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CS Foundation Registration:

Admission and registration to the CS Foundation are open all through the year. However, candidates registering for foundation course will have to apply before the 31st March if they are planning to appear for the examination in the month of December. The cut-off date is 30th September if they are planning to take up the examination in the month of June next year.

CS Foundation Syllabus:

The syllabus for CS Foundation for each of the four CS subjects in the programme is provided in the website https://www.icsi.edu/Webmodules/Notification_New%20Syllabus%20(2017)_FndProg.pdf

CS Foundation Subjects:

Candidates looking for CS Foundation subjects should know that there are four papers in the foundation course and they are:

  • Business Environment and Law
  • Business Management, Ethics & Entrepreneurship
  • Business Economics
  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing

The new CS Foundation syllabus introduced by ICSI shall be applicable for all students, who register after 1st April 2017. There are different parts in each of the paper mentioned above and the CS course details for the foundation are as follows:

    • Paper 1 - Business Environment and Law
      • Part A – Business Environment (40 Marks)
      • Part B – Business Laws (60 Marks)
    • Paper 2 - Business Management, Ethics & Entrepreneurship
      • Part A – Business Management (40 Marks)
      • Part B – Business Ethics (10 Marks)
      • Part C – Business Communication (25 Marks)
      • Part D – Entrepreneurship (25 Marks)
    • Paper 3 – Business Economics
      • Part A – Economics (80 Marks)
      • Part B – Elementary Statistics (20 Marks)
    • Paper 4 – Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing
      • Part A – Fundamentals of Accounting (70 Marks)
      • Part B – Fundamentals of Auditing (30 Marks)

Students interested in foundation course can find detailed company secretary syllabus at https://www.icsi.edu/Webmodules/Notification_New%20Syllabus%20(2017)_FndProg.pdf

CS Foundation Registration Fee:

The admission fee for registering to the CS Foundation course is Rs.1500, while the education fee Rs.3000. In the case of physically handicapped candidates, they will have to pay just the registration/admission fee of Rs.1500 alone. In the case of SC/ST candidates, the total fee applicable is Rs.2250, which is 50% off from the total fee of Rs.4500.

CS Foundation result:

In general, CS Result for the foundation examination conducted in June is declared in the month of July and similarly, for December examination, it is declared on the following January. CS Foundation Result is generally published on the official website of ICSI that candidates can check using their roll number.

CS Foundation Course:

As per the company secretary course details for the foundation the duration of the course is 8 months. Students from any background in the higher secondary like arts, science, and commerce can register for ICSI CS Foundation. But, candidates from fine arts background cannot register. The medium of examination for all examinations is English and Hindi. But, for the business communication subject, the paper will only be in English. A candidate will be declared to have passed the foundation course if he/she secures at least 40% of marks in each paper and 50% of aggregate marks in all foundation subjects in a single sitting.

CS Foundation Exam Dates:

The examination for CS Foundation is conducted for two times in a year. Once it is conducted in the month of June and again in the month of December. Candidates can find the exam dates at http://www.icsi.edu/Student/Examination.aspx.

CS Foundation Exam form:

Links for registered students to apply for the CS Foundation exam will be provided at the web page http://www.icsi.edu/Student/Examination.aspx. From this page, candidates will be taken to the online examination application form from which they can apply.

CS Foundation Fee:

For fee for the CS Foundation course is Rs.4500, which includes the course fee of Rs.3000 and application fee of Rs.1500. The examination fee for CS Foundation is Rs.1200.

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