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  • The paper consists of three sections which are analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.
  • Apart from the above three section, there is a dummy section which is not known till results are out.
  • The dummy section may either be verbal or quant.
  • The total time for the paper is 3 hours and 40 minutes.
  • One need to attempt every question of the respective section within the time limit.

20 question per section30 minutes per section


Number of Question


Analytical Writing

(only one section)

Two Questions.

First, is “Analyse on Issue”.

Second is “Argument”.

30 minutes per question

Verbal Reasoning

(Two sections)



(Two sections)

20 question per section

35 minutes per section

Analytical Writing:

  •  It generally is an essay writing with a motive to measure critical thinking and expressing views.
  • The scoring is on the scale of 0-6 with the difference of half point.
  • There are two questions which need to be written.
  • The first question deals with an issue, and one need to write an essay on the issue.
  • The issue is selected from the pool of question available on the GRE website.
  • The second question deals with an argument where the candidate needs to present their argument logically and give suggestions on the topic.
  • The number of the argument presented matters most than the structure of the write-up.

Verbal Reasoning:

  • 10 critical reading questions which can be multiple correct.
  • 6 sentence completion questions
  • 4 sentence equivalence, where one needs to correct the sentence following English rules.
    • This section has 20 questions to be attempted within 30 minutes.
    • This section measures ability to read and understand written material, evaluate arguments and correct written data in standard English.
    • It is divided in two sections. Each verbal section consists of

Quantitative Section:

    • This section has 20 questions to be attempted within 35 minutes.
    • The quantitative section deals with analysing data and drawing conclusion testing mathematical skills.
    • There is an on-screen calculator available when attempting this section.
    • It is taken in two sections.
    • Each section is comprised of questions related to problem statement, data interpretation and quantitative comparison.

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