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  • The paper consists of five sections which are reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, variable section and writing sample.
  • The total time for the paper is 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • One need to attempt every question of respective section within the time limit.


Number of Question


Analytical Reasoning


35 minutes

1st Logical Reasoning


35 minutes

2nd Logical Reasoning


35 minutes

Reading Comprehensions


35 minutes

Variable section


35 minutes

Writing Sample


35 minutes


Analytical Reasoning

  •  It measures ability to understand structure and draw logical conclusion from the information.
  • It checks the skill required by a law graduate during legal proceedings.
  • The questions are based on basic logic, system of order and outcomes.
  • Each question modifies or introduces new rule and candidate need to be quick in reorganising the known information.
  • The candidates are required to draw conclusion from set of lines provided as a question.

Logical Reasoning:

  • Find alternate conclusion to the argument or
  • Identify error in logical explanation or
  • Find alternate argument
  • This section has two section, each consisting of 24-26 questions.
  • Each section is to be attempted within 35 minutes.
  • This section measures ability to test ability to dissect and analyse arguments.
  • The candidate needs to
  1. Find alternate conclusion to the argument or
  2. Identify error in logical explanation or
  3. Find alternate argument

Reading Comprehension:

  • There are generally four passage each of 400-500 words.
  • 5-8 question per passage is asked.
  • Total off 26-28 questions in this section
  • The question is generally about some information from passage, drawing interference from the passage or describing the passage structure.

Variable Section:

  • This section is not calculated in the total score.
  • The candidate is unaware of the variable section.
  • The section is to be attempted with same accuracy and speed.
  • The questions may be on any topic which are tested for future examinations.

Writing Sample:

  • In this section, a problem with two criteria is provided.
  • The candidate need to present its argument favouring one topic over the other.
  • This section is not scored but is to evaluate the writing ability.
  • The essay is sent to the applied college for comparing the writing skills.



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