Preparation Tips for UPMT 2018 |


  • Study plan: Preparing the right study plan is the first step in the preparation process. In addition, you should also stick to the plan. Even though it is stated that computers can be distracting, if you are confident enough to use the computer in the best possible manner just for your preparation process, you can do that.
  • Evaluate the time left: Besides preparing the plan and sticking to it, you should also evaluate the number of days left for the test and should make some minor changes to the plan if required. When evaluating, you should identify your weak subjects and should allocate better time for those subjects
  • Study place: Not just a study plan, but you should also identify the right study place suitable for you in your home. The place can be anywhere like your terrace or your own room or in the backyard of your house.  The important thing is that the place should bring you complete peace of mind and concentration without any distractions at least during the time you sit there for preparation. There should not be any distractions like television, mobile phone or magazines in the study place that you choose. Even, if you are convenient and confident about group studies, you can talk to your friends, who have applied for UPMT along with you.
  • Practice and practice: Practice is the key to succeeding in UPMT. Try to get at least the past 10-year question papers of UPMT and try to solve at least half or one question paper each day. This will help you with evaluating yourself and your scores and you can also identify your weak areas by taking up practice tests. Besides the syllabus, go through your higher secondary books and plan your time for spending at least 4-5 hours for preparation each day. Preparing personal notes during the preparation process will help you with the final revision.
  • Get external support: It is true that some students feel self-study as the best and effective option to crack any test. But, support from coaching centers and your professors might be of great help to you. You can get clarifications then and there and even some coaching institutions conduct test regularly to evaluate your stand in the process of preparing for UPMT.
  • Comfort level: During the preparation process, you should not lose your mental and physical comfort level. Remember that you should get complete rest of 6-7 hours daily at nights. Also, make sure that you take healthy foods to keep yourself healthy during the preparation process and also at the time of examination.

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