CFA - Job Opportunities


Let Us Explore the Job Opportunities for CAs:

  • Being a CFA charter is a lucrative option that can bring a wide range of employment opportunities.
  • You can get into the fields like equity research, portfolio management, banking, etc.
  • When you clear all three levels of CFA course, and once you complete the 48 months of relevant work experience, you can avail a CFA Charter from the institution.
  • It will help you in appending the much-coveted designation to your name.
  • In India, CFA charter holders are given the best respects in the job market. Here are some of the areas in which you can get an appointment on becoming a CFA Charter:
  • Investment/portfolio/wealth management companies:
  • In these firms, the work profile is very much close to that of the core portfolio and investment management skills that you gain from the CFA Course.

Investment Banking:

In the investment banking sector, some key skills are important. Some of them include derivatives, equity, debt and knowledge of financial analysis. The CFA course will provide these skills.

Equity Research:

The best Multi-national equity research firms need CFAs as they have the right knowledge on investment and security analysis. 

Private Equity:

These firms again need the appropriate talent for carrying out heavy financial analysis. Also, they need the right talents with investment management knowledge. So, CFAs are in high demand in private equity domain.

Credit Rating/Analysis:

This involves debt repayment and cash flow analysis. As a CFA, you will have this knowledge. So, your knowledge becomes important.

Corporate Finance Divisions:

Corporate finance is something that entails financial management. It involves treasury operations, fundraising, and management, financial reporting, etc. You will gain this knowledge with the CFA course.

 In short, CFA is a course that will bring lucrative job prospects.

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