CFA 2018: Exam Date, Result, Eligibility, Application Form
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What Do You Want to Know About Chartered Financial Analyst?

  • CFA is actually a professional credential. The CFA Institute based in America offers this course as an international level course.
  • Are you asking why you should take up the CFA course? To achieve the highest distinction in the investment management profession. This profession is called as CFA or the Chartered Financial Analyst position.
  • The CFA course of study is organized into three different levels. On completion of each level, you will have to get through a 6-hour examination to move on to the next level. As you move through the levels, the toughness of the curriculum will improve.
  • CFA Level 1 pays attention to providing fundamental knowledge to course takers. They will also learn to do simple analysis using investment tools.
  • CFA Level 2 pays attention to the application of the investment tools and concepts. It focuses on the valuation of varied asset types.
  • CFA Level 3 pays attention to synthesizing all the concepts and analytical methods in a wide range of applications. This is for the effective wealth planning and portfolio management.
  • CFA Salary in India is another aspect that attracts students to this course.
  • The CFA Exams are conducted annually at test centers from around the world. The examination for level 1 is conducted in December. All three levels should be cleared sequentially.
  • Candidates can pass the examination by studying the curriculum offered by the CFA Institution. Some students also benefit by using exam preparation courses or materials.
  • In India, CFA exams are conducted in four cities, and they are New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.
  • For June 2019, the number of test centers has increased, and the cities other than the four are as follows: Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. 
  • Candidates can gather further details about the test centers from the website of CFA at

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