Preparation Tips for WBJEE 2018 |


Tips To Prepare for WBJEE 2018:

  • Syllabus and pattern of the test: Before you start your preparation process for WBJEE 2018, it is important that you should get a complete understanding of the exam pattern and also the syllabus. This will help with planning your preparation schedule accordingly.

  • Previous year question papers: It is important that you should practice by solving as many past WBJEE question papers as possible. This will help you gain a hang on the test and you will get an understanding of the type of questions asked. Even, you can practice with the past question papers of IIT-JEE and AIEEE tests. The reason is that sometimes for WBJEE test, questions are directly taken from these test papers.

  • Effective time management is important: Managing time is one of the important parts to consider right from the preparation process. The time you take to complete each question will have an impact on your overall score. So, take up timed mock tests online to judge your speed and you should make changes accordingly if you find that the speed is not up to the mark.

  • Constant revision is important: Besides planning for your preparation, you should also have the right plan for constant revision. Once you complete preparing for this week, just conduct a complete revision of whatever you learned in the entire week. This will help you gain confidence. With this practice, the recalling power of your brain will also improve.

  • Strengths and weaknesses: To understand your preparation, it is important to regularly assess your areas of strengths and weaknesses. To ensure a better overall score, identifying your weaknesses and working on them will be of great help.

  • No guess work: You are recommended to be aware of the fact that the test has a negative marking system for wrong answers. So, you should stay away from guess works. You should attempt any question only when you are purely confident about the answer to avoid negative marking. There will not be any negative marking, even if you omit a question without attempting, but if the answer goes wrong, there will be a deduction. So, accordingly plan your preparation.

  • Get help from a coaching institution: If you can spend money, you can enrol in a coaching institution. It is not that candidates cannot prepare for WBJEE on their own. But, joining a coaching institution will help you gain better focus and insight on each and every paper. Also, coaching institutions regularly conduct tests that will help you judge your stand. Even, they will provide you with the score for each and every test, which will help you with identifying your strong and weak areas.

  • Mathematics Section: For mathematics section, practice with a lot of past question papers. Also, you should learn to solve probability questions with the help of tree method. Understand how to solve problems and visualising them using graphs will help you gain a better understanding. You can take up questions from S.N. De Books of Classes XI and XII.

  • Physics section: For this section to try solving with past question papers. Get a thorough understanding of chapters in the higher secondary Board examination in the state of West Bengal. Also, spend a lot of time in preparing for Fluid dynamics, waves, mechanics, and modern physics. These chapters are not just easier, but they are frequently featured on WBJEE.

  • Chemistry Section: For chemistry section, physical chemistry is comparatively easy and for inorganic chemistry, you should read everything from the best reference books. Frequently, questions that involve different orders and their explanations appear in the WBJEE test. So, make yourself well-versed in them.

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