CFA - Important Dates and Registration


What Should You Learn About CFA Registration?

  • The cost for study materials for CFA Course forms part of CFA Course fees.
  • For the Level I, the exam is conducted in June and December every year, while for Level II and III, CFA Institute conducts the exam in June alone.
  • During your CFA registration for Level I examination, a one-time course enrolment fee of US $450 should be paid.
  • The CFA fees cover the cost of mock exams, topic-based practice tests and the eBook.
  • If you look for CFA level 1 fees, the early registration fee is US $650, while the standard registration fee is US $930. For late registration, the cost is US $1380.
  • The CFA level 1 registration for December ends near the 15th of March in the same year. The standard registration for level 1 for the same ends near the 15th of August. In the case of late registration for level 1, the last date ends near the 13th of September every year.
  • When it comes to CFA level 2 fees, the early and late CFA registration fee remains the same as for level 1. But, for standard registration, the cost is US $950.
  • The CFA level 2 registration for June exam for early registration ends at the end of September every year. The standard registration ends in the middle of February every year. Similarly, the late registration fee ends by the middle of March.
  • CFA level 3 fee is same as for level 2. The CFA level 3 registration for June examination is same as for level 2.
  • You can obtain the detailed application procedure from the official CFA website.
  • The CFA level 1 exam date is 2nd December 2017. The CFA level 2 exam date is 23rd June 2019. The same applies to CFA level 3 exam date for June 2019 exam.

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