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  • The paper consists of three sections which are Math, Reading and Writing.
  • Apart from the above three section, there is an optional section which is not included in the score.
  • The optional section includes writing an essay on a topic.
  • The total time for the paper is 3 hours.
  • One need to attempt every question of the respective section within the time limit.


Number of Questions



34 questions (calculator allowed)

20 questions (calculator not allowed)

80 minutes


52 questions

65 minutes

Writing and Language

44 questions

35 minutes


1 optional essay

50 minutes


  • It consists of 54 questions among which 10 questions are not related to any mathematical formulae.
  • The questions asked in the section consists of three sections:
  1. Algebra and functions
  2. Geometry Statistics
  3. Probability and Data Analysis
  • Usually, the whole section is divided into three categories.
  • The first two categories are of 25 minutes while remaining time for the third section.
  • The questions of each section are to be attempted within the allotted time.


  • This section has 52 questions to be attempted within 65 minutes.
  • It is divided into three sections.
  • There are two 25-minute section and one 20-minute section.
  • This section has multiple choice questions related to short or long paragraphs.
  • The reading involves comprehension, sentence completion and paragraph-length critical reading.

Writing Section:

  • This section deals with the ability to write, identify writing errors and producing clear essays.
  • It is divided into three sections.
  • Essay section which is of 25 minutes is optional.
  • The remaining two sections are of 25 minutes and 10 minutes long.

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