Preparation Tips for SAT 2018 |


Mathematical Section:

  • Practice question with a calculator and use the same during the exam.
  • One need to also learn any shortcuts or function available in the calculator which can be used.
  • Formulae of different mathematical areas must be learnt by heart.
  • Practice daily to improve the calculation speed and accuracy.


    Avoid any minor calculation errors and minimize double checking for the answers.


Writing Section:

  • It checks ones command over grammar rules and English writing.
  • Essay writing within 25 minutes is not a piece of cake.
  • Daily practice of the essay is must to familiarize with the structure and content.
  • Allocate time for reading the lines, finding errors, outlining and proofreading.
  • Practice different types of question to be familiar with the grammar rules.


Reading Section:

  • In this section, one need to read the passage and answer the questions related to it.
  • Candidate should improve his/her vocabulary by reading novels, newspaper, etc.
  • Prepare flashcards and mention the new words learnt, their synonym and antonyms.
  • Think well before coming to a conclusion and read the question properly.


    The answers should solely be from the passage or the questions asked.


    Opinion or logic is to be avoided while writing the answers.


Smart Work:

  • In today’s competitive scenario smart work pays more than hard work.
  • The examination has a time limit with difficulty evenly distributed, so it is advised to have a strategy before the examination.
  • One need to prepare the time to be given for each question of different sections and utilising certain time saved for attempting the difficult question.

Check on Preparation:

  • It is always necessary to know whether the study plan prepared is doing the needful work.
  • One can take up mock test and appear once a week and know the proSATss.
  • The areas of focus are to be marked and improved.
  • The stronger areas are also to be revised as to get maximum efficiency from such areas.

Familiarize with each section instructions:

  • Each section is allotted its time.
  • The questions of a section is to be attempted when the time for the section is given.
  • The section contents and the way of writing answers in them should be well prepared.
  • In doing so, the efficiency is maximised as one gains confidence and stays calm during the examination.

Minimise the stress:

  • There is always an immense pressure during the day of examination.
  • One need to stay calm and relaxed while attempting the paper.
  • This helps to take the correct decision under difficulty and think clearly for an answer.
  • Proper sleep and diet are recommended to keep the stress level low.

Quantitative section:

  • The quantitative section can only be improved with daily practice.
  • The different section of maths is to be practised daily.
  • The formulae and the method of solving various question are to have SATat speed
  • Apart from speed, one needs to develop the accuracy too.
  • This can be simultaneously developed with daily practice.

Verbal section:

  • It is generally a misconception that if the vocabulary is good, the verbal section can be cleared.
  • The main need is understanding the text and making sense.
  • It is advised to develop a habit of reading advanced texts daily.
  • The editorial section of newspaper, novels may be stepping stone in improving reading efficiency.
  • During reading, the new words encountered should be understood and remembered for future use.

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