place for that matter. You should find a place that will bring you complete concentration on the studies.

  • Study regularly:

Some students just frame a plan in the initial stages of preparation process out of enthusiasm. They do not continue the same. But, you should avoid this type of approach. Right from the initial stages of preparation process until the date of examination, you should study regularly.

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