Preparation Tips for XAT 2018 |


Here are the preparation tips for different sections in XAT Exam:

  • During the preparation process, the test takers can split the XAT exam into three parts. They are environment sensitive, practice intensive and concept driven. The general knowledge page is environment sensitive, decision making is a section that needs intensive practice and some part of verbal & local ability and the entire part of quantitative ability & data interpretation is concept driven
  • Since decision making comes as a section in XAT, it is different from other MBA entrance exams. The reason is that this section is added in the test to identify the management aptitude of the test takers by presenting various situations as questions. The task of the test takers in this section is to identify the correct recourse in the given situation.

Verbal and Logical Ability:

  • To score well in this section, the test takers should have a fine balance between quick reading and comprehension skills. The reason is that most questions in this section will have questions on reading comprehension and critical reasoning.
  • In this section vocabulary-based questions are rarely asked, and the main purpose is to evaluate the reasoning skills of test takers.
  • To ensure the best performance in this section, candidates can practice by taking many mock tests.

Decision Making:

  • As mentioned earlier, this section will have different situations as questions.
  • In this section, the test takers will have to analyse the possible gains and losses for each of the party involved in the situation.
  • When arriving at decisions, the test takers should make sure that they are not favourable only to a single party involved. They should be of ethical and balanced nature.
  • For this section, practice is the key, and test takers can refer the past question paper of XAT in this regard.

Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation:

  • In this section, most of the questions featured are from data interpretation, probability, functions, number systems and geometry.
  • The key to doing well in this section is a strong conceptual base in the chapters mentioned above with a good application orientation is important.
  • Areas of focus should be functions, probability, number systems and geometry.

General Knowledge:

  • For this section, the test takers should keep themselves updated about the current events that happened in the past 6 months.
  • They should pay special attention to business and economics
  • There will be static GK questions in this section, and for this part, it is better to focus on geography, books and authors and awards.

Essay Writing:

  • From the past records, the essay topics for XAT had questions with stronger abstract dimensions.
  • The topic will be based either on a common phrase or an idiom, and there will be a philosophical tip within the question.
  • The purpose of this section is to evaluate the language skills, coherence of thoughts, and ability to provide logical arguments.
  • To prepare for this section, the prospective test takers can read national newspapers.
  • Also, it is better to write sample essays, and the same should be evaluated for style and content.


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